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Marcel Green is a writer for Screen Rant's Comics and Anime Sections.

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Marcel is a founding member of Screen Rant's Anime Section

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Marcel's writing focuses on comics, manga, and anime. 

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From Marvel, DC, and Shueisha to Kodansha, Shogakukan, Boom! Studios, Antarctic Press, Viz Media, Studio Ghibli, Crunchyroll, and BiliBili - Marcel's interests span the spectrum of comics and cartoons.

The cast of Kimi ni Todoke the anime with leafy background. 1
Shojo Anime is Making a Big Comeback, & More Fans Should Pay Attention

With the imminent return of the Kimi ni Todoko and the A Sign of Affection anime,, the scene is set for the triumphant return of shojo anime.

80s anime dragon ball fist of the north star Legend of the Galactic Heroes 1
10 Best '80s Anime That Have Aged Well

The 80s was the decade when anime got its first boost in popularity in the West. These classics led the charge, but they're still great today.

Go Go Loser Ranger 1
Dark Power Rangers Anime Gets First Trailer And Release Date

After months of silence about its production and release date, the upcoming Go! Go! Loser Ranger! anime finally gives fans new exciting information.

90s anime pikachu pokemon sailor moon neon genesis evangelion 1
10 Best '90s Anime That Have Aged Well

The 1990s were a defining decade for anime in the West - here are 10 anime from the ‘90s that have only gotten better with age.

Narutos Most Powerful Women1a 1
10 Strongest Female Characters in Naruto

Contrary to popular belief, Naruto did have its share of powerful women who often played key, albeit less publicized roles, in the story.

spy x family Lycoris Recoil 1
10 Best Anime Fans of Spy x Family Need to Watch

Spy x Family has ignited an interest in spy-based anime. Fortunately, there are many great series, each with their own take on this winning formula.

Ultraman-Loser Ranger-8-1 1
10 Best Manga Published By Shonen Jump's Biggest Rivals

Shonen Jump is the king of the manga hill and has been for a while, but competitors Kodansha and Shogakukan have plenty of great titles worth a read.

City of Madness Batman and Cthulhu Batman 1
"I've Been Mining Folklore, Cosmic Horror": DC's New Robin Promises the Darkest Boy Wonder in Gotham History

Batman’s perverted alternate is the focus of DC’s new City of Madness series; will his search for a sidekick of his own lead to an evil Robin?

Laios and Falin 1
Delicious In Dungeon Story, Latest News, & Everything We Know So Far

Delicious in Dungeon updates the classic Dungeons and Dragons idea of adventure by literally spicing it up, and here's everything to know about it.

The lead characters from Madoka Magica, featuring Madoka, Sayaka, Mami, Homura, and Sakura 1
How Madoka Magica Revolutionized Magical Girl Anime

For over a decade, Puella Magi Madoka Magica has been one of the foremost series in dark magical girl anime – and there’s a reason for this.

BORUTO-4 (1) 1
Boruto Part 2 Is Finally Keeping The Series' Original Promise

Boruto was originally intended to be a story about the “next generation”, but this is only becoming true now that Two Blue Vortex has begun.

Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen 1
Jujutsu Kaisen's Fans Can Say Farewell To Another Popular Hero

Sukuna’s return to his original form does not bode well for his opponents, and it suggests that fans' worst fears about another popular hero are true.

Goku vs Frieza in Dragon Ball Z 1
"It Would Probably End In A Year": Dragon Ball's Most Popular Fan Theory Was Just Debunked

While rumors of Toriyama’s planned ending for Dragon Ball have become widespread, the reality, according to his first editor, is very different.

power rangers green ranger dragonzord 1
Power Rangers' Newest Dragonzord is Every '90s Kid's Dream Come True

Power Rangers' Dragonzord has gotten a mind-blowing makeover, as the iconic Zord gets an upgrade by uniting with another '90s mega-franchise.

Spider-Man-Amazing-Fantasy-1000-Header 1
Shonen Jump Publisher Bets Big On Spider-Man Manga For Next Big Hit

Shueisha and Marvel Comics continue to deepen their collaboration with a new series that’s sure to draw the attention of the manga and comics crowd.

Kagurabachi and Jujutsu Kaisen featured image with Chiba and Yuji 1
Kagurabachi Already Proved Why It's Different From Jujutsu Kaisen

While the hype surrounding Shonen Jump’s hot new manga Kagurabachi has focused on its likeness to Jujutsu Kaisen, it has a plan to go its own way.

DC-Rebirth-With Ash and Pikachu 1
Nightwing & Superboy as Pokémon Trainers Proves DC NEEDS to Organize a Crossover

In recent years, DC Comics has shown incredible creative foresight in its crossover content, but a Pokémon crossover would be a great opportunity.

ryomen-sukuna 1
Sukuna's Next Opponent In Jujutsu Kaisen Has The Best Chance Of Beating Him

Although Ryomen Sukuna has faced off against some of history’s most powerful sorcerers, he’s never encountered someone like the God of Lightning.

Sarada in Boruto and Two Blue Vortex 1
Boruto's Sarada Proves Why She'll Never Be Hokage With One Sentence

Sarada has got much of what it takes to be a Hokage, but her lack of confidence in herself proves she has a long way to go for her dream to come true.

Code and Kawaki in front of destroyed Konoha 1
Boruto Finally Teases How Konoha Will Be Destroyed And It's Not Kawaki's Fault

While the destruction of Konoha seemed an inescapable result of the battle between Boruto and Kawaki, its fall will be due to a more sinister reason.

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