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Pokemon Horizons' Liko and Roy in front of a map. 1
Pokémon Horizons Teases A New, Mysterious Region

Pokémon Horizons reveals that the goal of the Ancient Adventurer was a far-off, forgotten land that's said to be a Pokémon Paradise.

My Hero Academia: Bakugo's eyes shimmer with One for All's power, from the Heroes Rising movie. 1
My Hero Academia's Major Character Return Teases A Tie-In With Its Best Movie

Could a certain character's dramatic turn at the perfect moment be connected to one of the My Hero Academia movies' most outrageous scenes?

The coolest ships in One Piece 1
10 Coolest Ships in One Piece

Since it is a story about pirates, One Piece is filled with awesome and creative vessels, but these are the ten coolest ships in the series.

Kaiji No. 8 1
Kaiju No. 8 Release Date, Trailer, & Everything We Know So Far

Kaiju No. 8 brings hot shonen battle action in the world of giant monsters, and here's everything to know about the upcoming series.

Boruto Part 2 Is Already Leaving One Of Its Main Characters Behind 1
Boruto Part 2 Is Already Leaving One Of Its Main Characters Behind

Kawaki became the main villain at the end of Boruto but he seems to have already lost all his relevance in Two Blue Vortex, where he shows no growth.

Shiki Ryougi (The Garden of Sinners) 1
Underrated Series by Fate/Stay Night Creator is the Perfect Halloween Anime

The Garden of Sinners is an older work by Kinoko Nasu that nonetheless deserves more attention, given its unique niche as a true occult mystery.

Jujutsu Kaisen Brutal Deaths 1
10 Most Brutal Jujutsu Kaisen Deaths

Jujutsu Kaisen has featured a lot of very devastating deaths over the course of the series, but these ten are the most brutal the manga has featured.

Luffy is happy in One Piece 1
One Piece Episode #1080 Release Date & Time

One Piece episode #1080 will feature a new threat to Wano as the mysterious marine admiral Ryokugyu arrives at its shores and starts a fight.

Dragon Ball: Ultra Instinct Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Goku. 1
Goku's Ultra Instinct isn't Just Powerful... It's Basically Super Saiyan 5

Even though Super Saiyan 5 was completely fabricated with a now-famous piece of fan art, Dragon Ball basically made it canon and no one even noticed.

Funny-character-introductions-in-anime-including-Damao-Mikoshiba-and-Hinata 1
10 Funniest Anime Character Introductions

Funny character introductions in anime leave a lasting impression on the audience, setting up or pivoting their expectations of the story to come.

One Piece Final Poneglyph Luffy Blackbeard and Shanks 1
Who's Closest to Laugh Tale - Every One Piece Poneglyph & Who Has Them

The race to Laugh Tale has begun and the location of the final Road Poneglyph could be the key to deciding who finds the One Piece.

Goku training with King Kai Gregory and Bubbles in DBZ 1
Goku's Best Training Scene Was in Dragon Ball, Not DBZ or Super

The circumstances surrounding Dragon Ball chapters 87 to 90 single-handedly one-up every training arc in Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z.

Re:Zero, Inou Battle, and Gurren Lagann 1
10 Best Voice Acting Moments in Anime History

Voice acting has always been one of the most essential parts of anime, and here are 10 voice acting moments that stand out as the best.

The cast of Kimi ni Todoke the anime with leafy background. 1
Shojo Anime is Making a Big Comeback, & More Fans Should Pay Attention

With the imminent return of the Kimi ni Todoko and the A Sign of Affection anime,, the scene is set for the triumphant return of shojo anime.

Where Is Yuta Okkotsu In Jujutsu Kaisen 0 1
Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Where Is Yuta Okkotsu In The Show?

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is a prequel to the anime series, however, its protagonist Yuta Okkotsu has not been properly introduced in the series. Here's why.

Stark in Frieren 1
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Episode #7 Release Date & Time

After gaining a new party member, Frieren and her friends are heading to the northern lands in Frieren: Beyond Journey's End episode #7.

Best Horror Manhwa Featured Image 1
10 Best Horror Manhwa

From disturbing scenes of body horror to thought-provoking situations typical of psychological horror, the manhwa medium has all kinds of stories.

Choso from Jujutsu Kaisen 1
Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode #13 Release Date & Time

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode #13 is guaranteed to feature some awesome fights between various sorcerers and curses like Yuji and Choso.

One Piece Kuma and Bonney 1
One Piece Reveals Kuma's Past And It's Already The Most Tragic In The Series

One Piece has revealed a much-anticipated backstory and it may be tragic enough to leave fans in furious tears.

Bleach-Rukia-v-Rukia 1
Bleach's Weirdest Anime Arc Saw Soul Reapers Fighting Themselves

Bleach's filler arcs have a reputation for low quality, but one arc forced the 13 Court Guard Squads to go up against an unexpected enemy: themselves.

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