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Joe Anthony Myrick

About Joe Anthony Myrick

Joe Anthony Myrick (or JAM) is a comics writer who specializes in, of course, covering the big figureheads of the industry (Marvel and DC), as well as lesser-known indy parties and some personal favorites like BOOM! Studios. 

Industry Focus

JAM is a member of the comics team.

Favorite Media

JAM covers all facets and quirks of the comic industry, but especially is a fan of BOOM! Studios' Buffy and Power Rangers series. Also, he indulges in the horror genre, currently reading The Neighbors. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8: Making [Spoiler] the Big Bad Was the Right Move, But It Was Done All Wrong

The canonical comic book-bound eighth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer gave readers the right Big Bad at the wrong time with the wrong execution.

Feature Image: Ash and Bad Ash from Army of Darkness 1
Evil Dead Just Made Army of Darkness' Original Time-Travel Ending Even Darker

Dynamite's Army of Darkness Forever comic book sequel to the Evil Dead series reveals the third film's "happy" ending is in fact the darkest timeline.

Feature Image: close up of cover for Hip Hop Family Tree Omnibus 1
Celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop with Ed Piskor’s HIP HOP FAMILY TREE OMNIBUS (Exclusive)

Ed Piskor's Eisner Award-winning Hip Hop Family Tree comic book series is receiving a brand-new Omnibus release from Fantagraphics this fall,.

Feature Image: close up of Magneto from  1
The X-Men's Greatest Enemy is the Only One Who Can Prevent Their Fall

Magneto is set to return in the upcoming Resurrection of Magneto miniseries, just as mutantkind's Krakoan era faces its dramatic conclusion.

Feature image: MCU Captain Marvel foreground; Marvel Comics Hulkling background 1
An Upcoming MCU Hero Has 1 Secret Link to Captain Marvel

One future star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has one surprising connection to one of the company's most prominent stars, Captain Marvel.

superman hates batman and captain america 1
10 Heroes Superman Hated the First Time He Met Them

Superman is the ultimate good-hearted hero, but he's not perfect - and these 10 heroes got on his bad side by making a terrible first impression.

power rangers morphin grid 1
Power Rangers Reveals What the Morphin Grid Looks Like - The Source of Their Power

Boom! Studios Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #112 takes readers inside the team's pivotal Morphin' Grid for the first time in franchise history.

Feature image: Alligator Loki in space, with SR @ NYCC logo 1
"The Clawsover of the Century": Alligator Loki and Jeff the Land Shark Return for Infinity Paws

Alligator Loki and Jeff the Land Shark join forces for the "Clawsover of the Century" when the Infinity Paws are on the line.

4160210-morlun 1
Marvel Finally Improves the MCU's Most Forgettable Movie

Iron Man 2 is widely considered the low point of the MCU, but Invincible Iron Man #10 revisits a key point in the movie, giving it new context.

Cyclops on Trial in Fall of the House of X Comic 1
Cyclops Will Face The Death Penalty in Marvel's Greatest Mutant Trial Since Magneto

The Trial of Magneto is X-Men's most famous mutant trial, but the end of the Krakoan era will see one original X-Men member face the death penalty.

Captain America in Avengers Twilight Comic NYCC 1
Marvel is Breaking Up The Avengers & Erasing Their Legacy in New 'Twilight' Future

Avengers: Twilight unleashes a disturbing fate for the team, ending the team and erasing their legacy as Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Marvel's future.

Kingpin-Thanos-MCU-Future 1
Don't Write Off Kingpin as the MCU's Thanos Replacement - He Became a God in the Comics

It may be easy to scoff at the idea of Kingpin being Thanos' MCU successor, but the comics already set a precedent for it that makes sense.

Feature Image: MCU Captain America in the foreground, with the bulging chest of Rob Liefeld's 1990s Captain American design behind him 1
Rob Liefeld's Infamously Awful Captain America Art Could Be Yours in New Auction

The original concept art for Rob Liefeld's infamous rendition of Captain America from the 1990s will soon be available at auction from comics.ha

Feature Image: MCU Mahershala Ali as Blade reboot (left) Marvel Comics Tulip (right) 1
Blade's MCU Reboot NEEDS To Include His Arms-Dealer Ex

As Marvel prepares to reboot Blade for their Cinematic Universe, they have the opportunity to adapt one of his best supporting comic allies.

Feature Image: MCU Thor in the forefront; Blade and the Lightbringer in the background 1
Blade's Ultra-Powerful New Sword Is His Version of Mjolnir - With a Terrible Cost

Blade has found a new sword that puts a dark twist on Thor's iconic Mjolnir hammer, coming with an even bigger price for those who wield it.

Feature Image: Iron Man in the foreground (color) with Blade's face in the background (black and white) 1
Iron Man's Evil Counterpart Has One Brutal Advantage

Blade is set to face-off against a billionaire inventor who is in many ways the dark opposite of Tony Stark – except with one dangerous advantage.

Feature Image: Thor in full costume in Marvel Comics 1
Avengers Confirms What Makes Thor Unique Among Marvel's Gods

The preview for Avengers #6 reveals one critical distinction between the God of Thunder and the many other deities populating the Marvel Universe.

2023 X-Men Team 1
"There Is a Very Specific Plan": Marvel Officially Confirms Juggernaut's Murdered X-Men Team Will Return

The new X-Men roster that included Juggernaut was wiped out just as quickly as they were introduced, but Marvel has hinted they may be returning soon.

Superman in DC Comics and the DC Universe 1
The #1 Question Fans Ask About Superman Finally Has an Official Answer

Superman stories have raised many questions over the years, but one that has caused a major debate among fans may finally have an answer.

Feature image: Mahershala Ali as MCU's Blade, Benedict Cumberbatch as MCU's Dr. Strange 1
Marvel's Most Underrated Duo Return for the Heist of the Century

Blade and Doctor Strange have a long history in the Marvel Universe; an upcoming Blade storyline will reunite the two for an epic heist story.

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