• The relationship between Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker is a key focus in the Star Wars series, with their tragically untimely goodbye shaping Ahsoka's relationships with others.
  • The importance of Anakin and Ahsoka's relationship is emphasized by the actors who portrayed them, highlighting their fantastic moments together and their complimentary ways of reflecting one another.
  • Ahsoka has become a vital part of Anakin Skywalker's legacy, as she is portrayed as an important character whose journey parallels Anakin's, reinforcing that Anakin would not be the same beloved character without her.

Three of Ahsoka's main stars - Rosario Dawson, Ariana Greenblatt, and Hayden Christensen - have discussed the key Star Wars relationship between Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker. Much of Ahsoka's eight-episode story centered on Ahsoka's relationship with Anakin, specifically how the duo's tragically untimely goodbye shaped Ahsoka's relationship with Sabine Wren, her own Padawan. By the time Ahsoka's climactic ending came around, Anakin's character ended up being mightily important to the journey of the show's titular character and will likely continue to be so in upcoming Star Wars movies.

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This dynamic has been highlighted in a post on Star Wars' social media. In an interview conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strikes of 2023, the two actresses responsible for bringing Ahsoka to life - Ariana Greenblatt and Rosario Dawson - highlighted the importance of Anakin and Ahsoka's relationship alongside the former's actor, Hayden Christensen. Greenblatt can be heard stating that Anakin and Ahsoka have "so many fantastic moments together" while Dawson echoes this: "Their way of going about things is... quite complimentary of each other." Christensen then adds that Ahsoka is "an important character to Star Wars... her character arc can, sort of, parallel Anakins."

Ahsoka Tano Has Become A Major Part Of Anakin Skywalker's Legacy

Ahsoka the White from Ahsoka episode 5 between the posters for Padawan Ahsoka and Clone Wars Anakin

The events of Ahsoka and the exploration of the Anakin-Ahsoka relationship by Dawson, Greenblatt, and Christensen all highlight just how important Ahsoka has become as a part of Anakin's legacy. Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels have always been familiar with Ahsoka's importance to Anakin's journey. However, it remains the sad truth that Dave Filoni's animated shows do not retain the same wealth of an audience as live-action Star Wars shows do.

With Ahsoka then, the franchise-best elements of The Clone Wars and Rebels have been pushed into more mainstream Star Wars canon. The show conveyed to everyone, those familiar with the animated shows and those who are not, that Ahsoka is a vital part of Anakin Skywalker's legacy. His training of her, their multiple reunions both tragic and happy since then, and Anakin's watchful Force ghost presence over the titular character in Ahsoka all reinforce that, without Ahsoka, Anakin would not be the same character that has become so beloved in Star Wars canon.

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