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PlayStation 5

Original Release Date
November 19, 2020
Original MSRP (USD)
$399.99 (Digital Only), $499.99 (Disc Drive)
Digital Edition now weighs 3.4 kg & base version weighs 3.9 kg


Genshin Impact Fontaine 4-0 Interview 1
Genshin Impact Fontaine Interview: 4.0, NYC Art Exhibition, New Characters, & More

Screen Rant chats about Genshin Impact's 4.0 release, covering the nation of Fontaine, new characters, and player feedback!

Peter and Miles in the foreground as Miles unleashes a massive bioelectric blast in the distance. 1
Insomniac Reveals How Long To Beat Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (Compared To The First Game)

Spider-Man 2 seems to have much more content, from a map that's almost doubled in size, to multiple protagonists, but is it a longer game to beat?

NBA 2K24 MAMBA MOMENTS Drive v Spurs  1
"Not Quite A Slam Dunk" - NBA 2K24 Review

NBA 2K24 has many amazing things going for it and is an immersive and addictive experience, but an overabundance of microtransactions is distracting.

Eternights Review Main 1
"A Fine First Date, But Might Not Be Marriage Material": Eternights Review

Persona-inspired action-adventure Eternights wows with its confident concept, but some rote combat and romance mechanics bring it back down to earth.

Under The Waves Artwork 1
"A Truly Immersive Narrative-Driven Game": Under The Waves Review

Under The Waves is a powerful story with wonderful atmosphere, but a lack of polish holds it back from achieving its true potential.

Ride 5 red motorcycle coming at the camera in the rain 1
Ride 5 Review: "A Stunningly Realistic Approach"

Ride 5 offers an immersive and realistic motorcycle racing experience that, though difficult, provides racers with impressive attention to detail.

Honkai Star Rail PS5 Handson 1
Honkai Star Rail PS5 Hands-on: "Like It Was Made For Consoles"

Honkai Star Rail plays like it was made for consoles on PS5, with intuitive button-mapping and smooth loading that makes the experience pleasant.

Immortals of Aveum Art 1
"Absolutely Fantastic Minute-to-Minute Combat": Immortals of Aveum Review

Immortals of Aveum has wonderfully moreish first person shooter gameplay, but is hampered by a poor plot and form over function aesthetic choices.

Gameplay image from Atlas Fallen shows main character dashing through sand as it trails behind him in a large abandoned temple filled with white and red lighting. 1
"An Excellent Showcase Of Modern Gaming": Atlas Fallen Review

The current-gen-only open-world adventure game Atlas Fallen does more with sand than building cool sand castles; it's used to kill evil gods.

New Game Pass Tiers Show Everything Wrong With PS Plus Changes - Promotional image for Game Pass showing multiple games - Tell Me Why, Dragon Quest 11, Halo 6,  & Doom Eternal 1
New Game Pass Tiers Show Everything Wrong With PS Plus Changes

Xbox Live Gold’s end brings the Game Pass Core and Console options. These let consumers decide what they want to pay for. PS Plus should do the same.

A PS5 Digital Edition and Standard Edition in between two DualSense controllers, all in front of a blue and purple celestial background. 1
Do We Even Want The New PS5 Model?

In a head-scratching decision, rumors suggest that Sony plans on releasing an updated model of the PlayStation 5 sometime during late 2023.

A PlayStation 5 and PS5 controller set against a purple and blue background. 1
How Much The PS5 Slim Costs Compared To PS5 & PS5 Digital Edition

The upcoming release of the PS5 Slim has apparently leaked - but exactly how much will the console cost compared to other models of the PS5?

PlayStation Plus Games July 2023 Endling Call of Duty Alan Wake 1
Every PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium Game Available July 2023

Some serious battles and emotionally charged narratives are being added as the downloadable monthly PlayStation Plus titles for July 2023.

Xbox Knows When PlayStation 6 Will Release (& It's Not As Soon As You Think) 1
Xbox Knows When PlayStation 6 Will Release (& It's Not As Soon As You Think)

Microsoft may have revealed, in court documents, a possible release window of the PlayStation 6 and next Xbox. If they are right, it's no time soon.

Artwork for the video game F1 23, with Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and Lando Norris. 1
F1 23 Review: A Varied And Velocious Racing Game

F1 23 improves upon the previous year's entry with a fantastic variety of different game modes to keep players satisfied.

Final Fantasy 16's Clive is imbued with the power of Ifrit, making flames emerge from his body as he holds his sword in a fiery arena. 1
A "Modern Masterpiece": Final Fantasy 16 Review

Final Fantasy 16 is a fully realized masterwork of its genre, an effortlessly stylish and vibrant world coupled with determined innovation.

Homebody Game Art 1
"A Perfect Blend Of Retro & Modern Gaming": Homebody Review

Game Grumps finds the perfect blend of retro and modern gaming with Homebody, a survival horror puzzle game with a powerful story to tell.

Key art for Company of Heroes 3, showing a group of Allied and Axis soldiers alongside Italian resistance fighters, highlighting the game's two single player campaigns. 1
“World War 2 On Both A Minute & Grand Scale” - Company Of Heroes 3 Console Edition Review

Relic Entertainment makes an admirable effort at bringing Company of Heroes 3 to console, but the platform’s shortcomings are apparent for RTS games.

A vertically split image showing the three games coming to PlayStation Plus Essential in June 2023. From left to right: a T-Rex in Jurassic World Evolution 2, the main samurai character in Trek to Yomi, and Devin Booker on the cover of NBA 2K23. 1
Every PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium Game Available June 2023

Each of the games being offered for PlayStation Plus Essential members in June 2023 are vastly different from each other, offering a lot of variety.

Screenshot of Street Fighter 6 showing Cammy's pose after landing a ultimate attack on Maron with smoke and sparks coming from Cammy's landing. 1
Street Fighter 6 Review: A Return To One Of The Best

Capcom has learned from past mistakes to make Street Fighter 6 an accessible and definitive 2D fighter experience that's welcoming for all players.

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