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Born and raised in Canada, Kevin Chu lived internationally throughout his childhood, spending the majority of his schooling in Hong Kong before returning to Canada, first to study at the University of British Columbia, and then to find work. He has written for the newspaper publications The Standard and Inkwell Productions before joining Screen Rant. Kevin has a love of videogames, anime, and everything related to them. 

Author Details

Kevin has been writing professionally since 2015, doing editing and article writing for newspapers and children's publications like The Standard and Inkwell Productions, and also has written as a hobby. As one who's watched anime since childhood, he has great familiarity with the industry that lets him write about it without any reservations.

Industry Focus

Currently, Kevin is a contributing writer to Screen Rant's Anime section. You might see him give attention to mecha series like Mobile Suit Gundam, give shout-outs to obscure shows, or write about recent Shonen series like Kagurabachi or Naruto. He also follows the anime airing each season and general anime news for articles and analytical pieces.

Favorite Media

Kevin's favorite anime is Samurai Champloo, but he also enjoys both experimental anime and ones with more unusual art styles like Mononoke or Welcome to Dr. Irabu's Office, as well as slice-of-life series like Laidback Camp or Super Cub. That is not to say he enjoys a good action-packed series like Trigun or Chainsaw Man.

Shiki Ryougi (The Garden of Sinners) 1
Underrated Series by Fate/Stay Night Creator is the Perfect Halloween Anime

The Garden of Sinners is an older work by Kinoko Nasu that nonetheless deserves more attention, given its unique niche as a true occult mystery.

Crunchyroll-Hime- 1
Crunchyroll Debuts New Channel For Broadcasting Anime All Day Every Day

The streaming service has collaborated with other Sony ventures to launch a 24-hour Channel in order to branch out and find new audiences.

irabubanner 1
Classic Psychology Anime is The Weirdest Series Most Fans Missed

Despite its fever-dream visuals and zany protagonist, Welcome to Dr. Irabu's Office is a sincere and sympathetic look at mental health conditions.

Goku is Surprised By shonen Jump 1
"20% Face Bankruptcy": Manga Industry Faces an Unprecedented Crisis With New Japanese Law

Alterations to Consumption Tax laws put immense pressure on workers that could lead to a mass ejection of creative talent while locking out more.

shangri-la-frontier-banner 1
Crunchyroll's Newest Hit Exposes Anime's Flawed Relationship to Videogames

As fun as Shangri La Frontier is, its written game mechanics once more are used to inflate the protagonist's powers, rather than build a world.

racing anime 1
Anime's Most Underrated Genre is More Accessible Than Ever With Two Hot New Series

Fall 2023 is the perfect time to check out car racing anime, with MF Ghost and Overtake providing different takes on the lesser-seen genre.

visual from Komada a whisky family 1
New Anime Movie Has a Fresh Premise That Proves Anime Can Make Anything Beautiful

P.A. Works upcoming original movie, Komada — A Whisky Family, is a drama that proves anime can find a story in everything, even an old distillery.

hajime no ippo 1
Highly Influential Shonen Manga Classic is Available in English for the First Time

Despite its popularity, only now has the seminal boxing manga Hajime no Ippo come Westward with an official release via K Manga

Boruto's Code and the Ten Tails With Rinnegan 1
Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Level-Ups Its Villains With The Most Dangerous Power

Chapter 2 ups the stakes as Code's Claw Grimes are revealed to have new abilities. Worse, they may be too much for the villain to handle.

kadokawabanner 1
Every Anime Announced at Kadokawa's Massive Light Novel Event

Sneaker Bunko's 35 year anniversary provided an opportunity to announce a slew of future adaptations, including a few highly-anticipated titles.

Strike It Rich Manga cover image on Comikey. 1
New All-Female Martial Arts Manga is One Series Action Fans Don't Want to Miss

Yabako Sandrovich's Strike It Rich deserves more attention, whether for its female combatants – or its amusing twist villain.

metallic-rouge-banner 1
My Hero Academia Studio Announces New Tech Noir Anime That Could Be a Sleeper Hit

BONES's upcoming Metallic Rouge might be the action-packed successor to classic science fiction anime of yesteryear that fans have been waiting for.

Right Stuff Anime Shuts Down 1
The Amazon of Anime Shuts Down - Huge Anime Retailer Bought By Crunchyroll

Right Stuf has been supplying anime merchandise since 1987. Its absorption into the Crunchyroll umbrella is part of the latter's ongoing expansion.

netflixanimebanner 1
10 Best Anime On Netflix Right Now

For those overwhelmed by Netflix's vast catalog, one can check out this quick rundown of the best shows for a good story or fantasic visuals.

My Happy Marriage Poster 1
Massive Netflix Romance Anime Renewed For Second Season

The supernatural Cinderella story Happy Marriage concluded its first run, but a second season has already been confirmed.

A screencap from the new Bullbuster anime trailer. 1
New Anime Gives Mechs a Realistic Twist That Immediately Sets it Apart

Bullbuster is a mecha show with a sense of comedy. Despite the cast's task to battle fearsome beasts, their real enemy is their budget.

Kagurabachi cover featured 1
Kagurabachi Review: Shonen Jump's Jujutsu Kaisen & Demon Slayer Fusion Is Missing An X Factor

Shonen Jump's new battle manga feels like a mix of other hit series and will need to prove it has something of its own if it wants to last long-term.

A screenshot from Yamishibai 1
Crunchyroll's Best Horror Anime is a Hidden Gem More Fans Need to Watch

With 11 seasons under its belt, Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories is a hidden treasure trove that fans of horror and urban legends should see

One Piece's Luffy is Shocked 1
One Piece Creator's Biggest Mistake Forced Him To Apologize To His Whole Country

Rarely does one make a faux pas of national proportions, but Eiichiro Oda once caused a media storm thanks to a particularly off-color joke.

Goku is Surprised By shonen Jump 1
An Incalculable Loss - Thousands of Classic Anime Are Close to Being Lost Forever

Tokyo Laboratory's impending shutdown threatens the destruction of countless master reels, which would be a painful blow to media preservation.

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