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Eric Huels is a writer, composer, audio professional, and game developer. When not writing for Screen Rant or playing games, he's reading sci-fi novels, watching as many movies and television series as possible, or baking bread. He graduated from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, studying Creative Writing and Music Composition.

Industry Focus

Eric contributes to Screen Rant as a Gaming Features Writer. His articles cover topics such as lore and gameplay analysis, industry news, and gaming history. He specializes in RPG, FPS, and action games within franchises such as Star Wars, Silent Hill, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Starfield, and Soulsborne titles, especially Elden Ring.

Favorite Media

Eric has a deep love for single-player games with a narrative focus. He regards interactive storytelling as one of the most impactful forms of media and strives to uplift and sing the praises of what the industry offers in this respect. His top 3 most anticipated games are Alan Wake 2, The Next Mass Effect, and Avowed.

Starfield character with a space battle in the background. 1
10 Must-Play Starfield Quests You Don’t Want To Miss

Starfield boasts so much content that some things are bound to fly under your radar. However, these are quests you should make a point of playing.

Barrett in a spacesuit. 1
10 Important Starfield Locations Every Player Should Know

There are so many places to explore in Starfield that the most important ones can be hard to keep track of. These are the best ones to keep in mind.

Emma Wilcox and Imogene Salzo from Starfield. 1
Every Starfield Faction Questline, Ranked Worst To Best

Faction quests have historically been the coolest parts of Bethesda's RPGs, and Starfield delivers the best yet. But some are better than others.

Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, James from Silent Hill 2, and Marianne from The Medium. 1
10 Best Games To Play While You Wait For Silent Hill 2 Remake

It has been quiet since Silent Hill 2 Remake's announcement, so fans could be in for a long wait. Thankfully, there's a lot to play in the meantime.

Queen Marika and Melina in Elden Ring.  1
10 Elden Ring Mysteries Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC Can Solve

Elden Ring's many mysteries are what makes the story so engaging, but some questions deserve answers, and the DLC may be the best way to get them.

Fallout's Vault Boy, a drawing of a blond-haired youth in a blue and yellow jumpsuit, giving a thumbs up in front of a background showing a Temple in Starfield. The Temple is a decaying alien structure built on an icy world. Its gravitational anomalies are causing large spires of ice to float around the building. 1
One Starfield Skill Is The Closest You Can Get To Fallout's VATS

Starfield shares many similarities with Bethesda's past games, especially the Fallout series, and one ability is close to the iconic VATS mechanic.

The Adoring Fan pictured in front of Neon and New Atlantis. 1
Every Major City & Town In Starfield, Ranked By Vibes

Starfield features nine major settlements, each with a unique culture and community. However, some cities are more fun to visit than others.

The Hunter pictured in Neon's Core district. 1
The Hunter Is One Starfield Character You Don't Want To Ignore

The Hunter is a mysterious character decked out in eye-catching armor and spouting philosophy. The mystery only deepens as the story progresses.

Starfield soldier with space in the background. 1
10 Secret Features Starfield Doesn't Tell You About

Some elements of Starfield can feel like a hassle, such as inventory management, but a host of secret features could save players valuable time.

Andreja making a disgusted face with a barren planet in the background. 1
Starfield’s Most Impressive Feature Is Also Its Most Boring

Starfield has a stunning gameplay depth with many features that players can sink countless hours into. However, one of the best is also pretty dull.

Vae Victis and Hadrian Sanon in Starfield.  1
Starfield: Should You Support Vae Victis In A Legacy Forged Questline?

A Legacy Forged features an incredibly nuanced decision that leads to different rewards for the player, which include a hidden questline.

Fallout's Power Armor pictured next to Starfield's Frontier Spaceship 1
10 Biggest Differences Between Starfield And Fallout

Starfield can trace many of its foundational mechanics back to Bethesda's Fallout games, but there's plenty that differentiates them from each other.

Starfield's Adoring Fan pictured next to a miner with a bucket on their head. 1
Can You Romance The Adoring Fan In Starfield?

With the prevalence of romance options in Bethesda's recent games, it stands to reason that the Adoring Fan could also have a romance questline.

The Tarnished pictured next to Malenia and Ranni. 1
Elden Ring 2 Already Has A Major Story Problem

With Elden Ring 2 on the horizon, FromSoftware will have the difficult task of handling complex story decisions, unlike in their previous games.

Starfield player character pictured next to Vasco, looking out into space. 1
Can You Keep Playing Starfield After Beating The Main Story?

The ability to keep playing after the credits is a feature that's best known ahead of time, and Bethesda has delivered much-needed clarification.

Miles Morales and Peter Parker 1
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Must Avoid An Overused Superhero Trope

Spider-Man has been associated with many tropes, which isn't necessarily bad. However, the games would do well to stay away from one overused trope.

Starfield character standing on a desolate planet. 1
7 Most Exciting New Starfield Details From Bethesda Developer Q&A

Two lead developers from Bethesda participated in a Q&A session with fans about Starfield, where they revealed exciting new details about the game.

Astronaut from Starfield with stars and planets behind them.  1
When Starfield Early Access Starts In Your Region

The wait for the highly anticipated new RPG is nearly over. Eager fans can set their clocks for the exact start time of Starfield's early access.

Nepheli Loux and Iron Fist Alexander 1
Elden Ring DLC Can Solve One Of The Biggest Caelid Mysteries

Elden Ring contains many mysteries that are begging to be solved, and there is a massive one in Caelid that needs to be addressed in the upcoming DLC.

General Radahn wielding his dual greatswords. 1
Elden Ring DLC Could Show The Consequences Of Radahn’s Boss Fight

Radahn is one of Elden Ring's most powerful characters, helping protect the world from cosmic threats. The DLC could show the effects of his defeat.

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