• Bakugo's return to the battlefield has fans questioning if a key moment from the second My Hero Academia movie is canonical after all.
  • Bakugo's irises are glowing with a strange power, similar to Deku's when he uses One for All at its full potential, leading fans to speculate if Bakugo also possesses One for All.
  • The implications of Bakugo's return and potential connection to One for All are still unclear, and fans eagerly await the next chapter to provide further explanation.

Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter #403, and the movie My Hero Academia: Heroes RisingOne of My Hero Academia's fallen heroes, Bakugo, is back on his feet, and not a moment too soon to help save All Might from a grisly fate. However, certain aspects of young Bakugo's sudden return to the battlefield have fans questioning if a key moment from the second My Hero Academia movie may well be canonical after all.

Way back in chapter 362, Bakugo pushed his Quirk too hard, causing beads of nitroglycerin to form inside his body, which eventually detonated and dealt major damage to his heart. The hero Edgeshot was quick to Bakugo's aid, using his own Quirk, Foldabody, to form himself into a thread with a needle point, literally sewing the boy's heart back together with his own body. What that means for Edgeshot hasn't been fully revealed, but the implication seemed to be that Edgeshot was sacrificing himself to save Bakugo. Now, 41 chapters later, Bakugo is finally up once again, and his timing couldn't be better, as he raced to save his idol, All Might.

Does Bakugo Have the Power of One for All?

My Hero Academia: Bakugo's irises look like Deku's as he uses One for All.

In the climax of the second movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Deku passes on One for All to Bakugo in a moment of desperation, allowing the two to fight side-by-side using the power of All Might's Quirk. For some reason, the transfer didn't take to Bakugo permanently, and the power ended up reverting to Deku. While many fans dismissed this initially as non-canonical, recent chapters of the manga have implied the movie is canon, by showing reactions from characters otherwise exclusive to the film. Fans are talking about the film, however, because of Bakugo's eyes.

In the panel of Chapter 403 where Bakugo is seen to be alive, his irises are glowing with a strange power--just like Deku's, who is conveniently on the next page for comparison purposes. This eye glow has been treated as an indicator that Deku is using One for All at its full potential, so could it mean that Bakugo is also using One for All here? When Bakugo "died," he saw All Might's vestige from within One for All pay him a visit, as if to comfort him in his last moments. From that point, All Might was missing in One for All's mindscape, only to return once Edgeshot began saving his life. It's possible Bakugo knew All Might was in trouble because of the vestige, and that would only be the case if he still held some connection to One for All in his body, which must be from the second film.

Fans have been debating the question since the chapter first appeared online, and at the moment there isn't a clear indication if this is the intention. Some fans take issue with making the movie essential to the manga's ending, feeling it shouldn't be influenced by another medium, while others simply resent the idea of the hot-headed Bakugo being entrusted with One for All. Bakugo fans, of course, are thrilled at the prospect, as not only is he back alive and fighting again, but he may be more powerful than ever. The only way to say for certain what all this means is to wait for My Hero Academia chapter 404 to hopefully clear the air and explain Bakugo's situation.