• Ahsoka's concept art showcases stunning designs such as the Mortis god statues and Star Wars' space whales, adding to the visual appeal of the show.
  • The concept art reveals Ahsoka's visit to Corellia and the changes the planet has undergone since its appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story.
  • Ahsoka's concept art brings the capital city of Lothal to life, marking the first-ever live-action appearance of the major planet from Star Wars Rebels.

Stunning concept art from the Ahsoka Disney+ TV show gives viewers a fresh look at the Mortis god statues, Star Wars' space whales, and other tremendous designs. Ahsoka was easily the most visually impressive of all Star Wars Disney+ TV shows to date, fitting given the story traveled the pathway to Peridea in a distant galaxy. Although the finale saw Grand Admiral Thrawn return to the main Star Wars galaxy, the main heroes - Ahsoka Tano and her Padawan, Sabine Wren - were stranded there.

Lucasfilm has officially released new concept art for Ahsoka, showing the art that inspired the series.

Ahsoka Purrgil Space Whale Concept Art

This first piece of Ahsoka concept art, by Andree Wallin, shows Star Wars' space whales - the purrgil - in all their grandeur and glory. Ahsoka's Jedi shuttle can be seen flying among the flock, giving a sense of their scale.

Ahsoka Ghost on Corellia

By Rene Garcia, this second piece of Ahsoka concept art shows the Ghost on Corellia. Ahsoka revisited Han Solo's homeworld, revealing Imperial loyalists still exist on the planet. In the end, the Ghost didn't really appear all that much in this scene, but presumably Lucasfilm toyed with giving Star Wars Rebels' most notable ship a larger role.

Ahsoka Jedi Shuttle Over Corellia

Brett Northcutt's stunning Ahsoka concept art shows the Jedi shuttle flying over Corellia. The planet has changed a great deal since it was last seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and looks much more prosperous - although, of course, it's entirely possible the slums still exist elsewhere on the planet.

Ahsoka Lothal Concept Art

By Jara Jurabaev, this Ahsoka concept art brings the capital city of Lothal to life. Ahsoka marked the first-ever live-action appearance of Lothal, a major planet in Star Wars Rebels. Jurabaev's beautiful design is evocative of The Lord of the Rings - fitting, given showrunner Dave Filoni adores Tolkien's mythology.

Mortis Gods Concept Art From Ahsoka

Andree Wallin's next piece of Ahsoka concept art shows the statues of the Mortis gods, from Ahsoka's thrilling finale. These statues were found by Dark Jedi Baylan Skoll, as he continued his still-enigmatic quest.

Great Mothers Concept Art Peridea

Finally, Erik Tiemens' Ahsoka concept art shows Morgan Elsbeth's landing site on Peridea - complete with the mysterious Peridean architecture and the Great Mothers themselves.

Ahsoka's Concept Art Serves As A Reminder Just How Beautiful This Show Is

Peridea purrgil graveyard in Ahsoka

The Star Wars Disney+ TV shows have often been criticized for their over-dependence on the Volume, which has sometimes given everything quite a flat look. Ahsoka's showrunner Dave Filoni is an artist first and foremost, though, and he used the Volume to lovingly craft the most beautiful live-action Star Wars show to date. This concept art serves as a reminder that there were months of work behind every key moment.

Ahsoka has raised the bar for Star Wars, reminding the franchise there is supposed to be a sense of wonder and adventure in this beloved galaxy. With other TV shows like Star Wars: Skeleton Crew and The Acolyte on the way, the galaxies will hopefully continue to expand in such beautiful ways. It surely won't be long before Lucasfilm confirm when the next series will drop.

Source: Lucasfilm