Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon episode 6


  • Carol's cameo in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 1 finale hints at her involvement in season 2, as she tracks down Daryl and his stolen motorcycle.
  • The spinoff was originally intended to be shared by Daryl and Carol, but plans changed when Melissa McBride left the series.
  • Carol's return in season 2, titled The Book of Carol, suggests that she will be a significant part of the story and may join Daryl in France, potentially impacting the ongoing conflict with Pouvoir Du Vivant. However, her return comes with a risk of overshadowing Daryl as the central protagonist.

Carol’s cameo in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 1 finale provides a glimpse into the story for season 2. The episode’s final minutes saw Melissa McBride’s Walking Dead character make her first onscreen appearance since The Walking Dead. It would seem that she’s on the trail of Daryl, whom she last spoke to in the flashback scene depicted in Daryl Dixon episode 5.

Back when Daryl’s Walking Dead spinoff was still in its early stages, it was understood that the show would be one he would share with Carol. However, that didn’t pan out, as McBride exited the series, resulting in the spinoff instead becoming a Daryl-centric show. But while Carol missed out on Daryl’s trip to France, it looks like the series has a plan for her regardless. At New York Comic Con 2023, it was announced that along with bringing back Carol, the spinoff will receive a new title for season 2, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – The Book of Carol. As for what her role will be specifically, her cameo serves as a major hint.

Carol's Daryl Dixon Cameo Explained

Melissa McBride as Carol Peltier in The Walking Dead

Carol’s cameo involved the character catching up with a person who had gotten his hands on Daryl’s motorcycle. Apparently, this was set in motion by the events of the fifth episode. In its flashback story, it was revealed that Daryl contacted Carol while doing work for the group that caused his capture. Presumably, this was how the survivor in Carol’s scene ended up with the motorcycle. He claimed that he traded it for something, meaning it was sold to him by the community seen in episode 5. Sometime after her talk with Daryl on the radio, Carol made her way to the general area Daryl was in, which led her to his motorcycle.

Daryl claimed he would return in a week, so it’s not exactly surprising that Carol would come looking for him. That fact that he hasn’t come back or contacted her via radio most likely motivated Carol to head out and find him on our own. It’s also possible that her actions were at least partially driven by whatever secret she was holding back from him in episode 5. Carol told Daryl that someone “came back and was clearly troubled by some recent development. If things aren’t as “quiet” in Alexandria as she made out, it may be that Daryl’s return home is needed.

Carol's Role In Daryl Dixon Season 2 - What The "Book Of Carol" Will Be

Carol looks through a shattered window in The Walking Dead

As evidenced by both her cameo and AMC’s Walking Dead announcements, Carol will be a huge part of Daryl Dixon season 2. With McBride returning as a series regular, there’s a good chance that The Book of Carol – akin to The Walking Dead: Dead City’s Maggie-Negan duo – will shine the spotlight on two franchise favorites, as opposed to just one. After all, the decision to include Carol’s name in the title is a sign that she won’t just be one of the supporting characters in Daryl’s spinoff; rather, it appears season 2 will be their story.

For the time being, it’s unclear what the show’s plans for Carol might be. Since season 1’s ending proves Daryl Dixon isn’t leaving its current setting, it can be assumed that Carol will be joining him in France. The door for that to happen was opened with her cameo, as she looks to be on the right track after finding Daryl’s motorcycle. This makes it all the more likely she’ll either be in France at the start of season 2 or on her way there.

Once that happens, she can play a role in the unfolding conflict between Daryl’s new allies and Pouvoir Du Vivant. Her experiences should make her more than capable of challenging Genet’s agenda going forward. In addition to that, she could also have an impact on Daryl Dixon's Laurent storyline. Carol, who lost both of her kids in the main series, has been known to form motherly bonds with children in The Walking Dead, and Laurent may be no different. Since Laurent’s life is at stake due to Genet’s plans to apprehend him, Carol could develop her own interest in stopping Pouvoir Du Vivant.

Carol's Walking Dead Return Is A Massive Risk

Daryl and Carol in The Walking Dead

While Carol’s return to the franchise as a principal character in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is sure to prove exciting, it’s not one that comes without risk. The show being all about Daryl has a lot to do with what makes it work so well, so adding Carol to the mix could complicate that. Carol is a popular, extremely nuanced character in her own right, of course, but it’s important to note that Daryl getting a chance to be the central protagonist is integral to its appeal. And with a title like Book of Carol, there’s a reason to be concerned that it may take too much of the spotlight away from him.

The overall tone and style could be affected as well, especially if Carol’s storyline doesn’t immediately take her to France. The European setting has been crucial to the show’s efforts to come across as a unique entry in the franchise, so a split between France and the United States is an approach that’s best avoided. Carol’s return can work for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 2, but it’s also important that the series maintain its current direction.