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Robert Wood is a writer and editor based out of Cheshire, England. He received his Master's in English Literature from Lancaster University, and previously worked helping self-published authors edit, publish, and market their work. He is the author of 'The False Elephant: and 99 Other Unreasonably Short Stories' - 100 stories, each told in exactly 100 words.

Industry Focus

Rob is a fan of great comics, from Hulk, Nightwing, and X-Men to Saga, The Walking Dead and Why Don't You Love Me? His favorite type of coverage is telling you things you never knew about your favorite superheroes and series, championing art for its own sake, and uncovering hidden gems for fans to race out and read.

Favorite Media

Rob is dedicated to the connected worlds of Marvel and DC comics, with an abiding soft spot for superhero stories. Comics also turned him into a horror fan, and his experience helping self-published authors edit, publish, and market their work makes him a constant champion of indie projects, always willing to try something new in hopes of finding a new favorite.

Avengers Just Debuted Tony Stark's Son as a Terrorist Iron Man - Theory Explained

In the dark future of the newly announced Avengers: Twilight, Iron Man isn't one person - he's an army. But is that army on Steve Rogers' side?

dc marvel hyperion as superman nighthawk is batman 1
15 Most Powerful Marvel Heroes Who Are Obvious References to DC

From Nighthawk (Batman) to FastForward (the Flash), Marvel has never been shy about stealing DC heroes for itself - often with a sense of humor.

good omens crowley david tennant Peter Serafinowicz 2 1
Good Omens Fans Need to See Peter Serafinowicz as Crowley in Art from Original 2014 Adaptation

In art from the BBC's adaptation of Good Omens, fans get to see a very different vision of this beloved comedy story, with some surprising big names.

iron man mark nil armor tony stark 1
Iron Man Debuts the Hidden Power of His New Armor - Stolen from Another Avenger

Iron Man's Mark Nil armor seemed like a simple stealth suit, but it's hiding the replicated powers of one of the most powerful Avengers.

mcu heroes with hulk groot 1
Marvel Officially Confirms 1 MCU Hero Is as Strong as the Hulk

Hulk is the strongest one there is, but Marvel just confirmed that he has an equal in a surprising hero fans know from the MCU.

the far side jaws movie 1
10 Funniest Far Side Comics That Reference Iconic Movies

Some of The Far Side's funniest comics reference classic movies including King Kong, The Godfather, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

dc vs vampires world war v sequel sr at nycc 1
"World War V": DC vs. Vampires Sequel Reveals the Undead Apocalypse's "Most Deadly Threat Yet"

Just announced at NYCC, DC vs. Vampires: World War V will launch the publisher's new Elseworlds line, continuing the hit 2021 series.

x-men magneto alex ross 1
Magneto Confirms X-Men's Biggest Fan Theory Is 100% True - But It's Not the Full Story

X-Men fans have long speculated that Magneto's relationship with the team had a hidden dimension - now, he confirms it's true, but there's more...

ultimate universe 1 avengers captain america thor iron man 1
Marvel's Ultimate Universe Debuts Its Avengers - With Shock MCU Hero as a Founding Member

As the Ultimate Universe begins in earnest, five heroes are founding a new version of the Avengers - with some surprising faces on the roster.

titans starfire ew 1
Titans' Most Disgusting Power Ever Just Turned an Iconic Hero into a Traitor

Titans isn't known as a particularly gross franchise, but new villain Brother Eternity just revealed his big secret, and it's stomach-churning.

star-lord guardians of the galaxy groot grootfall guardians of grootspace 1
The Guardians of the Galaxy Officially Debut Their Creepy New Codename

The former Guardians of the Galaxy have entered a new era, as Star-Lord's team take on a new codename and a shocking new mission.

star wars stormtrooper star destroyer 1
Star Wars Debuts Its Most Terrifying Star Destroyer in Franchise History - SCOURGE 01

As Star Wars' awe-inspiring Scourge nears victory, it's finally letting the Empire and Rebellion know it exists - by starting its own armada.

x-men nightcrawler sister 2 1
New Female Nightcrawler Just Revealed X-Men's "Ultimate Weapon" - & It Lives Up to the Hype

Storm finally has a way to win the X-Men's impossible Genesis War, but only by unleashing a weapon that may be worse than her enemies.

zombie movies walking dead negan world war z zombieland 1
Walking Dead's Creator Commends Surprise Movie As Having the "Best Use of Running Zombies"

Walking Dead's creator Robert Kirkman names a surprising movie the best use of fast zombies - and it's not the one fans will expect.

The Boys Homelander the Seven 1
The Boys: Homelander Is Surprisingly Vulnerable to 1 Member of the Seven

Homelander is seemingly all-powerful, but The Boys quietly confirmed that a surprising member of the Seven can hurt him - and did.

star wars anakin skywalker life day 1
Star Wars Celebrates Life Day with Official Art - Including an Unseen Moment from Anakin's Childhood

Star Wars celebrates Life Day 2023 with some gorgeous comic variant covers, including one Darth Vader doesn't want you to see.

death seed sentry marvel's superman 1
Death Seed Sentry: How Marvel's Superman Unlocked His Most Powerful Form

Sentry is already powerful, but thanks to the Death Seed, he became the equal of every Avenger and X-Men hero combined, even beating Thor.

x-men ms marvel juggernaut rasputin iv 1
New X-Men Roster Unleash Their Powers in Jaw-Dropping Art of Mutantkind's Last Chance

As the X-Men salvage a new team from the last surviving mutants, three heroes have never been more important: Ms. Marvel, Juggernaut & Rasputin.

Iron Man Created His Most R-Rated Weapon to Finally Beat the Hulk

When Iron Man truly beat the Hulk, it wasn't with a high-tech arsenal, but with a truly disgusting weapon you'll NEVER see in the MCU.

spider-man 2 costumes 1
Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Marvel Offers Best Look Yet at New Costumes in Official Art

Marvel has released a new look at 10 costumes for the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man 2, showcasing each on variant cover art coming November.

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