Godzilla: Minus One (2023)

Godzilla: Minus One is the first Godzilla film since the release of Shin Godzilla in 2016 in the U.S. domestic market. The film brings things back to the start as the King of Monsters returns in destructive fashion.

Godzilla Minus One Movie Poster
Godzilla: Minus One
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Takashi Yamazaki
Release Date
December 1, 2023
Takashi Yamazaki
Shin Godzilla


Godzilla about to open his mouth in Godzilla Minus One 1
New Godzilla Movie Image Shows The Kaiju Using His Big Feet To Level A City

A devastating new image from Toho's Godzilla Minus One shows the classic kaiju monster using his massive feet to plow through a city landscape.

Godzilla Preparing Atomic Breath in Godzilla Minus One Cropped 1
New Godzilla Movie Image Shows The Kaiju Readying His Atomic Breath

A new promotional image for the upcoming Godzilla Minus One showcases the titular kaiju preparing to devastate a cityscape with atomic breath.

Godzilla picking up a train with his mouth in Godzilla Minus One 1
New Godzilla Minus One Images Reveal Closer Look At Godzilla's Destructive Rampage

New images from Godzilla Minus One reveal an up-close look at Godzilla's destructive rampage in postwar Japan before the film is released.

Godzilla roars in Tokyo in Godzilla Minus One. 1
Godzilla Minus One: Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know About The Toho Godzilla Movie

Godzilla Minus One is the new Toho Godzilla movie hitting in 2023 and here is everything known about the movie, from the story and trailer to the cast

Godzilla Minus One Poster Cropped 1
Godzilla Minus One Trailer: Gojira Wreaks Havoc In Post-War Japan (Raising Franchise Timeline Questions)

Toho unveils the trailer for the new Japanese-language Godzilla movie Godzilla Minus One, showcasing an epic amount of destruction and mayhem.

Godzilla about to open his mouth in Godzilla Minus One 1
Godzilla's Redesign For New Movie Revealed In Full

New promotional images from Godzilla Minus show off a closer look at Godzilla's updated design, including massive new spines across his back.

Toho's-New-Godzilla-Movie-Is-Already-Copying-What-Made-His-MonsterVerse-Reboot-Great 1
Toho's New Godzilla Movie Is Already Copying What Made His MonsterVerse Reboot Great

Although Toho has only briefly teased Godzilla Minus One, it looks like the new movie is already copying one of the best parts of the MonsterVerse.

Toho-Has-A-New-Godzilla---How-He-Compares-To-Previous-Versions 1
Toho Has A New Godzilla - How He Compares To Previous Versions

The Godzilla Minus One trailer reveals Toho's new take on the monster icon. Here's how his design compares to other versions.