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Justin's been collecting comics since the early '00s and has several thousand floppies to his name, as well as dozens of trades and graphic novels.. He's also an avid collector of rare and hard-to-find zines, as well as other obscure media. Justin is currently living in North Carolina with his partner.

Industry Focus

As a Senior writer for the comic book team, Justin Epps' primary focus for mini features, reviews, and lists center around the DC Universe and its characters such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Justin Epps also writes on new and developing comic book stories for publishers such Archie, Dark Horse, Image, and others.

Favorite Media

Justin Epps' favorite DC Comics run is Grant Morrison's legendary Bat-Epic. In fact, Justin's a huge fan of nearly everything Morrison has written from their epic runs on Doom Patrol and Animal Man to their modern Superman classic, All-Star Superman, as well as Morrison's original work like The Invisibles and The Filth.

Red Hood vs Batman DC 1
Jason Todd Almost Killed Batman - Even Before He Became Red Hood

Red Hood’s death at the hands of the Joker broke Batman so hard, Bruce Wayne nearly got himself killed while lost in his intense grief.

Harley Quinn and Sidekicks DC 1
Sorry Robin - Harley Quinn Just Assembled SEVEN New Sidekicks (& Their Costumes Are Awesome)

One sidekick isn’t enough for Harley Quinn. Instead, she decides to take on seven new partners and gives them all very familiar costumes.

Green Arrow Hood Up DC 1
Green Arrow Origin Change Gives the Justice League Hero a Dark, Permanent Twist

An unexpected secret from Green Arrow’s past comes out when a supervillain reveals that they are responsible for Oliver Queen’s greatest gift.

Subgenre Dark Horse Comics 1
EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Dark Horse’s SUBGENRE Kicks Off Twisted Mystery

Matt Kindt teams up with Wilfredo Torres for Subgenre, a new release under Kindt’s Flux House imprint, and Screen Rant has an exclusive preview.

Flash and the Flashpoint DC 1
Flash Names the One Alternate Reality More Terrifying Than Flashpoint

Flashpoint might have put the Flash through the wringer, but there’s one world that the Scarlet Speedster thinks is worse than the infamous timeline.

Superman and The Daily Planet Comic Art 1
After 83 Years, Superman's [SPOILER] Gets a Genius Reinvention

One of Superman’s most trusted allies is throwing their hat into the ring for a new position that could make them invaluable to Metropolis.

Superboy Conner Kent Superman DC 1
'The Backup Superman': Superboy Finally Admits He's Ready to Leave Kal-El's Shadow

A peek inside the mind of Superboy reveals that Conner Kent no longer wants to be seen as a lesser Superman and that he’s ready for a massive change.

The Fall Of Green Arrow Cover cropped 1
How Green Arrow Will Die - DC Reveals the Final Canon Fate of Justice League Icon

Green Arrow may be lost in time and space right now, but one hero from the future reveals what’s going to happen that leads to Oliver Queen’s death.

Superboy Conner Kent and Skyrocket Trans Pitch 1
"Conner Kent is a Trans Girl": DC Writer Talks Rejected Pitch To Redefine Superboy With New Codename & Identity

Writer Magdalene Visaggio reveals an ambitious pitch for Superboy that would have reimagined Conner Kent as DC’s newest trans hero, Skyrocket.

Jason_Todd_Robin_Lives_Alternate_Ending 1
"ROBIN LIVES": DC To Release Unseen Version of 'Death in The Family' in Which Jason Todd Survives The Joker

Robin’s infamous murder is getting a major redo in a ‘faux-simile’ reprint of Batman #428 that features an alternate ending where Jason Todd survives.

The Hawk Family DC 1
The Son of 2 Justice League Members Just Became DC's Biggest Mystery

The Justice League’s Hawkman and Hawkwoman discover that they have a son, but unfortunately, fans will never get to know where he came from.

The Boys Seven and Comic Characters 1
10 The Boys Characters Who Could Beat Homelander

Homelander may be the most powerful Supe in The Boys, but there are plenty of characters in the series that have a decent shot at defeating him.

Darkseid Batman Who Laughs Black Adam DC 1
15 Most Powerful Justice League Villains (Ranked Weakest to Strongest)

The Justice League has taken on some of the worst threats in the DCU, but out of all their villains which foes stand out as the team’s most powerful?

Robin and Goliath DC 1
Robin's Pet Dragon Just Took on New Meaning in DC Lore

A piece of Damian Wayne’s past puts a twist on Robin’s decision to adopt Goliath, the massive dragon bat, and the young hero’s compassion for animals.

Superman House of Brainiac Featured DC 1
"House of Brainiac": Superman's Cosmic Enemy Brainiac Is Finally Returning to Change the DCU Forever

Superman and his allies are gearing up for the fight of their lives when the alien villain Brainiac returns with an army of unkillable Czarnians.

Superman Superstars Featured DC 1
"Superman Superstars": DC Announces New Superman Stories with Jason Aaron & More ‘Superstar’ Creators

Action Comics’ “Superman Superstars” initiative will switch things up as Jason Aaron and John Timms kick off the era with a brand-new Bizarro story.

Wonder Woman Animal Man Batgirl DC 1
15 Most Unexpected Jobs Justice League Heroes Had in DC Lore

What does the Justice League do when they’re not saving the world? A look back at the team’s history reveals their most unexpected professions.

Batman_by_Gaslight_Kryptonian_Age_Comic_Art 1
"The 19th-Century Justice League”: DC’s Best Elseworld Will Return in Gotham by Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age

A new, Victorian Justice League is coming to the DC Universe as DC revives its Elseworlds line with Gotham by Gaslight: The Kryptonian Age.

Viking_Deathstroke_in_Dark_Knights_of_Steel_Allwinter 1
"The Viking Deathstroke”: DC’s Medieval Elseworld Recruits Its Most Brutal Warrior Ever

DC Comics’ Elseworlds line returns with Dark Knights of Steel: Allwinter, a six-issue series that follows Deathstroke reimagined as a viking warrior.

Wesley Dodds Sandman DC 1
WESLEY DODDS: THE SANDMAN Does Golden Age Hero Justice (Review)

Robert Venditti and Riley Rossmo team up for Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #1, an exciting new story that thrusts DC’s hero back into the spotlight.

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