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Tristan Benns is a freelance writer and lifelong geek. He's worked as a tutor, an editor, and even a salesman in a comic book store. If he isn't asking you about your feelings on the Oxford comma, he's probably asking you to name your favorite Green Lantern.

Industry Focus

Tristan has written comics coverage for Screen Rant for years with specific interest in topics like the X-Men, Superman, the Power Rangers, and more - and is usually pushing his pro-Cyclops agenda.

Favorite Media

Tristan's favorite comics include such titles as Kingdom Come, DC's The New Frontier, Grant Morrison's JLA, and practically any X-Men comic, including the controversial Chuck Austen run.

Avengers 6 team 1
New Avengers Base Is Even Wilder Than Their Celestial Corpse Headquarters

The Avengers have had some incredible bases over the years, but now Earth's Mightiest Heroes have put down roots somewhere as mighty as they are.

Feature Image: Marvel Comics Wolverine (left); Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 (center); comic book Wolverine in classic yellow (right) 1
Marvel Admits the 1 Big Flaw with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Portrayal

Despite the popularity of Wolverine's silver screen counterpart, there's one area in which Hugh Jackman's portrayal doesn't measure up.

Powerful X-Men Storm Jean Bobby Kate Genesis 1
X-Men Settles a Huge Fan Debate About the Strongest Omega Mutant

There are more than a few Omega-level mutants among the X-Men, but one knows better than most that power means nothing without creativity to use it.

Juggernaut Running In Front of X-Men 1
Marvel Confirms Juggernaut's Powers Will Never Be Able to Beat 1 Person

The Unstoppable Juggernaut is one of Marvel Comics's most popular powerhouses, but one foe proves Cain Marko isn't so unstoppable after all.

Superman and the Flash crouched and ready to race in the comics 1
Superman's Maximum Possible Speed Makes the Flash Look Slow

The Flash may be known as the Fastest Man alive, but as the Last Son of Krypton, Superman is more than a man - and his top speed proves it.

MCU heroes on the left; Wolverine center; Professor X and Magneto film versions right, feature image 1
X-Men Just Got the Perfect Link to the MCU's Phase One (Using Iron Man 2's New Element)

The X-Men have always been a vital part of the Marvel Comics universe, and an elemental revelation could pave the way for their MCU debut.

Flash Family Versions One Minute War Art 1
DC Settles the Fastest Flash with an Insulting Burn on [SPOILER]

The mantle of the Flash is worn by the Fastest Man Alive, but the other heroes of the DC Universe know who the fastest Scarlet Speedster really is.

Green Lantern Corps 1
DC's 3 Most Important Green Lanterns Now Have Totally Different Powers

The Green Lanterns all share certain core abilities, but now three members of the Corps have new powers that help them shine brighter than ever.

Superman and Superboy DC 1
Superboy Has 1 Insanely Specific Ability That Superman Doesn't

Conner Kent has spent his life in the shadow of Superman, but a new ability goes a long way towards reminding fans that he is not the Man of Steel.

Kamala Khan Ms Marvel New Mutant Iman Vellani 1
Iman Vellani Just Introduced a New Silver Surfer to Marvel Canon - & He Has a Genius Codename

Kamala Khan has been having some pretty strange dreams lately, and their recurring star is a Ms. Marvel creation in more ways than one.

Captain Marvel's Energy Powers in the MCU 1
"I Can't Blast You, Can't Punch You, Can't Throw Things at You": Captain Marvel Names the 1 Villain Her Powers Can't Defeat

Captain Marvel is the leader of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but the current Avengers chair has met a situation she can't simply blast her way out of.

Split Image: Superman flying down a street; Rogues Gallery of DC villains including Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Catwoman, Two-Face, Black Adam, and the Riddler 1
1 Powerful Justice League Enemy Controls a Surprising Corner of the DCU

The Justice League have faced some of DC's greatest threats, but a dangerously covert connection will soon have their backs to the Wall.

The Flash Mora Variant DC 1
Flash Just Lost Access to His Most Overpowered Ability (& That's a Good Thing)

Wally West is the Fastest Man Alive, but a new glitch with his powers means that the Scarlet Speedster needs to think faster than he can run.

Power Girl Reveals New Name Now She's Officially Part of the Superman Family

Power Girl has often been the black sheep of the Superman Family, but her new identity proves she's finally taken her place in the House of El.

Deadpool and Wolverine in the MCU's Deadpool 3 1
Sorry, Wolverine - Marvel Just Brought Back X-Men's REAL Ultimate Healing Factor

Ancient mutant warrior the White Sword has a healing factor that far exceeds Wolverine's famous abilities. Now, he has returned, and not as an ally.

Captain Krakoa with Broken Captain America Shield 1
After Destroying Captain America, Marvel's New Best Fighter Debuts His Own Wolverine Claws

It wasn't enough for him to act as a dark mirror for Captain America - now the mysterious new Captain Krakoa is coming for Logan's schtick too.

captain america fall of x 1
Captain America Debuts New Metal Arm - How He Was Injured, & Can He Still Use His Shield?

Captain America was always one of the world's greatest heroes, but Steve's new metal arm makes him more dangerous than ever despite his injuries.

kang the conqueror doctor doom and scarlet witch as mcu villains 1
Kang the Conqueror Admits His 1 Weakness, & It Will Reshape the MCU's Future

Kang the Conqueror is prepared for just about anything, but the chrono-warlord has a surprising vulnerability against a pretty major force.

Doctor Doom With The MCU's Zemo, Mysterio, and Vulture 1
Doctor Doom Names the 1 Villain He Actually Respects (& MCU Fans Need to Hear It)

Doctor Doom is considered Marvel Comics' greatest villain by many, but even the scion of Latvia recognizes the threat posed by this MCU enemy.

Marvels Voices X-Men Main Cover Featured Image 1
X-Men's Most Powerful Living Mutant Unleashes Their Powers in a Totally New Way

As the Fall of X continues, Marvel's mutants are forced to use their powers in new, often deadly ways. Astonishing Iceman #2 provides a fresh example.

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