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Featured Image: Peanuts gang holding Charlie Brown and Snoopy up in the air like champions 1
Peanuts: Every Major Character's First Appearance (& If They're Still Funny)

Peanuts featured an ever-expanding cast of characters since its debut in 1950; here are the first appearances of the gang's major cast.

Wolverine and Captain America. 1
10 Most Powerful X-Men Heroes Who Joined The Avengers (Ranked Weakest to Strongest)

There are a number of X-Men heroes who went on to join the Avengers, but some are stronger than others. Here are the Top 10 most powerful, ranked!

Best anime studios 1
10 Best Anime Studios

With the rising popularity of anime, more fans have been looking into the studios behind their favorite shows, wondering which ones are the best.

DC vs Vampires, Harley Quinn armed with a stake and crossbow, smiling as she is surrounded by vampires 1
10 Most Brutal Kills in DC Vs. Vampires (Ranked by Gore-Level)

With a follow-up to the carnage of DC Vs. Vampires coming, explore the 2021 series' 10 most brutal kills, ‘pain-stakingly’ ranked by gore level.

Harpo Marx with His Brothers 1
10 Hollywood Families With The Best Combined Filmography, Ranked

Hollywood is an industry known for its family ties. Compared to each other, these are the families that have the best combined filmography.

Best Laid-Back Slice-of-Life Anime 1
20 Best Laid-Back Slice-Of-Life Anime To Relax You

Whether they take place in the Japanese countryside or otherworldly magical settings, these best laid-back slice-of-life anime are a relaxing watch.

Colorful collage of Doctor Who companions: Amy, Rory, and Clara 1
Doctor Who (1963)
All 9 Doctor Who Companions That Died & Came Back To Life

Every once in a very long while, the Doctor comes to call and everybody lives. These Doctor Who companions managed to slip through the grasp of death.

Collage image of Stranger Things, Breaking Bad and The Simpsons 1
The 30 Best TV Characters Of All-Time

Though there have been countless characters who have made their mark in television history, Ranker has highlighted those voted as the all-time best.

Jamie Foxx The Burial Willie E Gary 1
The Burial True Story: 10 Biggest Changes From Willie E. Gary’s 1995 Lawsuit

The Burial is a film that toes the line between fact and fiction, showcasing the power of telling stories inspired by true events.

Historical TV series montage. 1
The 25 Best Historical TV Shows

From Vikings to Spartacus, historical series are always admired. These 20 are the best historical TV shows.

Best Mystery Anime Featured Image 1
10 Best Anime Mystery Series

Mystery can take many different forms in anime, from classic murder cases to unexplored fantastical worlds, but it is always engaging and captivating.

Collage featuring Emma Stone in Birdman, James McAvoy in Atonement, and Ayo Edebiri in The Bear 1
10 Most Memorable One-Take Scenes In Movies & TV Shows

The most memorable one-take scenes challenge conventional storytelling and elevate movies and TV with their camerawork, acting, and direction.

A composite image of the cast of Everything Everywhere All at Once 1
Where To Watch Everything Everywhere All At Once

Here's where to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once, a movie that's earned a ton of critical and audience acclaim since its release.

Cars from Mario Kart, Hot Wheels, Forza, and BeamNG Drive racing on a track with smoke and sparks flying off the wheels. 1
10 Best Racing Games Right Now

Whether for solo or multiplayer action, there are many different racing games that range from cute to realistic for virtual speed demons to enjoy.

Kong takes a swing at Godzilla in Godzilla vs Kong 1
10 Unexpected Crossovers That Redefined Movies & TV

From the Power Rangers meeting the Ninja Turtles to Family Guy and The Simpsons sharing an episode, some movie and TV crossovers were historical.

Olaf, Elsa and Anna in Disney's Frozen 1
5 New Frozen 3 Story Details Teased By Disney’s Franchise Plans

Frozen 3 has yet to receive a release date, but a brand new connected series will shed light on what to expect when the sequel eventually comes out.

Big Brother 25 Cast Instagram Followers 1
Big Brother 25 Houseguests With The Most Instagram Followers Ranked

The Big Brother 25 houseguests are becoming household names as they play the game. Here's where they rank according to Instagram followers.

This collage shows characters from non-James Bond movies from EON Productions. 1
Every Movie Made By EON Productions That's Not Part Of The James Bond Franchise

Though EON Productions is best known for making the James Bond franchise, they have also made eight other movies, focusing on dramas and thrillers.

The Roy siblings at Logan's funeral in Succession 1
Succession (2018)
Succession Season 4 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: 10 Logan Funeral Twists

Succession season 4, episode 9 revealed a lot about the Roy family in the wake of Logan's death and set the stage for the finale.

The coolest ships in One Piece 1
10 Coolest Ships in One Piece

Since it is a story about pirates, One Piece is filled with awesome and creative vessels, but these are the ten coolest ships in the series.

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