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10 Best Action Movies Of All Time, Ranked

With massive hits like Inception, Terminator 2, and The Matrix, the most influential action movies of all time are absolutely mindblowing.

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10 Greatest Action Movie Stars Of All Time, Ranked

The action genre has been lucky to see so many incredible actors over the decades, but of all of them, who are the absolute best action stars?

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10 Action Movies From The 2000s That Deserve A Modern Remake

From Catwoman's awful solo debut to some great games that became terrible movies, 2000s action movie remakes could salvage a lot of wasted potential.

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10 Blatant Action Movie Ripoffs That Are Actually Better Than The Original

Most movie ripoffs are poor imitations. However, every so often, an action movie ripoff can go above and beyond what the original achieved.

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10 Movie Franchises That Don’t Give A F**k About Continuity

There are quite a few movie franchise's that pay little attention to continuity - we rundown the top 10 movie series that don't care about it.

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10 Iconic Franchises With More Bad Movies Than Good

From Halloween to Transformers, Jurassic Park/World to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, many franchises are more bad than good when it comes to sequels.

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10 Action Movies Where The Hero Isn't Who Kills The Villain

Action movie villains often wind up dead, and while this is typically due to them being killed by the hero, these 10 movies flip the script.

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8 Action Movies Where The Hero Is Actually A Villain

Although action movies often have morally black and white characters, these eight action films have heroes who are secretly the villain.

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10 Iconic Action Movies You Didn't Realize Were Remakes

Many action films have influenced the genre, but plenty of these iconic action movies are actually remakes.

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Snag Clip Sees Jaime Camil Engage In A Discussion Of Honor [EXCLUSIVE]

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents a clip from Snag, an upcoming action film about a man taking on a criminal organization to save the love of his life.

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10 Action Movies Where The Hero Fails

Most of the time in action movies the hero defeats the bad guys and saves the day, but in these films, that trope is shattered and the hero fails.

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9 Great Action Movies That Benefited From Ridiculously Simple Plots

While some action movies do have incredibly complex plots and deep lore, simple storylines are what make these nine action movies so great.

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20 Best Dad Movies Of All Time

From action greats featuring Sly and Arnie to Harrison Ford-led 1990s thrillers, classic Westerns, and war films, here are the best Dad Movies ever.

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The 10 Best Action Games for Xbox One (Updated 2023)

Which games should you get for Xbox? The exciting ones! Check out the best action games for Xbox One for gaming that will really keep you entertained.

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8 Action Movie Villains Who Were Actually Justified

Movie villains are often known for being evil, but these eight action movie villains are actually completely justified in their motives.

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9 Action Movie Characters You Dislike More Than The Real Villain

Action movies are full of iconic and detestable movie villains, but a few action movies feature secondary characters that you dislike even more.

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10 Action Movie Heroes With Ridiculously High Kill Counts

These action movie heroes don't just kill a few bad guys, they wage full-scale wars against armies, resulting in some ridiculously high kill counts.

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The 10 Best Action Games for PS5 (Updated 2023)

Are you ready for something more exciting? Get the best action games for PS5 and get into it.

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10 Best Action Movies With A Downer Ending, According To Reddit

From the death of 007 in No Time to Die to the harrowing final twist in Oldboy, Redditors enjoyed these subversively downer endings of action movies.

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10 Action Movie Threequels Better Than The Original

The third movie is usually the worst, but some action movie threequels are even better than the first one, like Logan, Goldfinger, and Thor: Ragnarok.

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