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Combining her love for DC and her experience as an Intelligence Analyst, Taylor began writing for Screen Rant in 2023. As an avid consumer of DC-related content, Taylor's expertise spans comics, shows, and movies alike. She actively engages across five prominent DC Discord Servers, curates a beloved Bat Family Tumblr blog, and seamlessly embodies Wonder Woman through cosplay. Taylor's creative ingenuity further shines in her skillful crafting of DC fanfiction, an area in the fanbase where she is most active and recognized.

DC vs Vampires, Harley Quinn armed with a stake and crossbow, smiling as she is surrounded by vampires 1
10 Most Brutal Kills in DC Vs. Vampires (Ranked by Gore-Level)

With a follow-up to the carnage of DC Vs. Vampires coming, explore the 2021 series' 10 most brutal kills, ‘pain-stakingly’ ranked by gore level.

Feature Image: Nightwing in the foreground, with his logo in the background 1
Nightwing Secretly Has 1 Superpower (Because Alfred Messed with His Biology)

Nightwing harbors a well-guarded secret: he wields a unique superpower, a covert gift born of Alfred Pennyworth's biological tinkering.

joker red hood jason todd 1
"The Red Hood Who Laughs": Jokerized Red Hood Cosplay Is Jason Todd's Darkest Fear Come to Life

This twisted Jokerized Red Hood cosplay has just made Jason Todd's deepest fears a nightmarish reality, and fans are going crazy for it.

Feature image: Wonder Woman looking left, holding her Lasso of Truth 1
1 Word Just Proved Wonder Woman Is the Justice League's REAL Most Powerful Hero

With just a single word, Wonder Woman's status as the Justice League's most powerful hero has been unequivocally confirmed by DC Comics.

Joker is grinning as he holds two playing cards, one labeled joker, the other Batman. 1
Joker Confirmed His Biggest Fan Theory With 1 Sentence

The intricate and intense dynamic between Batman and the Joker has captivated fans, inspiring a multitude of theories, and one was just confirmed.

Feature Image: Movie version of the Flash (center) surrounded by comic book versions of his rogues gallery 1
Flash Confirms 1 Speedster & 1 Iconic Villain Are Both Getting New Powers

The latest revelation in the world of The Flash has left fans electrified, confirming a speedster and an iconic villain are set to receive new powers.

Shazam being struck by lightning directly in his lightning bolt logo, with his Billy Batson form at his side 1
"MEET…SHAZAMITE!": Shazam Is Getting a New Sidekick Who Makes Him Look Weak

Solicitations reveal Shazam #6 will introduce the DC Universe's newest 5th-dimensional imp, Bat-Mite's cousin and Shazam's biggest fan: Shazamite.

Feature Image: Transformers, Shockwave animated (left); Shockwave live action (right) 1
Transformers' Official Steampunk Designs Make Shockwave the Scariest Decepticon

In Transformers: Hearts of Steel, the radical steampunk reimagining of the Robots in Disguise introduces the scariest Shockwave ever.

Batman the Barbarian lurking through a primitive forest 1
"Batman the Barbarian”: The Elseworlds Line Officially Returns to DC Comics with Jaw-Dropping New Series

The DC Elseworlds line returns with Batman the Barbarian, delivering a jaw-dropping new series that takes the Dark Knight to wild lands!

Feature Image: Golden Age Batman and Robin 1
King of the Hill's Hank & Bobby Become Batman & Robin in Hilarious Fanart

King of the Hill's Hank and Bobby have taken on the roles of Batman and Robin in a recent fanart creation, leaving fans cracking up and wanting more.

poison ivy and harley quinn are laying in a field of daisies 1
DC May Have Permanently Broken Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy's Romance

DC may have irreversibly fractured the once-unbreakable bond between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by adding a shocking twist to their relationship.

DCeased Batman DC 1
DCeased: You Can Live Batman's Zombie Apocalypse Thanks to Gory Halloween Attraction

DC enthusiasts can dive headfirst into Batman's zombie apocalypse, immersing themselves in the spine-tingling world of the best-selling DCeased comic.

Wonder Woman is dressed in a cloak and her armour as she raises her sword, she is smiling slightly. 1
Wonder Woman Cosplay Is the Operatic Redesign Diana Deserves

In a mesmerizing tribute to the iconic Amazonian warrior, this Wonder Woman cosplay emerges as the operatic redesign that Diana truly deserves.

Feature Image: DC heroes Wonder Woman and Batman (left); Marvel heroes Storm and Wolverine (right) 1
"I Turned Down X-Men and Batman": Comics Giant Rick Remender Signs Exclusive Creator-Owned Deal with Image

In a bold move, renowned comics giant Rick Remender turned down offers to write for X-Men and Batman, signing an exclusive deal with Image Comics.

10 Black Adam Quotes That Prove He's DC's Most Cold-Blooded Hero

Black Adam’s fists may hit hard, but his parting remarks hit even harder. These top ten quotes prove Teth-Adam is the ultimate anti-hero.

Poison Ivy Dan Mora with Pregnant Ivy #18-1 1
The Secret Father of Poison Ivy's Baby Has Been Teased from the Start - Theory Explained

This wild fan theory has potentially uncovered the origin of Poison Ivy's pregnancy, and the father isn't the person fans suspected.

transformers hearts of steel 1
Transformers: 10 Coolest Steampunk Redesigns from Hearts of Steel Continuity

Transformer fans have to see these ten epic steampunk redesigns of their favorite Autobots and Decepticons from the Hearts of Steel miniseries.

Feature image: Nightwing crouching with the entire Bat-Family crowded around him 1
[SPOILER] Just Proved He's the Bat-Family's Best Fighter (But DC Will Never Admit It)

One DC hero has asserted themselves as the Bat-Family's unrivaled champion, a fact that DC Comics seems hesitant to officially acknowledge.

Flash fighting off anthropomorphized animals in promo image for DC's Beast World event 1
"Bigger Than the Biggest Thing That Matters on Earth": Flash Just Officially Replaced Superman as DC's Most Important Hero

In a groundbreaking shift, The Flash has now officially assumed the mantle of DC's most crucial hero, replacing the long-standing icon, Superman.

DC Introduces Anti-Kryptonian Weapons Capable of Bringing Down the Superman Family

DC has introduced a new arsenal of anti-Kryptonian weaponry, shaking up the DC Universe's power dynamics and threatening the Superman Family.

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