• The Avengers have a new base, the Impossible City, which is a dimension-hopping cosmic prison and space station.
  • The Impossible City is a perfect fit for the Avengers because it seeks to avenge the wrongs it was coerced into and has considerable resources.
  • The Impossible City surpasses its predecessor, Avengers Mountain, as a base that is truly equipped and eager to aid Earth's Mightiest in protecting innocent lives.

Warning: SPOILERS for Avengers #6Throughout their publication history, the Avengers have had their fair share of iconic bases from which they protected the entire Marvel Universe. From Avengers’ Mansion, to their Hydrobase, and most recently to the hollowed-out corpse of a Celestial, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have almost always set up stomping grounds in locations as impressive as they are. And with the new Avengers roster being one of their most powerful in years, the team now have an equally dynamic base to match.

Avengers #6 by Jed MacKay, Ivan Fiorelli, Federico Blee, and VC’s Cory Petit sees the titular team defeat the Ashen Combine, returning them to stasis within their former slave and restored jailer, the massive and sentient ship called Impossible City. When asked by the Scarlet Witch what it plans to do with its newfound freedom, the City simply replies, “Yes. I have decided that I would like to be an Avenger.

Impossible City joins Avengers

Unanimously, the Avengers welcome their newest member and instantly set the record for the most interesting base of operations they’ve ever had in the process.

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The Impossible City Is A Natural Avenger

Avengers In The Impossible City-1

Its own sentience aside, the Impossible City is a perfect locale for the Avengers for a number of reasons. Built by cosmic heroes in a time long past, the Impossible City was enslaved and altered by the Ashen Combine for ages, used as a savage weapon in their savage campaign. With its freedom restored, it now seeks to avenge the wrongs it was coerced into abating, putting its considerable resources as a dimension-hopping cosmic prison and space station to good use alongside its fellow Avengers.

Avengers Mountain Is Old News

Avengers Mountain (1)

Housed within the corpse of a Celestial, Avengers Mountain certainly had its merits. It even played a major role during the events of Judgement Day – though not in a way that Earth’s heroes would have preferred – and it was instrumental in the Avengers’ battle against the multiversal Masters of Evil. But seeing as how it was built by a cosmic team of heroes a few pay-grades above even the Avengers, the Impossible City is truly equipped and eager to aid Earth’s Mightiest in ways that their former Mountain base could never hope to match.

Wherever they’re stationed, the Avengers are going to do all they can to protect innocent lives. After all, what matters most to the Earth’s Mightiest is their mission of protecting innocents, regardless of where they live. But for the first time, the Avengers have a base of operations that’s just as dedicated to their mission as they are.

Avengers #6 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.