• Selling Sunset season 7 brings more drama as the L.A. Oppenheim Group faces office dynamics and competition from Selling The OC peers.
  • The trailer hints at a tense confrontation between Chrishell and Jason's girlfriend, raising questions about their past relationship.
  • Despite being in a happy relationship, Chrishell is still being confronted about her history with Jason after their 2022 breakup.

Selling Sunset season 7 is about to debut with brand-new drama that will push the L.A. Oppenheim Group offices to the edge as they navigate the work dynamics and some new competition from their Selling The OC peers. With Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, and the rest of the Selling Sunset season 6 cast returning, Selling Sunset season 7 will be another dramatic look at the O Group offices. During Selling Sunset's most recent season, the drama was rife between Chrishell and Nicole Young, which drove a wedge between Chrishell and Mary's relationship. There was also running tension between Chelsea Lazkani and Bre Tiese throughout Selling Sunset season 6.

Netflix's just-released Selling Sunset season 7 trailer teased some of the drama that will unfold this fall, including a tense confrontation between Chrishell and Marie-Lou Nurk, Jason Oppenheim's recent girlfriend. While Chrishell is in a happy relationship with Australian music artist G-Flip, she's still being confronted over the nature of her relationship with Jason after their breakup in 2022. "I just feel like maybe there's feelings left," Marie-Lou explains to Chrishell, who responds, "I'm losing brain cells on this conversation."

The rest of the trailer continues to pull on the threads of tension between Bre and the rest of the O Group agents, especially after she describes herself as "a one-woman show [who deserves] way more" when it comes to her listings. Much to Bre's chagrin, Chelsea is shown receiving a $10 million listing from Jason and Brett, ensuring the feud between the agents will continue to boil.

What To Expect From Selling Sunset Season 7

Montage of Chrishell Stause from Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset season 7 was filmed around the same time as Selling Sunset season 6, which allowed the drama between the seasons to flow more naturally from one to the other. With very little time in between, the issues that weren't resolved during Selling Sunset season 6 will continue in the upcoming installment. From tension between Mary and Chrishell after Chrishell's breakup with Jason to the health issues Amanza Smith has been facing throughout the last few seasons, the stories will continue to build during Selling Sunset season 7, pushing the O Group agents to an emotional breaking point.

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The biggest drama of Selling Sunset season 6 came about because of newcomer O Group agent Bre, who has been in luxury real estate for only a few years but was ready to prove herself. Bre, who had an immediate dislike for Chelsea after the British import commented on Bre's relationship with Nick Cannon, wasn't impressed by Chelsea in any capacity. The pair was hostile towards each other, which was only matched by the feud between one-time friends Chrishell and Nicole. Both sets of women fought consistently throughout Selling Sunset season 6 and will likely continue to do so.

With Selling Sunset and Selling The OC becoming hugely popular parts of the Netflix reality TV family, the series is a welcome addition to the fall lineup for the streaming service. Bringing more drama and luxury real estate to the platform, it will be interesting to see what feuds and fights make it to the final cut. With Chrishell, Bre, Nicole, and Chelsea all at the ready, Selling Sunset season 7 is sure to be a dramatic one.

Selling Sunset season 7 premieres November 3 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix/YouTube