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Kevin Erdmann is one of Screen Rant's senior staff writers. With a major in Cinema Studies and a minor in Comics and Cartoon Studies from the UofO, Kevin is pretty sure he's writing for the right site. While Kevin is a huge Marvel fan, he also loves Batman because he's Batman and is a firm believer that Han shot first. Kevin lives in Oregon with his wonderful wife and sinister cat who is no doubt currently plotting his demise.

Industry Focus

Kevin has worked in a few roles with ScreenRant such as with the Comics section, though he's currently a senior writer for both the Star Wars and Superheroes Beats, covering everything MCU, DCU, and the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Having strong foundations in Comic Book lore, Star Wars canon, and Legends, Kevin thrives on creating helpful explainers as well as fun speculation pieces about the future.

Favorite Media

Kevin's favorite shows and movies in no particular order:

The Skywalker Saga, Andor, Mandalorian, The Clone Wars, Moon Knight, Avengers: Endgame, Infinity War, Winter Soldier, Civil War, MCU Spider-Man Trilogy, Into The Spider-Verse, Indiana Jones, Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy Trilogy, Loki, Black Panther, The Suicide Squad, Man of Steel, Zack Snyder's Justice League...and any and all Batman movies (but Reeves' The Batman was particularly awesome).

Superman and Lois Fixes Villain Problem Image 1
Superman & Lois (2021)
Superman & Lois Proves It's Time For DC To Fix It's 36-Year-Long Superman Movie Problem

The CW's Superman and Lois television series has proven that the time has come to fix a Superman movie problem that's persisted for almost 40 years.

Dark Padme Star Wars Abeloth Theory Image 1
Star Wars
Chilling Star Wars Theory Explains How Lucasfilm Can Bring Back Natalie Portman (And It's Very Dark)

A very dark Star Wars theory suggests how actress Natalie Portman could make a new appearance in the galaxy like other prequel trilogy actors.

High Republic Nameless Star Wars Origins Image 1
"Since Time Immemorial": The Origin of Star Wars' Most Dangerous Force Predator Just Became Even Stranger

Star Wars' High Republic era just offered new insights into the strange origins of the galaxy's most dangerous Force predators known as the Nameless.

loki-illusion-magic-powers-change-season-2 1
Loki (2021)
Marvel Just Made 1 Of Loki's MCU Powers Even More Powerful

One of Loki's powers has been upgraded in Loki season 2, episode 2, elevating his sorcerer abilities to an even higher level in the MCU.

Thrawn's New Empire Star Wars Image 1
Star Wars
Why Grand Admiral Thrawn's Empire Will Be Even More Dangerous Than Palpatine's

Grand Admiral Thrawn has returned to the known Star Wars galaxy as Heir to the Empire. Here's why his Empire will be more dangerous than Palpatine's.

Jason Momoa Lobo Casting DC's Wolverine Image 1
Jason Momoa's Recasting Will Finally Give DC Its Version Of Wolverine

Jason Momoa's DC recasting beyond Aquaman can finally give the DC universe its own version of Marvel's Wolverine in more ways than one.

Loki Season 2 Marvel Character Canon 1
Loki (2021)
Marvel Made The Weirdest Superhero Ever Officially MCU Canon

Thanks to Loki Season 2, Marvel Studios has just made one of the strangest and most obscure comic characters part of the official MCU canon.

Thrawn Weakness in Star Wars 1
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Star Wars Has Already Revealed Grand Admiral Thrawn's Greatest Weakness

Although Grand Admiral Thrawn emerged victorious with his return to the known Star Wars galaxy, he's already exposed his greatest weakness.

Loki season 2 episode 2 Easter Eggs 1
Loki (2021)
Every Loki Season 2 Episode 2 MCU Easter Egg & Reference

Loki season 2, episode 2 features a good number of fun Easter eggs and references to the original comics, history, as well as Loki's own MCU past.

Loki Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Sylvie and He Who Remains 1
Loki (2021)
Loki Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Loki season 2, episode 2 ends with a reunion and a huge question about Sylvie that could have major ramifications for the future of the show.

Phase 4 and 5 MCU TV Problem Image 1
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Major MCU Phase 4 & 5 Problem Makes Way More Sense After Behind The Scenes Marvel Bombshell

A major Phase 4 & 5 problem with MCU TV makes so much more sense with behind-the-scenes details confirming how the shows were being produced.

Starlight Beacon High Republic Young Jedi Adventures Image 1
Young Jedi Adventures (2023)
Star Wars' Hit Kids Show Is About To Crossover With One Of The Darkest Canon Events

Star Wars' hit kids show is crossing over with major characters from the High Republic, confirming its setting with one of the darkest events.

Future Ahsoka LEGO Sets Star Wars Image 1
Ahsoka (2023)
10 Ahsoka Sets LEGO Star Wars Needs To Make

Star Wars needs more LEGO models following the conclusion of the new Ahsoka series, giving iconic ships and characters the brick-built treatment.

avengers-endgame-time-travel-rules-changes-loki 1
Avengers: Endgame (2019)
4 Ways The MCU Has Ruined Endgame's Time Travel Rules 4 Years Later

The MCU rules of time travel as established by Avengers: Endgame have very much changed in some very striking (and also exciting) ways.

Amber Heard's Mera in Aquaman 2 Image 1
What’s Going On With Amber Heard In Aquaman 2?

Amber Heard is only minimally featured in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom's first trailer, so what's going on with Mera in the upcoming DC sequel?

Star Wars Skeleton Crew New Galaxy Theory Image 1
Star Wars
Star Wars Theory Introduces A Third New Galaxy & Sets Up Intergalactic Adventures

Star Wars sets up the introduction of another galaxy after Ahsoka with Skeleton Crew potentially offering more intergalactic adventures.

Major Star Wars Planets Future Image 1
These 16 Planets Are The Key To Star Wars' Future

Ahsoka has identified 16 planets holding key significance in the Star Wars galaxy with importance to the ancient past and the near future.

Loki Season 2 Power Avengers Thanos Image 1
Loki (2021)
Loki Can Finally Give The Avengers A Game-Changing Tool They Weren't Allowed To Use Against Thanos

Loki can now provide Earth's Mightiest Heroes with a crucial tool they were unable to use against Thanos during the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Jacen Syndulla Star Wars Future Luke Jedi Image-1 1
Ahsoka (2023)
Ahsoka Reveals How Jacen Syndulla Can Survive Luke's Jedi Order

Ahsoka has created the perfect way for young Jacen Sydulla to survive the dark fate awaiting Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order as seen in the sequel trilogy

Secret Invasion Collage Image With Skrulls 1
Secret Invasion (2023)
Every Character Confirmed To Be A Skrull In The MCU's Secret Invasion

Marvel's Secret Invasion is here, a paranoia-filled MCU series where Skrulls have infiltrated Earth and longstanding characters aren't who they seem.

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