It (2017)

It Chapter One is a supernatural horror film based on the book by Stephen King where several children, including the younger brother of one of the film's protagonists, have gone missing. A group of kids called "The Loser's Club" decide to investigate the cause and hopefully save the others. However, they realize they may be in over their head when they discover their foe is an evil clown known as Pennywise, a being that preys on fear and has been the rumored cause of murders in the town of Derry for centuries. 


Andres Muschietti
Release Date
September 8, 2017
Warner Bros. Pictures , Sony
Warner Bros. Pictures , Lionsgate , 20th Century , Sony
Bill Skarsgard , Jack Dylan Grazer , Wyatt Oleff , Nicholas Hamilton , Jaeden Lieberher , Sophia Lillis , Finn Wolfhard , Chosen Jacobs , Jeremy Ray Taylor
Chase Palmer , Gary Dauberman , Cary Fukunaga


When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, a group of young kids are faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries. Based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King.


Young and adult Bill Denbrough with Pennywise the Clown in IT 1
An It Prequel Can Finally Explain A Major Pennywise Victim Mystery

There are many mysteries surrounding IT's Pennywise, among them why children are its preferred victims – but this can be solved in a prequel.

Composite image of Pennywise in front of the Losers Club from IT 1
IT Cut Pennywise's Most Disturbing Scene - And Saved The 2017 Reboot From Disaster

The original script for IT's 2017 reboot featured a deeply disturbing scene that the makers were correct to cut as it could have ruined the film.

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise Holding a Bloody Man By the Riverside in It Chapter Two 1
Pennywise-Robot Hybrid AI Art Makes Stephen King's Killer Clown Even More Terrifying?

New AI art imagines the evil shapeshifting entity known as Pennywise, from Stephen King's novel It and its two live-action adaptations, as a robot.

Pennywise from the IT movies 1
Pennywise's Kill Count Is SO Much Higher Than The IT Movies Revealed

IT's main villain, Pennywise, becomes even more terrifying when taking into account their full kill count, and the number is higher than expected.

The Shining, Misery and Carrie 1
Every Stephen King Movie Ranked, From Worst To Best

Stephen King is one of the most adapted authors of all time, and the bestselling horror writer has over 50 movies released to his name.

IT Chapter Two Pennywise's Spider Form 1
Welcome to Derry
IT Prequel Show Reveals A Deep Cut Stephen King Connection In Set Photo

A set photo from the IT prequel series Welcome to Derry reveals a new character with a deep cut connection to a Stephen King original from the movies.

Pennywise holding a balloon in It 1
Pennywise The Clown Becomes A Cat In Deeply Upsetting Stephen King AI Art

It's Pennywise the Clown inexplicably crosses over with a cat in some deeply disturbing AI art reimagining Stephen King's famous antagonist.

Deleted Movie Scenes Good 1
10 Deleted Scenes We're Glad Were Cut From The Movie

Every movie has a few scenes that didn't make the film's final cut, whether for better or worse. Here are a few scenes that, luckily, were deleted.

IT real meaning controversial sewer scene book 1
Stephen King's IT: What The Controversial Sewer Scene Really Means

Stephen King's IT includes a scene in the sewers that has been quite controversial, but it has an important meaning for the book overall.

It chapter 2 Mike pennywise 1
IT: Chapter 2 Made The Book's Dumbest Part Even Worse

IT Chapter Two brought to life one of the novel's most criticized moments during the Losers' final battle against IT, and it made it even worse.

Pennywise human form IT chapter 2 1
Welcome to Derry
Pennywise Prequel Show Risks Losing The Best Part Of The It Movies

Welcome to Derry is expected to tell the origin story of IT's Pennywise, but it's already risking losing what made the movies so great.

Pennywise and Henry Bowers with a knife in IT Chapter 1 1
6 IT Characters Just As Scary As Pennywise

Pennywise was a terrifying villain in IT, but some other characters were just as scary as the shapeshifting monster who haunts the town of Derry.

Doctor Sleep Pennywise 1
Scrapped Doctor Sleep Spinoff Included IT's Pennywise, Details Creator

Creator Mike Flanagan details how his scrapped Doctor Sleep spinoff would have featured IT's Pennywise and act as a proper prequel to The Shining.

Pennywise-from-IT-talking-to-victim 1
6 Reasons Welcome To Derry Is More Exciting Than It Chapter 3

Welcome to Derry will revisit the home of Pennywise in an IT prequel series, and there are several reasons why it's better than getting IT Chapter 3.

Pennywise lawn mower man zelda pet sematary 1
Every Stephen King Movie Franchise, Ranked Worst To Best

Stephen King movie franchises are surprisingly rare, though many of them show why the author personally dislikes sequels based on his work.

pennywise IT Randall flagg bill skarsgard alexander skarsgard 1
Stephen King's Randall Flag & Pennywise Are The Same Entity Theory Explained

Could two of the biggest villains in the Stephen King universe be the same entity? A theory suggests so about Pennywise and Randall Flagg.

It miniseries tim curry pennywise georgie 1
Stephen King's IT Miniseries Almost Made Georgie's Death More Horrifying

There weren't many deleted scene from 1990's adaptation of Stephen King's IT, but one cut sequence made young Georgie's demise even more haunting.

IT Pennywise  1
8 Ways Pennywise Can Return In It Chapter 3 (Despite His Death)

Even though Pennywise died at the end of It Chapter 2, there are plenty of ways that Stephen King's killer clown can return in It Chapter 3.

Pennywise the Monster Clown's Origin In IT Explained

Pennywise the monster clown is the reason Stephen King's IT terrifies readers and audiences. Here are the origins of the clown from IT explained.

It chapter 2 richie Pennywise pancake head death 1
Pennywise’s On-Set Death Nickname Makes The IT Movie’s Ending Hilarious

During a documentary for It Chapter Two, the filmmakers go into detail about the hilarious nickname given Pennywise at the end of the film.

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