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As far back as she can remember, Casey Connor always wanted to be a Goodfeather writer. She's an avid reader of comics, watcher of Taika Waititi shows and movies, and lover of bad movies. When not writing, she can be found trying to speed up her 5K pace, or learning to speedrun a new favorite game. She lives in the NYC area with her partner and many, many blu-rays.

Miles Morales Spider-Man and Blade attacking vampires 1
Miles Morales Officially Debuts New Spider-Man Costume (To Match His New MCU-Style Superhero Mentor)

Holy water webs, magic-infused Venom-Saber, and a cool cloak of his own - Miles Morales gets a sweet outfit upgrade to fight a new type of threat.

Feature Image: Snoopy sleeping on top of his dog house; Woodstock standing on his feet 1
"Snoopy as a Cat": Dark Peanuts Parody Imagines if Snoopy Was a Cat

This dark, but hilarious Peanuts parody from Sally Forth writer Francisco Marciuliano imagines a very different Snoopy-Woodstock relationship.

Batman stands behind Catwoman wearing a shirt of a bat with an X through it 1
'He Won't Snap and Start Killing People': DC Promises Bruce Isn't Becoming an 'Evil Batman' - He's Something Worse

Batman's Zurr-En-Arrh personality was supposed to provide protection for Bruce Wayne, but has his alter ego escaped his cage during Gotham War?

Feature Image: James Marsters as Spike from Buffy TV Series, with Spike's spaceship from the Buffy Season Eight comic continuation 1
Spike's Spaceship is Buffy Season 8's Most Unhinged Innovation (And It Rocks)

The Buffy Season 8 comics were full of big ideas, for better or worse, but Spike saving the day with an alien spaceship was certainly a highight.

Buffy's army of Slayers - from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8 1
Buffy Season 8: Bringing Back [Spoiler] Made the Show's Darkest Moment So Much Worse

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Six was the Scooby Gang's darkest year ever, but Season Eight proved the comics were prepared to go even darker.

The Mask of Haliya 1
Filipino Mythology Gets Supernatural in THE MASK OF HALIYA: HEIR TO THE WARRIOR MOON (Exclusive)

Screen Rant presents exclusive preview of the new series The Mask of Haliya: Heir to the Warrior Moon for Filipino American History Month.

Feature Image: Left, Buffy looking shocked from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series; right, Xander embracing Dawn from Buffy Season Eight comic 1
This Buffy Season 8 Romance Still Gives Fans the Major Ick

The canonical comic series Buffy the Vampire Slayer contained a lot of controversial elements, but perhaps none more than this relationship pairing.

the expanse rings 1
The Expanse: Dragon Tooth Just Introduced a Life-Changing Theory About the Ring Network

Space travel has always been dangerous, but a new Ring gate theory from Dr. Elvi Okoye shows it might be worse than they imagined.

Feature image: Peanuts Snoopy in foreground; all of his seven siblings arranged in the background 1
Peanuts: Snoopy Had More Siblings in the Comic Strip Than Even Most Long-Term Fans Realize

Peanuts' iconic beagle Snoopy had a large family in the comic strip, with more brothers and sisters than even most long-time fans realize.

Far Side Spying Peanuts Charlie Brown Snoopy 1
1 Far Side Comic Is Hiding a Surprisingly Dark Joke About Charlie Brown

One Far Side strip imagined a universe where all the newspaper comic strips are real - and Charlie Brown has a much darker side than anyone realized.

Let Me Out preview cover 1
Exclusive Preview: LET ME OUT, The New Queer Horror Story From Oni Press

Screen Rant is excited to share an exclusive preview for Oni Press' LET ME OUT, a queer horror period piece from debut graphic novelist Emmett Nahil.

Captain Marvel vs Wolverine Cyclops Colossus 1
Even Captain Marvel Thinks One X-Man Deserves No Mercy

Agatha Harkness pits heroes against each other while she creates a new Darkhold, and there's one X-Man Captain Marvel is ready to take a crack at.

Harley and Ivy 1
Revolution Beauty Launches Makeup Line Inspired by Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

Revolution Beauty London's latest makeup collaboration with DC Comics is inspired by Gotham's more criminal dynamic duo, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Ms Marvel and Cosmic Sorcerer 1
Ms. Marvel's Mutant Power Is Reality-Warping Fanfiction - X-Men Fan Theory Explained

Kamala Khan has enough on her plate right now without trying to figure out what her latent mutant powers are, but one fan theory may reveal all.

good omens adaptation 1
Good Omens: Over 10,000 People Joined Kickstarter Just to Back Record-Breaking New Adaptation

Funded on Kickstarter, Good Omens' new adaptation broke records with over $3 million of support - and one third of backers were brand-new to the site.

My Brilliant Friend Graphic Novel Cover with Girls 1
HBO's My Brilliant Friend Receives Official Graphic Novel Adaptation

The international hit My Brilliant Friend from the mysterious author Elena Ferrante is finally getting the graphic novel adaptation it deserves.