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A close-up on a green construct of a young Hal Jordan. 1
"We're Getting Old": A Classic Justice League Team-Up Highlights How Green Lantern Needs to Change

The Flash and Green Lantern's latest team-up only emphasizes just how different the DC Universe has become since their early days as heroes.

Feature Image: Snoopy sleeping on top of his dog house; Woodstock standing on his feet 1
"Snoopy as a Cat": Dark Peanuts Parody Imagines if Snoopy Was a Cat

This dark, but hilarious Peanuts parody from Sally Forth writer Francisco Marciuliano imagines a very different Snoopy-Woodstock relationship.

Pokemon Horizons' Liko and Roy in front of a map. 1
Pokémon Horizons Teases A New, Mysterious Region

Pokémon Horizons reveals that the goal of the Ancient Adventurer was a far-off, forgotten land that's said to be a Pokémon Paradise.

My Hero Academia: Bakugo's eyes shimmer with One for All's power, from the Heroes Rising movie. 1
My Hero Academia's Major Character Return Teases A Tie-In With Its Best Movie

Could a certain character's dramatic turn at the perfect moment be connected to one of the My Hero Academia movies' most outrageous scenes?

Deadpool New Fantastic Four 1
"The New Fantastic Four": Deadpool Assembles the Ultimate Version of an EXTREME 90s Team

In a preview for Deadpool: Badder Blood #5, the Merc with a Mouth brings together a new version of an extreme Marvel team from the 1990s.

Boruto Part 2 Is Already Leaving One Of Its Main Characters Behind 1
Boruto Part 2 Is Already Leaving One Of Its Main Characters Behind

Kawaki became the main villain at the end of Boruto but he seems to have already lost all his relevance in Two Blue Vortex, where he shows no growth.

Johnny Blaze.  1
Ghost Rider Finally Respects at Least 1 Marvel Hero (Who He Used to Hate)

For over 50 years, Ghost Rider has had a testy relationship with other Marvel heroes, but now in Ghost Rider #19 he has found one he actually respects

Dragon Ball: Ultra Instinct Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Goku. 1
Goku's Ultra Instinct isn't Just Powerful... It's Basically Super Saiyan 5

Even though Super Saiyan 5 was completely fabricated with a now-famous piece of fan art, Dragon Ball basically made it canon and no one even noticed.

One Piece Final Poneglyph Luffy Blackbeard and Shanks 1
Who's Closest to Laugh Tale - Every One Piece Poneglyph & Who Has Them

The race to Laugh Tale has begun and the location of the final Road Poneglyph could be the key to deciding who finds the One Piece.

alan moore comics 1
"The Medium Can Do Anything": Alan Moore Believes Comic Books Have Barely Scratched the Surface of Their Potential

In a recent interview, Alan Moore contrasted his disgust with the comic book industry with his unfiltered love of comics as a storytelling medium.

Feature Image: 100 Bullets, Agent Graves sitting in front of a sniper crosshairs 1
100 Bullets: Who Survived the Final Issue?

The DC/Vertigo series 100 Bullets amassed a prodigious body count over it's 100 issue run, but some characters did make it to the finish line.

Feature Image: Nightwing in the foreground, with his logo in the background 1
Nightwing Secretly Has 1 Superpower (Because Alfred Messed with His Biology)

Nightwing harbors a well-guarded secret: he wields a unique superpower, a covert gift born of Alfred Pennyworth's biological tinkering.

Joker Batman Villains DC 1
Sorry Joker - Another Villain Got Batman to Break His 'No Kill' Rule First

Batman's biggest rule is to never kill his enemies — a rule that the Joker has failed to get him to break. But one obscure villain actually succeeded.

Superboy Conner Kent Superman DC 1
'The Backup Superman': Superboy Finally Admits He's Ready to Leave Kal-El's Shadow

A peek inside the mind of Superboy reveals that Conner Kent no longer wants to be seen as a lesser Superman and that he’s ready for a massive change.

One Piece Kuma and Bonney 1
One Piece Reveals Kuma's Past And It's Already The Most Tragic In The Series

One Piece has revealed a much-anticipated backstory and it may be tragic enough to leave fans in furious tears.

joker red hood jason todd 1
"The Red Hood Who Laughs": Jokerized Red Hood Cosplay Is Jason Todd's Darkest Fear Come to Life

This twisted Jokerized Red Hood cosplay has just made Jason Todd's deepest fears a nightmarish reality, and fans are going crazy for it.

Huntress feature with Batman and Helena Wayne in the background 1
Batman's Daughter Is the Key to Revitalizing a Dormant DC Franchise

The Suicide Squad is currently in mothballs while Amanda Waller pursues a sinister agenda, and Batman's daughter is perfect to reform the Squad.

Feature Image: James Marsters as Spike from Buffy TV Series, with Spike's spaceship from the Buffy Season Eight comic continuation 1
Spike's Spaceship is Buffy Season 8's Most Unhinged Innovation (And It Rocks)

The Buffy Season 8 comics were full of big ideas, for better or worse, but Spike saving the day with an alien spaceship was certainly a highight.

The Thing getting venomized next to a snarling Venom 1
The Thing's Son Is the Ultimate Venom Host in Marvel's Dark Future

Venom has had many hosts over the years, with a distant future version of The Thing's son becoming a symbiote host that would make Eddie Brock jealous

Star Wars Leia Padme 1
Star Wars Has Finally Fixed a Huge Return of the Jedi Plot Hole

Leia's memories of her mother are one of the biggest plot holes in Star Wars - but the manga Leia, Princess of Alderaan may explain it.

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