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Red Hood vs Batman DC 1
Jason Todd Almost Killed Batman - Even Before He Became Red Hood

Red Hood’s death at the hands of the Joker broke Batman so hard, Bruce Wayne nearly got himself killed while lost in his intense grief.

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"The Red Hood Who Laughs": Jokerized Red Hood Cosplay Is Jason Todd's Darkest Fear Come to Life

This twisted Jokerized Red Hood cosplay has just made Jason Todd's deepest fears a nightmarish reality, and fans are going crazy for it.

Batman V Superman Red Hood Movie Sequel 1
DC's Most Dangerous Dynamic Duo Reunite in This Incredible Split Cosplay Design

Batman and Red Hood have traded blows in the past, with a cosplay image uniting the two in a split design that brings their relationship full circle.

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Red Hood's Custom Bullets Just Gave Him a Cooler Version of the Dark Knight's Utility Belt

Red Hood has always struggled to find his place in the DC Universe, but one cool new gadget might just prove where Jason Todd truly belongs.

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"I Believe in Them": Red Hood Reveals the 1 Gotham Hero He Actually Respects

Things in Gotham are changing at a rapid pace and Red Hood reveals that there’s one hero he’s come to respect (and it isn’t the Dark Knight).

Red Hood Gotham War DC 1
DC Is Taking Red Hood In A Completely New Direction - Theory Explained

Red Hood is infamous as being the only member of the Bat-Family willing to use lethal force regularly, but it seems DC is attempting to change that.

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Batman Just Rewired Red Hood's Mind So He Can Never Kill Again (Against His Will)

Batman and Red Hood have always disagreed on how to handle criminals, and it seems Batman has finally decided to end the argument - permanently.

Batman in the foreground with Jason as the Red Hood looming in the background above Gotham. 1
Red Hood Should Have Been DC's Next "World's Greatest Detective" - But Batman Failed Him

Red Hood should have been DC's next "World's Greatest Detective," but Batman's failure as a teacher proved to be the undoing of this promising arc.

Red Hood is taking a selfie, in the background is Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, and other Bat-Family members. 1
Red Hood's Bat-Family History Is Completely Redefined with One Line

As the Red Hood hunts the Joker down, the Harlequin of Hate dishes out a line that completely redefines Jason Todd’s place in the Bat-Family.

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"I'm Here So I Can Find You and Kill You": Red Hood Admits the Real Reason He's Betraying the Bat-Family

As the Gotham War heats up, Red Hood is siding against Batman - however, he explains that his choice isn't based on hope, but on something darker.

Red Hood's Greatest Fear is as Heartbreaking as it is Surprising

Red Hood is one of DC's greatest anti-heroes, but when readers got to see his true fears, it wasn't his darkest deeds, but instead fears of Batman.

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Batman Caused the Deaths of Red Hood's Parents (But Escaped the Blame)

Red Hood was defined by his anger after losing his parents, but fans forget that the Todds only died because of Batman, and he's never paid the price.

Batman Robins Comic Art 1
"I Created a Mass Murderer": Batman Admits the 1 Bat-Family Member He Regrets Training

Batman has trained dozens of people — sidekicks included — over the years to fight crime, but it seems he only truly regrets training one person.

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Red Hood Proved He's Nightwing's Joker With 1 Classic Batman Reference

Red Hood has always had a difficult relationship with the other members of the Bat-Family, but his relationship with Nightwing is the worst.

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Red Hood Is Setting the Stage for a New Villain Era - Theory Explained

Red Hood has always been the black sheep of the Bat-Family, but it seems he's finally decided to take a true stand against them in DC's Gotham War.

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1 Robin is Destined to be Ra's al Ghul's Heir (& It Isn't Damian)

Red Hood has had many different identities during his time in comics, but Talia al Ghul had one specific role for the former Robin in mind.

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Red Hood's Very First Kill Was Actually Sanctioned by Batman

Jason Todd is known as the black sheep of the Bat-Family due to his willingness to use lethal force, but he was taught to do it by Batman.

Batman and Red Hood Gotham War DC 1
Red Hood Is Betraying Batman to Join a Gotham Villain (& He's Totally Sincere)

A Batman rogue is making substantial changes to Gotham, and the Red Hood is double-crossing the Dark Knight to forge an alliance with them.

Red Hood and Nightwing 1
Red Hood Believes He's Better Than Nightwing for 1 Convincing Reason

One of Red Hood's defining characteristics is how people view him as the "failed" Robin who couldn't live up to Dick Grayson — but Jason knows better.

Red Hood Jason Todd DC 1
Red Hood's Forgotten 'Brother' Needs to Return to Complete Jason's Character

Almost every member of the Bat-Family has a connection to their life before they joined Batman — except Jason Todd, which is something DC can fix.

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