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Wolverine and Captain America. 1
10 Most Powerful X-Men Heroes Who Joined The Avengers (Ranked Weakest to Strongest)

There are a number of X-Men heroes who went on to join the Avengers, but some are stronger than others. Here are the Top 10 most powerful, ranked!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8: Making [Spoiler] the Big Bad Was the Right Move, But It Was Done All Wrong

The canonical comic book-bound eighth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer gave readers the right Big Bad at the wrong time with the wrong execution.

Red Hood vs Batman DC 1
Jason Todd Almost Killed Batman - Even Before He Became Red Hood

Red Hood’s death at the hands of the Joker broke Batman so hard, Bruce Wayne nearly got himself killed while lost in his intense grief.

Avengers 6 team 1
New Avengers Base Is Even Wilder Than Their Celestial Corpse Headquarters

The Avengers have had some incredible bases over the years, but now Earth's Mightiest Heroes have put down roots somewhere as mighty as they are.

Feature Image: Ash and Bad Ash from Army of Darkness 1
Evil Dead Just Made Army of Darkness' Original Time-Travel Ending Even Darker

Dynamite's Army of Darkness Forever comic book sequel to the Evil Dead series reveals the third film's "happy" ending is in fact the darkest timeline.

DC vs Vampires, Harley Quinn armed with a stake and crossbow, smiling as she is surrounded by vampires 1
10 Most Brutal Kills in DC Vs. Vampires (Ranked by Gore-Level)

With a follow-up to the carnage of DC Vs. Vampires coming, explore the 2021 series' 10 most brutal kills, ‘pain-stakingly’ ranked by gore level.

A close-up on a green construct of a young Hal Jordan. 1
"We're Getting Old": A Classic Justice League Team-Up Highlights How Green Lantern Needs to Change

The Flash and Green Lantern's latest team-up only emphasizes just how different the DC Universe has become since their early days as heroes.

Miles Morales Spider-Man and Blade attacking vampires 1
Miles Morales Officially Debuts New Spider-Man Costume (To Match His New MCU-Style Superhero Mentor)

Holy water webs, magic-infused Venom-Saber, and a cool cloak of his own - Miles Morales gets a sweet outfit upgrade to fight a new type of threat.

Feature Image: Snoopy sleeping on top of his dog house; Woodstock standing on his feet 1
"Snoopy as a Cat": Dark Peanuts Parody Imagines if Snoopy Was a Cat

This dark, but hilarious Peanuts parody from Sally Forth writer Francisco Marciuliano imagines a very different Snoopy-Woodstock relationship.

Dead X-Men #1 main cover with Xavier 1
DEAD X-MEN Officially Resurrects Murdered Heroes to Save Mutantkind

Steve Foxe's new series "Dead X-Men" will spin out of "Fall of X," with resurrected mutant heroes traveling through the past to save Krakoa's future.

Harley Quinn and Sidekicks DC 1
Sorry Robin - Harley Quinn Just Assembled SEVEN New Sidekicks (& Their Costumes Are Awesome)

One sidekick isn’t enough for Harley Quinn. Instead, she decides to take on seven new partners and gives them all very familiar costumes.

Pokemon Horizons' Liko and Roy in front of a map. 1
Pokémon Horizons Teases A New, Mysterious Region

Pokémon Horizons reveals that the goal of the Ancient Adventurer was a far-off, forgotten land that's said to be a Pokémon Paradise.

Immortal Thor #5 Cover Crop 1
"Thor’s Existence Is Breaking Reality": Alex Ross Explains the Inspiration Behind His God-Tier Thor Design

Comic artist Alex Ross describes the unique way he designed his Immortal Thor covers to highlight the God of Thunder's otherworldly nature.

Featured Image: close up of Cobra Commander from cover of his new Skybound series 1
COBRA COMMANDER #1 Goes Where the G.I. Joe Cartoon Wouldn't Dare in Bloody First Look

The preview for Cobra Commander #1 shows off a darker and more bloody side to the Cobra leader, which the original cartoon would never dare portray.

My Hero Academia: Bakugo's eyes shimmer with One for All's power, from the Heroes Rising movie. 1
My Hero Academia's Major Character Return Teases A Tie-In With Its Best Movie

Could a certain character's dramatic turn at the perfect moment be connected to one of the My Hero Academia movies' most outrageous scenes?

The coolest ships in One Piece 1
10 Coolest Ships in One Piece

Since it is a story about pirates, One Piece is filled with awesome and creative vessels, but these are the ten coolest ships in the series.

Green Arrow Hood Up DC 1
Green Arrow Origin Change Gives the Justice League Hero a Dark, Permanent Twist

An unexpected secret from Green Arrow’s past comes out when a supervillain reveals that they are responsible for Oliver Queen’s greatest gift.

Subgenre Dark Horse Comics 1
EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Dark Horse’s SUBGENRE Kicks Off Twisted Mystery

Matt Kindt teams up with Wilfredo Torres for Subgenre, a new release under Kindt’s Flux House imprint, and Screen Rant has an exclusive preview.

Feature Image: close up of cover for Hip Hop Family Tree Omnibus 1
Celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop with Ed Piskor’s HIP HOP FAMILY TREE OMNIBUS (Exclusive)

Ed Piskor's Eisner Award-winning Hip Hop Family Tree comic book series is receiving a brand-new Omnibus release from Fantagraphics this fall,.

Deadpool New Fantastic Four 1
"The New Fantastic Four": Deadpool Assembles the Ultimate Version of an EXTREME 90s Team

In a preview for Deadpool: Badder Blood #5, the Merc with a Mouth brings together a new version of an extreme Marvel team from the 1990s.

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