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High Republic Nameless Star Wars Origins Image 1
"Since Time Immemorial": The Origin of Star Wars' Most Dangerous Force Predator Just Became Even Stranger

Star Wars' High Republic era just offered new insights into the strange origins of the galaxy's most dangerous Force predators known as the Nameless.

Kylo Ren with his lightsaber in Star Wars 1
Star Wars' Limited Edition "Excalibur" Crossguard Lightsaber Is Better Than Anything Kylo Ren Ever Made

Star Wars collectors can finally own Stellan Gios' stunning "Excalibur" lightsaber, the crossguard lightsaber Kylo Ren could only dream of!

Yoda in the High Republic and the Prequels 1
Star Wars: The High Republic Phase III Must Answer The Biggest Question About Yoda

Star Wars: The High Republic Phase III has the chance to explain how Yoda came to fear the dark side during the Star Wars prequel era and beyond.

Starlight Beacon High Republic Young Jedi Adventures Image 1
Young Jedi Adventures (2023)
Star Wars' Hit Kids Show Is About To Crossover With One Of The Darkest Canon Events

Star Wars' hit kids show is crossing over with major characters from the High Republic, confirming its setting with one of the darkest events.

Luke Skywalker Yellow and Green Lightsabers 1
Star Wars Explains the Canon Reason Lightsaber Designs Became Boring

Star Wars' iconic lightsabers have always been somewhat plain to look at, with the reasoning for this going all the way back to the High Republic era.

Jedi Captain America Lightsaber Shield Star Wars Image 1
The Jedi Really Do Have Their Own Captain America (So Where Are They Now?)

The Jedi used to have their own version of Captain America (shield and all), but what happened to the wielder and such a powerful ancient relic?

Star Wars High Republic Dangerous Jedi Sskeer 1
The High Republic's Most Dangerous Jedi Comes To Life In Superb Star Wars Fan Animation

One of The High Republic's most dangerous and complex Jedi Masters has been brought to life with an impressive Star Wars fan animation.

Young Jedi Adventures Yoda 1
Young Jedi Adventures (2023)
Star Wars Confirms A Record-Breaking Episode Count For 1 Returning 2023 Show

Lucasfilm and Disney+ have announced brand-new episodes for Young Jedi Adventures season 1, Star Wars' first show set during the High Republic Era.

High Republic's Trials of the Jedi 1
The High Republic's Ultimate Villain Shows Boba Fett How To REALLY Handle A Throne

Star Wars has revealed the cover for The High Republic Phase III's first novel, The Eye of Darkness, featuring Marchion Ro on a throne.

Star Wars The High Republic The Fallen Star Starlight Beacon  1
Star Wars Is Ready To Explain What Happened To A Jedi Missing For Over A Year

Star Wars is gearing up toward the launch of The High Republic Phase III, and will start by finally confirming what happened to one missing Jedi.

Star Wars Nameless and Yoda 1
Evidence The Jedi Fell To The Dark Side 200 Years Before The Star Wars Prequels

Evidence is building that the old Jedi Order fell to the dark times two centuries before the Star Wars prequel trilogy, in the High Republic Era!

Dagan Gera Jedi Survivor High Republic Star Wars 1
We Think We Know How The Newest Dark Jedi Fits Into The Star Wars Timeline

How does Dagan Gera's backstory as seen in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fit in with what we know of The High Republic Era and its various threats?

High Republic Jedi and the Nihil. 1
The Nihil, Star Wars: The High Republic's Greatest Villains, Explained

Who are the Nihil? Star Wars' early villains from the High Republic era were quite a dangerous force to be reckoned with (even for the Jedi).

Star Wars The High Republic 1
Star Wars' High Republic Explained & Release Guide (Books, Comics & Show)

The Star Wars franchise is expanding into the High Republic Era - and here's everything you need to know about the books, comics, and shows.

Star Wars Destruction of Starlight Beacon 1
Star Wars: The 8 Jedi Who Survived Their Worst Defeat (Before Order 66)

Star Wars: The High Republic Phase I ended with the destruction of Starlight Beacon. Now, as Phase III begins, the Jedi survivors are being revealed.

Fall of High Republic Starlight Beacon 1
Star Wars Delivers A Shocking Jedi Death To Launch High Republic's New Era

Star Wars and Dark Horse have taken Free Comic Book Day by storm, featuring a shocking Jedi death to kick off Phase 3 of The High Republic era.

Star Wars High Republic Era and Yoda 1
Star Wars’ High Republic Era Explained

The future of the Star Wars galaxy lies in the past - in the High Republic Era, featured in books, comics, games, audiobooks, and Disney+ TV shows.

star-wars-ahsoka-huyang-origin 1
Star Wars
Star Wars Droid From Ahsoka, Clone Wars & High Republic Gets Official Origin

Star Wars' new Timelines book gives an official origin for Huyang, the ancient Jedi Order droid voiced by David Tennant who soon appear in Ahsoka.

High Republic Jedi and Lightsabers 1
Stunning Fan-Made Lightsaber Shows The Beauty Of The High Republic

A new fan-made lightsaber from Star Wars' High Republic era continues to prove the beauty of the Jedi Order during this early golden age.

Star Wars Fall of Starlight Beacon 1
Star Wars Is Exploring One Of The Greatest Jedi Failures

Star Wars is finally exploring the consequences of one of the Jedi's greatest failures, with an entire world suffering after Starlight Beacon's fall.

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