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Jujutsu Kaisen Brutal Deaths 1
10 Most Brutal Jujutsu Kaisen Deaths

Jujutsu Kaisen has featured a lot of very devastating deaths over the course of the series, but these ten are the most brutal the manga has featured.

Superhero Powers Vision Mercury Iron Fist 1
20 Uncommon Superpowers That Would Be Awesome In Real Life

Flight, super strength, and telekinesis are undeniably popular abilities, but fiction's forgotten and unsung heroes rarely have such practical powers.

10 Biggest Changes To Star Trek Canon Delivered By Its Epic 'God War'

The recent god war rocked the Star Trek franchise to its core, and provided fans with some big, canon-shaking revelations about the universe.

superman hates batman and captain america 1
10 Heroes Superman Hated the First Time He Met Them

Superman is the ultimate good-hearted hero, but he's not perfect - and these 10 heroes got on his bad side by making a terrible first impression.

dc marvel hyperion as superman nighthawk is batman 1
15 Most Powerful Marvel Heroes Who Are Obvious References to DC

From Nighthawk (Batman) to FastForward (the Flash), Marvel has never been shy about stealing DC heroes for itself - often with a sense of humor.

Spawn Invincible and Walking Dead Image Comics Art 1
15 Best Superheroes Not Owned by Marvel or DC

Whether they're a Hellspawn, a vengeful, resurrected spirit or an angry Superman stand-in, these 15 heroes prove you don't need Marvel or DC.

Kang the Conqueror In Quantumania And Immortus & Rama Tut In Marvel Comics 1
20 Most Powerful Variants Of Kang The Conqueror From Marvel Comics

Kang The Conqueror debuts in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, but who are the most powerful Kang variants in Marvel Comics?

Best Horror Manhwa Featured Image 1
10 Best Horror Manhwa

From disturbing scenes of body horror to thought-provoking situations typical of psychological horror, the manhwa medium has all kinds of stories.

captain america steve rogers police officer 1
10 Jobs Avengers Had in Marvel Lore (That MCU Fans Won't Believe)

The Avengers might be Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but they still have bills to pay. Here are the Top 10 Avengers with jobs that will blow fans' minds!

the far side cowboys 1
11 Funniest Far Side Comics with a Named Character

The Far Side never used recurring characters, but here are the 11 best strips where something was added to the humor by naming one of the characters.

Moro grinning in Dragon Ball Super manga. 1
10 Most Disappointing Dragon Ball Villains

Dragon Ball has some highly praised and well-executed villains. However, even this long-running shonen series has its fair share of disappointments.

Snoopy Family 1
10 Funniest Peanuts Comics Starring Snoopy's Family

Everyone knows Snoopy but this famous beagle's siblings are charismatic and hilarious characters all on their own in these comic strip gems.

10 Fantastic Four Villain Debuts. 1
10 Best Villain Debuts in Fantastic Four History

The Fantastic Four is Marvel's First Family, meaning their comic series introduced a fair-share of iconic villains. Here are the Top 10 best debuts!

Best Sonic combo attacks 1
12 Craziest Combo Attacks from Sonic the Hedgehog's Current Series, Ranked

Sonic the Hedgehog's current comic series from IDW Publishing has seen some pretty impressive combo moves. Here are some of the craziest.

The Boys Seven and Comic Characters 1
10 The Boys Characters Who Could Beat Homelander

Homelander may be the most powerful Supe in The Boys, but there are plenty of characters in the series that have a decent shot at defeating him.

Darkseid Son Kalibak DC Comics 1
10 Most Powerful Members of Darkseid's Family (Ranked Weakest to Strongest)

Darkseid is the personification of evil and power in the DC Universe, which naturally makes the rest of his family powerful. Here are the strongest!

many faces of batman 1
Batman Begins: A Beginner’s Guide To Batman Comics (Best Reading Order)

With over 80 years of Batman comics to navigate, finding the right one can be tricky--so we created a guide to the best of the best.

Darkseid Batman Who Laughs Black Adam DC 1
15 Most Powerful Justice League Villains (Ranked Weakest to Strongest)

The Justice League has taken on some of the worst threats in the DCU, but out of all their villains which foes stand out as the team’s most powerful?

DC Best Couple Green Arrow Black Canary 1
10 Favorite Superhero Couples of All Time

Whether it's the DC or Marvel Universe, there have been some powerhouse couples to come from each franchise, still standing the test of time.

10 Avengers Romances. 1
10 Most Shocking Avengers Romances That Nobody Ever Saw Coming

Marvel Comics fans are kept up to date on every Avenger's romantic life, and sometimes the pairings are unarguably odd. Here are the 10 most shocking!

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