Loki (2021)

Having escaped from a different timeline, Loki stars in his own titular series, where he learns about the life of his predecessor and discovers the truth of time and space. In the show, Loki reluctantly becomes a part of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an interdimensional governing body that keeps time in order. On the chopping block, Loki is given a chance to save himself by helping the TVA hunt down someone more dangerous than himself - another Loki.

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Tom Hiddleston , Richard E. Grant , Erika Coleman , Gugu Mbatha-Raw , Sophia Di Martino , Owen Wilson , Wunmi Mosaku , Sasha Lane
Release Date
June 11, 2021
Streaming Sevice
Michael Waldron , Eric Martin
Kate Herron
Michael Waldron
Story By
Michael Waldron


Kate Dickie as General Dox in Loki and Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man No Way Home 1
Does Loki's General Dox Multiverse Pruning Affect Garfield & Maguire's Spider-Man Stories? Season 2 Director Clarifies MCU Fallout

Exclusive: General Dox's Loki season 2 multiverse pruning MCU fallout, including for Garfield & Maguire's Spider-Man, is clarified by director.

Loki timeslips and runs in Loki season 2 episode 1 1
Loki Season 2 Is Literally A Snake Eating Its Own Tail

Loki season 2 producer Kevin Wright reveals that the season has a snake eating its own tail structure, which is a big clue on how it may end.

Loki season 2 Kang Exclusive header 1
Loki Season 2 Has Yet To Show "The Definitive Kang", Teases MCU Show Director

Exclusive: Director Dan DeLeeuw teases that Loki season 2 has yet to show the "definitive" version of Kang as one variant nears his premiere.

Loki season 2-1 1
Loki Season 2’s Cut Characters Prove The MCU Is Still Wrangling With The Same Problem 9 Years On

Loki writer has revealed that Marvel Studios stopped certain characters from appearing in the Phase 5 series, continuing an MCU problem from 2014.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the MCU with Loki in Marvel Comics 1
Loki Season 2 Finally Reverses The 2-Year-Old Mistake That Stole Hiddleston's Edge

After two years, Marvel Studios finally gives back Loki his most interesting character, and it's good news for the MCU Multiverse Saga's future.

loki-illusion-magic-powers-change-season-2 1
Marvel Just Made 1 Of Loki's MCU Powers Even More Powerful

One of Loki's powers has been upgraded in Loki season 2, episode 2, elevating his sorcerer abilities to an even higher level in the MCU.

Loki and the Avengers in the Sacred Timeline 1
Loki's Avengers Confession Suggests A Lot More Time Has Passed

Loki season 2 episode 2 sees the God of Mischief remember his defeat in 2012's The Avengers, but the way he describes it sounds oddly inaccurate.

Loki-and-The-Avengers 1
The MCU Has Officially Killed The Best Original Avengers Theory

After the events of Loki season 2, episode 2, "Breaking Brad," Marvel Studios has officially debunked the best theory about the Avengers' assembly.

Loki Season 2 Marvel Character Canon 1
Marvel Made The Weirdest Superhero Ever Officially MCU Canon

Thanks to Loki Season 2, Marvel Studios has just made one of the strangest and most obscure comic characters part of the official MCU canon.

Loki in the background looking scared with Thor in front wearing jacket and looking sad 1
Loki Season 2 Just Wasted The Terrifying Thor Villain Who Killed Jane Foster

Marvel Comics features a particularly terrible Thor villain who kills Jane Foster. Loki season 2 has the same character in a much smaller role.

Loki and Brad Wolfe season 2 1
The MCU Officially Responds To Martin Scorsese's "Cinema" Criticism

Through one line in Loki season 2 episode 2, Marvel has officially responded to Martin Scorsese's criticism, but did it in a clever and subtle way.

The Avengers Loki and Loki 1
Loki Explains The Real Reason He Invaded Earth In The Avengers

After a little bit more than a decade, the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally resolves one massive character insult in 2012's The Avengers.

Victor Timely and Miss Minuts in Loki-1 1
Marvel Already Spoiled Loki's Latest Cliffhanger

In the latest example of what seems to be a habit of Marvel, the trailer for Loki Season 2 has already spoiled the cliffhanger left in Episode 2.

Loki and the Avengers 1
The MCU Finally Remembers The Avengers Replacements Exist 2 Years After Their $400M Debut

The MCU Phase 4 and 5 have faced criticism for not doing much with its newly introduced characters, but a fun Easter egg helps rectify that.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in The Avengers and Loki season 2 1
Loki's Mission In The Avengers Just Got Retconned, Answering An 11-Year Old Infinity Stone Mystery

Loki season 2 just revealed more about the God of Mischief's attack on New York City in The Avengers, and referenced a powerful Infinity Stone.

Loki and Sylvie Fighting In Loki Season 1 Finale 1
Marvel Fans Are Distraught Over Loki & Sylvie's Ending In Loki Season 2 Episode 2

Loki season 2, episode 2 arrives on Disney+ and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are emotional about Loki and Sylvie's ending in the latest episode.

Thanos with Exploding Timeline 1
Forget Thanos, MCU Phase 5's Multiverse Villains Just Made The Snap Look Insignificant

Thanos' murder of billions in Infinity War might have been devastating, but the MCU just dropped an explosive event that is even worse.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki In The Temporal Loom Room In Loki Season 2 Episode 1 1
Loki Season 3 Possibility Addressed By Marvel Producer

While season 2 has just gotten started, there is a chance that Loki season 3 will happen as one of the show's producers talks about the future.

Iron Man Snap 1
MCU Reset?! Marvel Just Introduced The Solution To What’s Killing The MCU

A hidden detail in Marvel's newest release sets up the end of the MCU, and that might be exactly what the sprawlng franchise's future needs.

Loki MCU Memes  1
10 Best Loki Memes That Nail The MCU's God Of Mischief

Loki has been a fan favorite in the MCU since his debut back in Thor, and these memes embody everything that makes the chaotic God of Mischief unique.

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