Warning! Spoilers ahead for Loki season 2, episode 2.


  • The Loki TV series debunks the popular theory that Loki intentionally attacked New York to assemble the original Avengers, revealing that his real motivation was personal frustrations with his father and brother.
  • This revelation means that there is no intricate reason behind the Battle of New York; Loki was simply angry and allowed himself to be used by Thanos to cause havoc on Earth.
  • The self-awareness displayed by Loki in the series shows his character growth and decreases the likelihood of him impulsively lashing out in the future.

The Loki series effectively squashes the best original Avengers theory in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief continues his adventures in the Multiverse Saga after his first encounter with He Who Remains. Despite the Disney+ series featuring a different version of the Sacred Timeline's iteration of the character, their shared history allows Marvel Studios to offer new perspectives on his initial years in the MCU. That includes what happened during the Battle of New York in 2012's The Avengers.

MCU's Multiverse Saga doesn't have any narrative ties to the events of the Battle of New York. Thanos has already been defeated in Avengers: Endgame and the franchise currently faces a new and bigger threat in Kang the Conqueror. That being said, as a major player in The Avengers, Loki has the tendency to recall his attack on New York, effectively making the incident relevant again. In Loki season 2, episode 2, the God of Mischief candidly reveals the real motivations for his The Avengers villainy, which effectively debunks the best theory about the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Loki's Secret Avengers Plot Explained

Loki and the Avengers

Stemming from the variant's adventures through several timelines and realities, there is a theory claiming that Loki's attack on New York was deliberate to assemble the original Avengers. As a wildcard character throughout most part of his stint in the MCU, it isn't difficult to buy into this idea, especially since it would also clean up several inconsistencies about the character. That includes how idiotic and near-sighted his plan was. As the God of Mischief, Loki is a known master strategist, so haphazardly launching an attack on Earth definitely felt out of character for him.

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How Loki Kills The Old Avengers Theory

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the MCU

Unfortunately, as intriguing as this theory is, the Loki TV series officially squashes it when the God of Mischief himself explains the real reason why he teamed up with Thanos and descended upon Earth to invade it. After Mobius loses it on Hunter X-5, the God of Mischief attempts to calm him down by validating his outburst. Loki recalls his personal experience of lashing out, causing him to attack Earth. He cites his immense frustrations with his father and brother as his motivation.

This means that there is no intricate reason behind what happened in the Battle of New York. Loki wasn't sent by the TVA to secretly bring the original Earth's Mightiest Heroes together. He also didn't have any lofty goals beyond wreaking as much havoc on Earth. Instead, the God of Mischief was just simply pissed. He let his intense emotions get the best of him, allowing Thanos to use him as a tool to collect the Infinity Stones. His self-awareness in the Loki series shows how much he has grown as a character, and decreases the chances of him lashing out on a whim again.

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