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Harley Quinn and Sidekicks DC 1
Sorry Robin - Harley Quinn Just Assembled SEVEN New Sidekicks (& Their Costumes Are Awesome)

One sidekick isn’t enough for Harley Quinn. Instead, she decides to take on seven new partners and gives them all very familiar costumes.

Immortal Thor #5 Cover Crop 1
"Thor’s Existence Is Breaking Reality": Alex Ross Explains the Inspiration Behind His God-Tier Thor Design

Comic artist Alex Ross describes the unique way he designed his Immortal Thor covers to highlight the God of Thunder's otherworldly nature.

Featured Image: close up of Cobra Commander from cover of his new Skybound series 1
COBRA COMMANDER #1 Goes Where the G.I. Joe Cartoon Wouldn't Dare in Bloody First Look

The preview for Cobra Commander #1 shows off a darker and more bloody side to the Cobra leader, which the original cartoon would never dare portray.

Green Arrow Hood Up DC 1
Green Arrow Origin Change Gives the Justice League Hero a Dark, Permanent Twist

An unexpected secret from Green Arrow’s past comes out when a supervillain reveals that they are responsible for Oliver Queen’s greatest gift.

Subgenre Dark Horse Comics 1
EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Dark Horse’s SUBGENRE Kicks Off Twisted Mystery

Matt Kindt teams up with Wilfredo Torres for Subgenre, a new release under Kindt’s Flux House imprint, and Screen Rant has an exclusive preview.

Feature Image: close up of cover for Hip Hop Family Tree Omnibus 1
Celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop with Ed Piskor’s HIP HOP FAMILY TREE OMNIBUS (Exclusive)

Ed Piskor's Eisner Award-winning Hip Hop Family Tree comic book series is receiving a brand-new Omnibus release from Fantagraphics this fall,.

Batman stands behind Catwoman wearing a shirt of a bat with an X through it 1
'He Won't Snap and Start Killing People': DC Promises Bruce Isn't Becoming an 'Evil Batman' - He's Something Worse

Batman's Zurr-En-Arrh personality was supposed to provide protection for Bruce Wayne, but has his alter ego escaped his cage during Gotham War?

Avengers Just Debuted Tony Stark's Son as a Terrorist Iron Man - Theory Explained

In the dark future of the newly announced Avengers: Twilight, Iron Man isn't one person - he's an army. But is that army on Steve Rogers' side?

Feature Image: close up of Magneto from  1
The X-Men's Greatest Enemy is the Only One Who Can Prevent Their Fall

Magneto is set to return in the upcoming Resurrection of Magneto miniseries, just as mutantkind's Krakoan era faces its dramatic conclusion.

Flash and the Flashpoint DC 1
Flash Names the One Alternate Reality More Terrifying Than Flashpoint

Flashpoint might have put the Flash through the wringer, but there’s one world that the Scarlet Speedster thinks is worse than the infamous timeline.

Superman and The Daily Planet Comic Art 1
After 83 Years, Superman's [SPOILER] Gets a Genius Reinvention

One of Superman’s most trusted allies is throwing their hat into the ring for a new position that could make them invaluable to Metropolis.

Cyclops looking at X-Force's Wolverine 1
Cyclops & Wolverine Cosplay Reunites X-Force's Mutant Death Squad

X-Force is a team consisting of some of the most deadly mutants around, with a new cosplay image bringing Wolverine and Cyclops' comic looks to life!

Batman Beyond with Bruce Wayne. 1
"It Punched Him in the Heart": Batman Beyond Fully Rejects Bruce Wayne’s Ultimate Flaw

Batman is a symbol larger than Bruce Wayne, yet Terry McGinnis continues to grapple with moving beyond his legacy of distrust, control, and secrecy.

g.i. joe new roster cobra member 1
G.I. Joe's New Roster Revealed - & It Includes a Major Cobra Villain

Meet the line-up of G.I. Joe in the new Energon Universe, which includes the shocking appearance of one infamous Cobra villain!

garth ennis james bond the boys 1
The Boys Writer Garth Ennis Pens New James Bond Series for 007's 70th Anniversary

Just in time for the character's 70th anniversary, The Boys co-creator Garth Ennis will be writing an all-new Jame Bond comic series.

Feature image: MCU Captain Marvel foreground; Marvel Comics Hulkling background 1
An Upcoming MCU Hero Has 1 Secret Link to Captain Marvel

One future star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has one surprising connection to one of the company's most prominent stars, Captain Marvel.

Feature image: photorealistic versions of Colossus (left) and the Thing (right) 1
Colossus vs Thing: Marvel Just Permanently Settled Who's Stronger

Colossus and The Thing are two of Marvel's strongest fighters, but now The Thing has been knocked out by only a fraction of Piotr's power.

Feature Image: Batman Mask Merged with Two-Face's scarred visage 1
New Two-Face Gets an Official Codename as Gotham Debuts Next Generation of Villains

The City of Madness promises horrors unimaginable, and one of them is infecting Gotham City and its rogues gallery - starting with Harvey Dent.

Storm X-Men Uranos Eternals Featured Image 1
Marvel Confirms the 1 Hero as Powerful as Thanos' Family

X-Men: Red #16 proves that the Omega-level mutant Storm, if she let her values and morals go, could be a force as destructive as the genocidal Uranos.

new yorker cartoon 1
The New Yorker's Most Popular Comic Just Broke a Major Record

One of The New Yorker's most popular, and eerily prescient, comics has just fetched a whopping amount of money at a recent auction.

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