Custom image of Jamie Lee Curtis in Haunted Mansion and Margot Robbie in Barbie 1
"I Saw Barbie Coming": Haunted Mansion Director Disappointed By Barbenheimer Release Competition

Haunted Mansion director Justin Simien expresses disappointment in how the Barbenheimer phenomenon negatively impacted his Disney movie.

Ballerina 2023 Movie Ending Explained 1
Ballerina 2023 Ending Explained

Ballerina is a Netflix Korean revenge thriller about a bodyguard fulfilling the last wish of her friend to get revenge on the man who victimized her.

Harpo Marx with His Brothers 1
10 Hollywood Families With The Best Combined Filmography, Ranked

Hollywood is an industry known for its family ties. Compared to each other, these are the families that have the best combined filmography.

The Mandalorian Tusken Raiders 1
Star Wars: What Tusken Raiders Look Like Under Their Masks

Star Wars has transformed the Tusken Raiders into a complex, well-developed culture - so what do the masks worn by Tatooine's sandpeople mean?

Black Phillip and Thomasin in The Witch 1
The Witch's "Wouldst Thou Like To Live Deliciously" Quote Explained

What does The Witch quote “Wouldst thou like to live deliciously” mean and why is Anya Taylor-Joy’s character Thomasin so easily swayed by the offer?

Kingsman: The Blue Blood Plot Details Revealed By Matthew Vaughn  1
Kingsman: The Blue Blood Plot Details Revealed By Mathhew Vaughn: "Imagine If That Purpose Disappears"

Exclusive: Matthew Vaughn teases why Eggsy and Harry will need each other one more time in the highly anticipated Kingsman: The Blue Blood.

Jamie Foxx The Burial Willie E Gary 1
The Burial True Story: 10 Biggest Changes From Willie E. Gary’s 1995 Lawsuit

The Burial is a film that toes the line between fact and fiction, showcasing the power of telling stories inspired by true events.

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Michelle Yeoh Kept Star Trek: Section 31 "Moving Forward," Says Executive Producer

Star Trek executive producer Alex Kurtzman credits Michelle Yeoh for Section 31, the first made-for-Paramount+ Star Trek movie, still happening.

Harry Potter Hagrid in The Office crossover art 1
Harry Potter Art Imagines If The Characters Were Part Of The Office (Including Some Surprise Villains)

Quirky new Harry Potter art imagines what would happen if the Hogwarts characters were part of the classic NBC sitcom The Office, including villains.

Collage featuring Emma Stone in Birdman, James McAvoy in Atonement, and Ayo Edebiri in The Bear 1
10 Most Memorable One-Take Scenes In Movies & TV Shows

The most memorable one-take scenes challenge conventional storytelling and elevate movies and TV with their camerawork, acting, and direction.

Michael Myers in Halloween Ends with New York Comic Con overlay 1
Why Halloween's Michael Myers Can Never Really Die Explained By John Carpenter: "He's An All-Purpose Character"

Halloween director John Carpenter explains why Michael Myers can never truly be killed, calling him an "all-purpose monster" like Godzilla.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Ernest Burkhart and Lily Gladstone as Mollie Burkhart sitting at a table in Killers of the Flower Moon 1
10 Biggest Takeaways From Killers Of The Flower Moon's Glowing Reviews

Killers of the Flower Moon has been praised by critics with a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Here are the biggest takeaways from the film's reviews.

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10 Most Disturbing Scenes In Jordan Peele's Get Out

There is deep meaning to Jordan Peele's 2017 film Get Out, as the horror film is told through some terrifyingly dark and twisted scenes.

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Where To Watch Everything Everywhere All At Once

Here's where to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once, a movie that's earned a ton of critical and audience acclaim since its release.

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Aquaman's Controversial Amber Heard Changes Have 1 Subtle Silver Lining

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom made changes to an important character, but there are a few reasons why it could benefit the film's central story.

Olaf, Elsa and Anna in Disney's Frozen 1
5 New Frozen 3 Story Details Teased By Disney’s Franchise Plans

Frozen 3 has yet to receive a release date, but a brand new connected series will shed light on what to expect when the sequel eventually comes out.

LaKeith Stanfield and Jared Leto in Haunted Mansion 1
"It's Usually Been The Other Way Around": Haunted Mansion Director Candidly Reflects On Disney Movie's Negative Reviews

Exclusive: Director Justin Simien candidly reflects on Haunted Mansion's negative reviews and why he's proud audiences are connecting with it.

The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes and Caesar 1
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes: Release Date, Cast, Story Details & Everything We Know

The Planet of the Apes reboot franchise is getting a fourth film, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, courtesy of its new owner, Disney.

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Knives Out Daniel Craig 1
The Sinister Reason Netflix Spent $469 million On Knives Out

There's an ambitious long-term plan attached to Netflix's acquisition of the Knives Out franchise, one which may justify the $469 million cost.

Leonardo DiCaprio looking concerned with a lighthouse behind him in Shutter Island. 1
Martin Scorsese Sets Next Movie With Leonardo DiCaprio To Star

Ahead of Killers of the Flower Moon, director Martin Scorsese already has his next project planned, and it’s another DiCaprio collaboration.

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