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Kevin Costner in Horizon: An American Saga shooting a rifle. 1
Horizon: An American Saga Trailer - Kevin Costner's Epic Western Movie Two-Parter Releases 2024

The first trailer has been released for Horizon: An American Saga, teasing what’s to come from Kevin Costner’s upcoming two-part Western epic.

Amélie Hoeferle in Night Swim 1
Night Swim Trailer: James Wan's New Horror Movie Makes Swimming Pools Horrifying

The trailer for James Wan and Jason Blum's new horror movie, Night Swim, sees a mysterious supernatural presence terrorizing a backyard swimming pool.

Jason Statham conversing intensely in The Beekeeper 1
The Beekeeper Trailer: Jason Statham Goes To War With Scammers In David Ayer Action Movie

Jason Statham fights a personal war against evil phishing scammers in the trailer for Suicide Squad director David Ayer's action movie The Beekeeper.

baby don't cry trailer exclusive 1
Baby Don't Cry Trailer Introduces Lonely Protagonist Who Finds Tortured Love

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents the trailer for Baby Don't Cry, a taut and touching tale of toxic love directed by Jesse Dvorak and starring Zita Bai.

A woman screaming with a dark figure behind her in Thanksgiving. 1
Thanksgiving Trailer: Eli Roth Horror Movie Turns Corncob Holders Into Weapons For Killer Pilgrim

A new trailer has been released for Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving, revealing more about the horror movie based on a fake trailer in 2007’s Grindhouse.

LEGO versions of Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcolm, and Alan Grant in LEGO Jurassic Park. 1
LEGO Jurassic Park: The Unofficial Retelling Trailer Makes One Beloved Character The Narrator

A new trailer has been released for LEGO Jurassic Park: The Unofficial Retelling, with one character stepping up to take on narrating duties.

A guy with his mouth blown off in The Toxic Avenger reboot red band teaser trailer 1
Toxic Avenger Trailer: Peter Dinklage's Reboot Brings Tons Of Gore

A red band trailer for The Toxic Avenger reboot teases the titular character played by Peter Dinklage and shows tons of blood and gore.

Joel Kinnaman screams in the mirror in Silent Night 1
Silent Night Trailer: John Woo's First Hollywood Movie In 20 Years Is Action Perfection

The Silent Night trailer reveals director John Woo's new action movie which stars Joel Kinnaman and features a nearly dialogue-free-revenge story.

Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke in Leave the World Behind looking very concerned about something 1
Leave The World Behind Trailer: Julia Roberts & Ethan Hawke Watch The World Collapse In Netflix Thriller

Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke watch the world around them falling into chaos in the trailer for upcoming Netflix movie Leave the World Behind.

Henry Cavill, Ariana DeBose, and John Cena on a boat with an explosion behind them in Argylle. 1
Argylle Trailer: Henry Cavill Basically Plays A James Bond Spoof In Starry New Spy Movie

Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle now has an official trailer, teasing what’s to come from the Henry Cavill-starring action-adventure espionage flick.

Prince Magnifico on a horse looking surprised in Wish. 1
Wish Trailer: Disney's Next Animated Movie Is A Visually Ambitious Classical Story With Chris Pine

A trailer for Wish has just been released, teasing Disney’s whimsical tale about a girl who wishes upon a star and gets more than she bargained for.

Sam Rockwell and Bryce Dallas Howard holding a cat in Argylle 1
Henry Cavill's Bizarre New Spy Movie Revealed In Argylle Trailer Teaser

The cat's out of the bag in a bizarre teaser trailer for Argylle, Henry Cavill's new spy thriller also starring Sam Rockwell and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Alex Pettyfer Black Noise Exclusive header 1
Alex Pettyfer Is Trapped On A Mysterious Deadly Island In Black Noise Trailer & Poster [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant presents the exclusive first Black Noise trailer and poster featuring Alex Pettyfer as a mercenary trapped on a mysterious deadly island.

tripped up trailer exclusive 1
Tripped Up Trailer Sees Leah Lewis & Her Friends Find Adventure At Food Festival [EXCLUSIVE]

Exclusive: Screen Rant debuts the trailer for Tripped Up, a new road trip comedy starring Leah Lewis, Vanessa Williams, Sasha Fox, and Ariel Winter.

Nicolas Cage in Butcher's Crossing 1
Butcher's Crossing Trailer: Nic Cage Is A Bald, Buffalo Hunting Maniac In New Western Movie

Nicolas Cage is a bald and bold buffalo-hunting maniac in the first official trailer for the upcoming Western movie, Butcher's Crossing.

A guy holding a flashlight in Monsters of California. 1
Monster Of California Trailer: Blink 182's Tom DeLonge Reveals Directorial Debut About Aliens

The Monsters of California trailer reveals Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge's directorial debut about his longtime fascination – the existence of aliens.

Benedict Cumberbatch in front of an x-ray in The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar 1
The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar Trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch Joins Wes Anderson’s World

The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar trailer reveals the first of Wes Anderson’s Roald Dahl short films coming to Netflix later this month.

John David Washington in The Creator 1
The Creator Final Trailer Gives Some Much Needed Context To Epic Sci-Fi Movie

The final trailer for The Creator reveals another stunning look at this fall's big sci-fi blockbuster from Rogue One director Gareth Edwards.

David Duchovny in Pet Sematary: Bloodlines. 1
Pet Sematary: Bloodlines Trailer - Prequel Movie Brings Stephen King's Backstory To Life

The Pet Sematary: Bloodlines trailer teases the history of the ancient burial ground and brings back an iconic quote from the original movie.

Custom image of Kiernan Shipka looking disgusted and a masked killer in Totally Killer. 1
Totally Killer Trailer Teases Blumhouse's Wild Time Travel Slasher Movie

The first trailer for Totally Killer has been released, teasing Blumhouse’s darkly comedic new time travel slasher movie starring Kiernan Shipka.

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