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Carlyle Edmundson is a manga news writer with an affinity for science fiction and fantasy. He graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a BS in Film Studies. A lifelong fan of anime and manga, he has attended dozens of conventions over the years. Presently, he is developing a retro JRPG-inspired visual novel, "Elven Revenue Service."

Industry Focus

A writer for Screen Rant since early 2021, Carlyle covers anime and manga news, as well as the occasional Western comic.

Favorite Media

Carlyle's favorite anime and manga series include obscure works like Serial Experiments Lain and mainstream hits like Dragon Ball Z. Some of his favorite ongoing series include My Hero Academia, One-Punch Man, Daemons of the Underworld, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Carlyle also has a special love for Pokémon, a series he's followed since it first hit American shores over 25 years ago.

Josuke-Brutal-Victory 1
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Most Brutal Victory Still Belongs To Josuke

Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak sees Josuke victorious, but the way he wins may be one of Jojo's craziest and most brutal victories of all time.

Pokemon Horizons' Liko and Roy in front of a map. 1
Pokémon Horizons Teases A New, Mysterious Region

Pokémon Horizons reveals that the goal of the Ancient Adventurer was a far-off, forgotten land that's said to be a Pokémon Paradise.

My Hero Academia: Bakugo's eyes shimmer with One for All's power, from the Heroes Rising movie. 1
My Hero Academia's Major Character Return Teases A Tie-In With Its Best Movie

Could a certain character's dramatic turn at the perfect moment be connected to one of the My Hero Academia movies' most outrageous scenes?

Bleach-Rukia-v-Rukia 1
Bleach's Weirdest Anime Arc Saw Soul Reapers Fighting Themselves

Bleach's filler arcs have a reputation for low quality, but one arc forced the 13 Court Guard Squads to go up against an unexpected enemy: themselves.

My Hero Academia's Class 1-A and All Might 1
Every My Hero Academia Arc Ranked From Worst to Best

My Hero Academia has been through a lot of story arcs at this point, with some better than others. Here's every story arc, ranked.

Vivillion with spewpa in cages 1
One Underrated Bug Pokémon Showed The True Darkness Of The Pokémon World

One run-of-the-mill Bug-type Pokémon is actually highly valuable in the Pokémon anime, and that made the true darkness of that world emerge.

Evangelion-Gendo-Pose-Instrumentality 1
What is Instrumentality? Neon Genesis Evangelion's Big Plan Revealed

The Human Instrumentality Project is mentioned a lot in Neon Genesis Evangelion, but no one quite explains what it is. So, what's Instrumentality?

Kaiju No. 8 1
Kaiju No. 8 Anime Gets Release Window & Epic New Trailer

The hit monster-fighting manga Kaiju No. 8 is finally getting adapted to anime form, and will be making its debut on Crunchyroll in 2024.

Pokemon: Team Rocket poses with Wobbuffet. 1
Only One Era of Pokémon Proved How to Make Team Rocket Legitimately Scary Again

The XY era of the anime saw Team Rocket with some major technological upgrades, which made them much more of a threat than they had been.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission movie gets new poster showing the new costumes for Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto 1
Every My Hero Academia Movie In Order (And The Best Way To Watch Them)

My Hero Academia is a wildly popular anime and manga series with several movies. Here's how best to watch the series' anime films online.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War: Yhwach arrives at the Soul King's Palace. 1
Bleach Finally Explains Yhwach's Past In New Original Anime Flashback

A new flashback created for the anime offers viewers a tantalizing look at Yhwach's true motives and past, which were mostly unexplored in the manga.

Pokemon: Ash with his Frogadier in an attack pose. 1
One Of Ash's Strongest Pokémon Has a Move That Would Absolutely Break the Games

Ash's Froakie had a special technique that it used with great regularity, but if that technique was in the games, Froakie would be unstoppable.

A Pokemon Movie poster featuring Ash, Team Rocket, and Dawn. 1
Every Pokémon Movie In Order (And The Best Way To Watch Them)

There are many animated Pokémon movies which have been released over the franchise's 25 year run. Here's the proper order to watch them.

Pokemon: Team Rocket's Meowth grinning. 1
Move Over Pikachu - Team Rocket's Ticket to Riches Was Under Their Noses the Whole Time

Team Rocket spends a lot of time trying to steal Pikachu, but they already have a far rarer and more valuable Pokémon they're neglecting.

How Did Dragon Ball Super’s Mai Become a Child Again in Super?

Dragon Ball's Mai was originally an adult woman, but when Dragon Ball Super came around, she was shown as a child. How exactly did this happen?

Pokémon's Ash and Pikachu look shocked.  1
Only One Pokémon is Actually True Evil, & It's Not One Fans Would Expect

A Pokémon acting on its own evil desires became a menace in the Pokémon anime, and it proves how terrifying a truly evil Pokémon would really be.

Bleach: Ichigo in his garb from Squad Zero. 1
Thousand-Year Blood War Review - Bleach's Anime Return Gave Fans Exactly What They Asked For

Bleach's triumphant return in Thousand-Year Blood War has been welcomed by fans, who are finally getting the final arc told the way it deserved to be.

One-Punch Man Saitama god identity 1
One-Punch Man Gives Fans A Clue On How Saitama Will Defeat God

Saitama's latest challenge sees him going against a legendary monster summoned by a prophecy, but that's not enough to faze Caped Baldy.

Blue Giant's sax player, Dai Miyamoto. 1
Blue Giant Review: The Year's Biggest Surprise is a Visually Stunning Anime Masterpiece

Blue Giant brings the world of Jazz into anime, and perfectly mixes insane musical solos with wild visuals to create a truly unique experience.

Pokemon's Froakie with Naruto 1
Ash's Strongest Pokémon Was Actually Created by the Series' Version of Naruto

Ash and his Pokémon have been through a lot of training, but one of the most important training sessions was with a Naruto-inspired Ninja.

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