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DC vs Vampires, Harley Quinn armed with a stake and crossbow, smiling as she is surrounded by vampires 1
10 Most Brutal Kills in DC Vs. Vampires (Ranked by Gore-Level)

With a follow-up to the carnage of DC Vs. Vampires coming, explore the 2021 series' 10 most brutal kills, ‘pain-stakingly’ ranked by gore level.

New_Green_Lantern_Dark_Elseworlds_Comic 1
“Only One Hero Remains”: Green Lantern Is Reimagined in DC’s New Dark Fantasy Elseworld

DC's popular Elseworlds line returns in 2024 with a new Green Lantern book, recasting them as the sole hero on a magic-ravaged Earth.

Batman the Barbarian lurking through a primitive forest 1
"Batman the Barbarian”: The Elseworlds Line Officially Returns to DC Comics with Jaw-Dropping New Series

The DC Elseworlds line returns with Batman the Barbarian, delivering a jaw-dropping new series that takes the Dark Knight to wild lands!