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Avi Gibson is a ScreenRant comics contributor and a freelance writer/editor with an MA in publishing. His goal is to add a little more wonder to the world in any way he can, and yearns to one day have a library in his home that contains at least one secret passage.

Industry Focus

As a comics contributor, Avi loves delving into the dynamics of various comic book families, such as Superman's, Batman's Bat-Family, the Flash Family, and the Fantastic Four. He's always on the lookout for issues and titles that display the true heart of their characters (Astro City is a masterclass in this regard).

Favorite Media

Avi loves fantasy in virtually any form, from cartoons such as The Owl House and Over the Garden Wall to books like Spinning Silver, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel, and The Last Unicorn. He is currently on his nth playthrough of Elden Ring, and please beware: he can and will explain the entire story of Kingdom Hearts to you.

A close-up on a green construct of a young Hal Jordan. 1
"We're Getting Old": A Classic Justice League Team-Up Highlights How Green Lantern Needs to Change

The Flash and Green Lantern's latest team-up only emphasizes just how different the DC Universe has become since their early days as heroes.

Comic book Doc Ock stares gleefully at his live-action counterpart reflected in Spider-Man's eye. 1
A Major Spider-Man 2 Movie Plot Just Became Marvel Comics Canon

In a flashback to the Superior Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus' technological obsessions borrow heavily from his counterpart in the Sam Raimi film.

A massive Groot cradles a comparatively palm-sized Earth in the vastness of space. 1
Guardians of the Galaxy Just Debuted Groot's Ultimate Form - & It Makes Ego Look Tiny

With the debut of his awe-inspiring new Grootspace form, Groot has dethroned Ego as the Guardians of the Galaxy's biggest cosmic monstrosity.

Batman sits in the Batcave, accompanied only by a bat that is eating the blood from his knuckles. 1
Why Batman's "Lone Crusader" Persona Will Never Make Sense Again

DC's Gotham War shows a Batman desperate to return to his lone crusade, but that hasn't been the character's status quo for a long time.

Sarge Steel lights a cigar against a backdrop of Wonder Woman angling her tiara. 1
Wonder Woman Reinvents a Criminally Underrated DC Hero for 2023

Wonder Woman's latest enemy, Sergeant Steel, is a black-ops government mad-dog, and his history in DC Comics goes far deeper than fans may know.

The Help bows his head to the towering face of Ra's al Ghul. 1
DC Reveals a Shock Batman Villain is Ra's Al Ghul's Son

This character, while relatively recent is one of DC's top assassins — and the Penguin just shockingly revealed where he got all his training.

A triumphant, modern Wonder Woman superimposed over Amazon forces amassed in Washington DC. 1
Wonder Woman's Fresh Start Is A Chance To Rewrite Her Worst Plotline

DC's new Wonder Woman series has many elements in common with 2007's controversial 'Amazons Attack!' storyline, suggesting it is fixing the prior arc.

Loki, Teller of Tales, floats in front of the poster for Labyrinth, featuring David Bowie as Jareth. 1
Loki's New Form Channels David Bowie's Most Iconic Look

Loki's fantastic redesign as "The Teller of Tales" capitalizes on David Bowie's look in Labyrinth to show Loki coming into their own at last.

Carnage crouches in a feral pose over a pile of dead Venoms. 1
Carnage vs. King in Black: Marvel Declares the Ultimate Symbiote Killer

The race to stop Carnage is finally over after a battle with Knull the King in Black, and the multiverse's supreme killer has been decided.

Catwoman and Batman flank Nightwing as he gazes pleadingly upward. 1
Nightwing Is The Gotham War's Most Tragic Victim - & It Shows Why He's Become DC's Best Character

Although the Gotham War is tearing Batman, Catwoman, and the Bat-Family apart, Nightwing's unique legacy means that he's suffering the most.

Wolverine bares his claws on the right while a monstrous Wendigo Wolverine brandishes his teeth on the left. 1
Wolverine's New Cursed Form Makes Him Marvel's Greatest Monster

When a clone of Wolverine becomes afflicted with a terrible curse, the resulting creature is one of the most dangerous versions of Logan out there.

Harley Quinn, in full harlequin costume, winks and flashes a 'peace' sign at a mirror. 1
Harley Quinn's New Origin Totally Rewrites Her Tragic History with Joker

A new retelling of her Mad Love origin story sees the modern-day Harley Quinn finally triumphing over her old (and terrible) flame, the Joker.

wolverine vs ultron 1
Ultron's Greatest Threat Isn't Hank Pym or Tony Stark - It's The X-Men

Ultron's capacity to weaponize any technology has made him one of the Avenger's deadliest foes, but the X-Men have tech that even Ultron can't hack.

Foreground: Batman Beyond, spliced into a Man-Bat. Background: Batman falling as he is attacked by bats. 1
One Iconic Batman Beyond Element Finally Debuts in the DCU

One of Neo-Gotham's most iconic features — the existence of animal-hybrid "splicers" — appears to be making its debut in the DCU at long last.

Doom stands wreathed in smoke while an army of Doombots swarm his enemies. 1
Doctor Doom's Contempt for Kang Reveals Why He's Really Obsessed with Doombots

Doctor Doom rarely goes anywhere without his ubiquitous Doombots, and the reasoning is both perfectly practical and stunningly egotistical.

A close-up on Ben Grimm's face; on the right, a blubbering Reed Richards. 1
The Thing's Intelligence Puts Reed Richards to Shame

When it comes to solving problems under pressure, the Fantastic Four's Ben Grimm can think through issues that would leave Reed Richards stumped.

Charles Xavier smiles as he looks out over the bodies of the Orchis soldiers he slaughtered. 1
More Brutal Than Wolverine: Professor X Violently Abandons His Dream

With the dream of peaceful coexistence shattered by Orchis, Charles Xavier appears to be on the road to surpassing the X-Men's greatest killer.

Blue Beetle, Nitida, and Dynastes imposed over a background of the Big Bad Beetleborgs. 1
DC's Newest Team Perfectly Updates '90s Power Rangers for 2023

DC's brand-new era for Blue Beetle brings to mind the spirit of a long-forgotten '90s action team that's much like the beloved Power Rangers.

City Boy on the right, looking awestruck; Nightwing on the left, looking serious. Bats fly in the background behind them. 1
DC's Powerful New Hero Proves Nightwing Was Right to Leave Gotham

When City Boy calls upon the heart and soul of Blüdhaven, the essence of the city manifests in a way that shows a touching connection to Nightwing.

x-men professor x charles xavier 1
Professor X's Legacy Saved The X-Men From His Greatest Mistake

Charles Xavier believes he sent mutants to their doom, but Alpha Flight #1 reveals his past actions have actually given them a haven against Orchis.

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