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Spencer Connolly is a Staff Writer for Screen Rant. With years of writing and journalism experience under his belt, Spencer joined Screen Rant in 2020. Prior to writing for Screen Rant, Spencer was a Photojournalist and News Producer. Throughout his career as a journalist and even his entire life, Spencer always had a deep love for comics and is now applying everything he has learned throughout his career to the fun and informative articles he writes for Screen Rant. You can follow Spencer on Twitter: @TheSpencerVerse.

Author Details

Spencer Connolly was a photojournalist right out of college before becoming a news producer. Writing and journalism are Spencer's focus, and comic books have always been his passion. Here at ScreenRant, Spencer is able to combine the two to produce informative and fun-to-read articles for a wide variety of fandoms. 

Industry Focus

Spencer writes for ScreenRant's Comic/Anime Section. While he enjoys reading and writing about practically all comic books from a variety of different publishers, there are a few topics he likes/knows about the most. 
Those topics include: 
Star Wars
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Blade Runner
Rick and Morty
Dragon Ball 

Favorite Media

Out of all the things Spencer writes about, his all-time favorite is Alien. Spencer is as close to expert-level as someone can be in terms of the wider Alien universe, including the Dark Horse conintuity, Ridley Scott's original vision for the franchise, and even the seemingly hellish inspiration behind the xenomorph design by H.R. Giger. Everything there is to know about Alien, Spencer knows it, and that knowledge is reflected in his articles. 

Wolverine and Captain America. 1
10 Most Powerful X-Men Heroes Who Joined The Avengers (Ranked Weakest to Strongest)

There are a number of X-Men heroes who went on to join the Avengers, but some are stronger than others. Here are the Top 10 most powerful, ranked!

Dragon Ball: Ultra Instinct Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Goku. 1
Goku's Ultra Instinct isn't Just Powerful... It's Basically Super Saiyan 5

Even though Super Saiyan 5 was completely fabricated with a now-famous piece of fan art, Dragon Ball basically made it canon and no one even noticed.

captain america steve rogers police officer 1
10 Jobs Avengers Had in Marvel Lore (That MCU Fans Won't Believe)

The Avengers might be Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but they still have bills to pay. Here are the Top 10 Avengers with jobs that will blow fans' minds!

Dragon Ball: Baby and Majin Buu. 1
Dragon Ball GT’s Creepiest Villain is the Exact Opposite of Majin Buu

Baby is perhaps the creepiest villain in Dragon Ball GT, not only that, but he has proven to be the exact opposite of Majin Buu because of one power.

Godzilla vs Zoospora.  1
Why Godzilla Refuses to Fight Earth's New Alpha Titan

Godzilla's the undisputed King of the Monsters, but there seems to be a new alpha Titan in town, and shockingly, Godzilla won't fight it - here's why!

10 Fantastic Four Villain Debuts. 1
10 Best Villain Debuts in Fantastic Four History

The Fantastic Four is Marvel's First Family, meaning their comic series introduced a fair-share of iconic villains. Here are the Top 10 best debuts!

Darth Vader and his bacta tank.  1
Darth Vader Reveals He Can Use the Force to Replace His Lost Limbs

Darth Vader just debuted in all-new ability in Star Wars lore: Force-limbs. Which raises the question, could he have accessed this power sooner?

10 Avengers Romances. 1
10 Most Shocking Avengers Romances That Nobody Ever Saw Coming

Marvel Comics fans are kept up to date on every Avenger's romantic life, and sometimes the pairings are unarguably odd. Here are the 10 most shocking!

10 Avengers Villains. 1
10 Best Villain Debuts in Avengers History

The Avengers have no shortage of incredibly powerful and iconic villains, but only a few made an immediate impact upon their debut. Here's the Top 10!

Black Widow and her Venomized suit.  1
Black Widow Debuts Her Official New Codename as a Venomized Hero

Black Widow just merged with her very own symbiote in the latest issue of the ongoing Venom series, and in doing so, debuts her Venomized codename.

Darth Vader, Qui-Gon, and Obi-Wan.  1
Star Wars Confirms Darth Vader's Big Tactical Weakness - & It Goes Right Back to His Childhood

Darth Vader's biggest Star Wars weakness stretches back to his greatest childhood interest, one that's seemingly been corrupted by the dark side.

Godzilla and two other Kaiju 1
Godzilla Explains the 3 Types of Titan (& Why Godzilla Is the Deadliest)

Godzilla is the King of the Monsters, something that's been established more than once, but one new story delves into exactly why that's the case.

Buffy vs Morbius and Blade Movie Vampires 1
10 Vampires Fans Want to See Buffy Summers Slay (Or Team Up With)

Buffy may be a vampire slayer, but she's no stranger to vampire team-ups. Here are the best comic book vampires that deserve a Buffy crossover.

Juggernaut Healing Factor. 1
Juggernaut Explains How His Underrated Healing Factor Actually Works

The Juggernaut has a shockingly strong healing factor that oftentimes gets completely forgotten by the wider fandom, and he finally explains it.

Yoda and Palpatine. 1
Yoda Accidentally Predicted Palpatine's Rise 200 Years Early (& Why He'd Win)

With a single comment made to the Jedi Council of the High Republic era, Yoda accurately predicted how and why Emperor Palpatine would rise to power.

Black Widow and Venom 1
Black Widow's New Venom Powers Just Made Her MCU Interrogation Scene Terrifying

Black Widow has a new 'Venom' upgrade, and in a preview for an upcoming Marvel Comics issue, she uses it to add a horrific twist to 1 MCU scene.

Godzilla roaring with other kaiju.  1
Godzilla's Iconic Roar Has a Very Specific Meaning in MonsterVerse Continuity

Everyone is familiar with the sound of Godzilla's iconic roar, but they may not know the secret purpose it serves, as explained in the MonsterVerse.

Vegeta and Goku. 1
Vegeta Is A Lot More Like Goku Than He Will Ever Admit

Despite the fact that Vegeta and Goku are famous rivals in Dragon Ball canon, the Saiyan Prince is way more like Kakarot than he would like to admit.

Darth Vader and Obi-Wan. 1
Darth Vader Names the 1 Person He Hates Most in the Galaxy (& It's Not Obi-Wan)

Darth Vader hates Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars lore, a hatred that's matched only by that of himself, yet there still exists one person he hates more.

American Jesus' Antichrist.  1
American Jesus' Ending Almost Had a Mind-Blowing Extra Twist

As revealed by Mark Miller and Peter Gross, their series American Jesus nearly included a mind-blowing twist at the end (& it's good it was cut).

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