Doctor Who (1963)

Originally premiered in 1963, Doctor Who is a sci-fi series that follows a powerful being known as a Time Lord, referred to as the Doctor. Using an interdimensional time-traveling ship known as the TARDIS, the Doctor travels time and space with various companions as they solve multiple problems and help avert catastrophe as much as they almost cause it. Though the Doctor is always the same character, they experience regenerations, allowing them to be recast every few seasons as a unique immortal being with new personality traits.

Doctor Who Series Poster
Doctor Who

Jenna Coleman , Jodie Whittaker , Alex Kingston , David Tennant , Matt Smith , Peter Capaldi
Release Date
November 23, 1963
Mark Gatiss , Toby Whithouse , Neil Cross , Steven Moffat , Chris Chibnall
Story By
Sydney Newman C. E. Webber Donald Wilson
Doctor Who


As the last of the alien species known as the Time Lords, the Doctor travels through time and space in his TARDIS, a time machine thats bigger on the inside than the outside, seeking out adventures in the ancient past and unimagined future while also serving as the protector of Earth and mankind. With a human companion by his side, the Doctor meets extraordinary – and sometimes deadly - characters and creatures from across the universe.


Colorful collage of Doctor Who companions: Amy, Rory, and Clara 1
All 9 Doctor Who Companions That Died & Came Back To Life

Every once in a very long while, the Doctor comes to call and everybody lives. These Doctor Who companions managed to slip through the grasp of death.

Sophie Aldred as Ace and Sylvester McCoy as Seventh Doctor in Doctor Who 1
Former Doctor Who Companion Reflects On Emotional Reunion With 7th Doctor After 33 Years

Doctor Who's Ace companion actress Sophie Aldred reflects fondly on her reunion with Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy for "The Power of the Doctor."

Rory Williams in Doctor Who and the Eleventh Doctor using his Screwdriver 1
Doctor Who's Rory Actor Has 1 Critique About Matt Smith Era, 11 Years After Companion Exit

Doctor Who companion actor Arthur Darvill has one complaint about the disappointing way that Rory Williams was handled during the Matt Smith era.

Jon Pertwee and Patrick Troughton in Doctor Who 1
Doctor Who Should Only Recast The Second & Third Doctors If 1 Big Condition Is Met

Doctor Who has had many doctors over the decades, some whom have been recast with different actors. Here are reasons to question that development.

Doctor Who Matt Smith and Ncuti Gatwa as the Eleventh and Fifteenth Doctor 1
Doctor Who Season 15's Directors Confirmed, Matt Smith Vet Returning

Doctor Who season 15's confirmed directors line-up arrives, with celebrated Matt Smith-era director Peter Hoar joining Ncuti Gatwa's next season.

doctor-who-clara-all-companion-theory 1
Doctor Who Theory Reveals All Companions Are Different Versions Of The Same Character

One exciting Doctor Who theory suggests that Clara actually plays a much larger role in The Doctor's story than audiences initially knew.

Doctor Who Arthur Darvill and Ncuti Gatwa as Rory William and The Fifteenth Doctor 1
"Always Changing And Always Evolving": Doctor Who's Matt Smith Companion Responds To Ncuti Gatwa Era

Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor companion Arthur Darvill reacts to Ncuti Gatwa's upcoming Doctor Who era and how the show has evolved over the years.

Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who season 14 1
"That Went So Hard!!": Doctor Who Fans Share Their Glowing Reactions To Fifteenth Doctor & Ruby's New Theme Songs

Doctor Who unveils its new theme song, which mashes up new and old sounds from the long-running show, and fans couldn't be more thrilled with it.

Eleventh Doctor in the redecorated Tardis in Doctor Who 1
All 6 Times Doctor Who Repeated The TARDIS "You've Redecorated" Joke

The Doctor Who universe has seen many changes, from Doctors to the TARDIS, but this joke from the iconic sci-fi show comes back time and time again.

 Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor in Doctor Who's The Night of the Doctor 1
The Doctor Who Actor With The Shortest & Longest Era Reacts To Only Having 2 Hours Of Screentime

Eighth Doctor actor Paul McGann reflects on his unusual Doctor Who legacy, discussing his role in Jodie Whittaker's final episode and possible return.

Ncuti Gatwa as the Fourteenth Doctor in Doctor Who trailer 1
Doctor Who New Theme Song Revealed (& It's Majestic)

Doctor Who releases a brand new theme song for the upcoming episodes, and it's an exciting new take to invite in a new franchise Time Lord.

A collage of Doctor Who companions who were killed off 1
All 9 Doctor Who Companions That The Show Killed Off

While facing the dangers of time and space, some Doctor Who companions left the TARDIS for the final time but didn't live to tell the tale.

The 10th Doctor looks at his hand in the tardis as he begins to regenerate 1
BBC Reshares Unused Takes Of David Tennant's Last Line From Doctor Who In 2010

BBC shared unused takes of David Tennant's emotional final line on Doctor Who in 2010, during the moment when his Tenth Doctor had to say goodbye.

Custom image of Matt Smith and Amy and Rory in Doctor Who 1
Matt Smith's Doctor Who Companion Actor Reflects On Exit & "Perfect Ending" For Rory & Amy

Former Doctor Who companion actor Arthur Darvill reflects on his exit and why it was a "perfect ending" for Eleventh Doctor companions Rory and Amy.

Doctor Who David Tennant Tom Baker and William Hartnell 1
How The Hell Is The BBC Releasing This Giant Doctor Who Treasure Trove?

For the first time in 60 years, it will now be possible to watch every available Doctor Who episode in one place. How did the BBC pull this off?

Doctor Who All 800 Episodes Coming To BBC IPlayer 1
800 Doctor Who Episodes Available To Stream On BBC In Celebration Of 60th Anniversary Specials

Nearly every Doctor Who episode will finally be available to stream in one place - the BBC iPlayer - ahead of the show's 60th anniversary.

Custom image of Bonnie Langford as Mel Bush alongside Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson 1
"That's Just Not Fair": Former Doctor Who Actor Envies Classic Companion's Return

Former Doctor Who actress Sophie Aldred envies fellow former companion Bonnie Langford, who will return as Melanie Bush in season 14.

Doctor Who Director Jamie Childs Shares His Excitement About Russell T. Davies Returning As Showrunner 1
Doctor Who Director Jamie Childs Shares His Excitement About Russell T. Davies Returning As Showrunner

Exclusive: Jamie Childs discusses Russell T. Davies return to Doctor Who with a bigger budget, and how he can bring something fresh to the series.

Doctor Who Director Teases Something  1
Doctor Who Director Teases Something "Even Fresher" With Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor

Exclusive: Jamie Childs teases a fresh take on Doctor Who with Ncuti Gatwa, including a bigger budget thanks to the deal between the BBC and Disney.

Paul McGann in The Power of the Doctor 1
Why The Eighth Doctor Doesn't Wear Time Lord Robes In His Doctor Who Return

There's a specific reason why Paul McGann's incarnation of The Doctor doesn't wear the traditional Time Lord robes in "The Power of the Doctor."

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