• Marvel's Spider-Man 2's open world is evolving to provide a more focused experience, with a story element tied to everything players discover.
  • Insomniac Games has a track record of telling well-paced stories with multiple characters, so fans shouldn't be concerned about the game's depth.

Insomniac Games has revealed the time it should take to complete Marvel's Spider-Man 2. The highly anticipated sequel seems to have much more for players to enjoy, from a New York map that's almost doubled in size with the inclusion of Queens and Brooklyn to the ability to play as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, swapping between them instantly across the open world and optimizing a variety of gadgets and special abilities across both heroes.

Despite their open-world nature offering plenty of side quests and collectibles to acquire, both 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man and its 2020 follow-up Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales told cinematic yet concise stories. Marvel's Spider-Man followed a version of Peter Parker in his early 20s, who had recently graduated from college, with the more experienced superhero trying to balance his heroics with his job at Octavius Industries and mending his relationship with Mary-Jane Watson. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales contrasted this with a shorter coming-of-age story as Miles creates his own identity as a superhero within the first year on the job.

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Spider-Man 2 Will Be Roughly The Same Length As Its Predecessor

Peter and Miles swinging through New York in Spider-Man 2.

Although everything revealed so far about Marvel's Spider-Man 2 indicates that it is a much bigger title, Insomniac Games' Senior Game Director, Ryan Smith indicated that it would be about the same length as Marvel's Spider-Man​​​​​​. In an interview with VG247, Smith stated that “Spider-Man 2 is in the same ball-park as the first game in terms of overall playtime,” and that the studio doesn't want it to be "an 80-100 hour game," instead preferring to make every mission memorable rather than just going "super broad" with its scope.

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Smith addressed the larger open world and how it is evolving to suit this more focused scope, saying, “[Insomniac] wants to make sure that there's a story element to everything that [players] discover in the world” after the positive response people have had to this kind of world-building in the previous titles. This should be good news for completionists and those who actively sought out Peter's backpacks or Miles and Phin's time capsules in previous entries to provide more backstory about Insomniac's take on the Marvel universe, and the characters who inhabit it.

How Long Did Marvel's Spider-Man Take To Beat?

Promo gameplay still of Spider-Man swinging through New York in the game.

For comparison, Marvel's Spider-Man's core story takes approximately 17 hours to beat. The addition of the City That Never Sleeps DLC — which was included as part of the game on its PS5 and PC rerelease — adds an extra 6 hours of story. Those looking to fully complete everything and get the Platinum trophy must play approximately 36 hours to complete the game.

On the surface, this seems like a short amount of time to tell the many interwoven stories Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will have. The game is confirmed to focus on Peter and Miles' personal struggles, Kraven's "Great Hunt", the return of The Lizard, and Miles' "emotionally charged" reunion with Martin Li. In addition, the game will include a new Venom Saga with Harry Osborn and Peter both becoming involved with the Symbiote. However, Insomniac has proven before that it can tell an extremely well-paced story with several characters to juggle, as Marvel's Spider-Man introduced its version of The Sinister Six for Peter to face, so fans shouldn't be too worried.

Source: VG247