• Stranger Things season 5's teased Steve & Jonathan pairing means the long-standing Nancy love triangle will finally be resolved.
  • The upcoming season will feature Steve and Jonathan working together for the first time, indicating a potential resolution to their past rivalries.
  • The pairing of Steve and Jonathan in season 5 suggests that Nancy may choose neither of them, with the two characters putting their differences aside to save Hawkins.

Arriving over seven years after the TV show’s premiere, Stranger Things season 5 will finally put to rest a complaint regarding interactions between iconic characters Steve Harrington and Jonathan Byers. With Stranger Things season 5 being the show’s last, Netflix’s series is wrapping up long-unfinished storylines, returning important figures to the spotlight for a climactic conclusion, and resolving certain dynamics between original characters that have largely been ignored. The latter change offers incredibly exciting prospects for Stranger Things season 5’s arrival, with the show’s unlikely character pairings often yielding some of its greatest moments.

Steve’s most iconic Stranger Things pairing is with Dustin, but the former jock’s story was initially intertwined with Nancy and Jonathan in the series’ biggest love triangle. While Steve and Nancy dated during season 1, Jonathan not-so-secretly pined after her, with the elder Wheeler and Byers siblings finally getting together during the sophomore season. At this point, Steve’s dynamics were largely alongside the younger kids and Robin – until Stranger Things season 4 surprisingly revived the Nancy-Jonathan-Steve love triangle. Despite this, Jonathan and Steve have never shared a scene alone, though Stranger Things season 5’s writers tease this will finally be amended.

Stranger Things Season 5 Teaser Confirms Jonathan & Steve Will Finally Be Paired Up

stranger things steve jonathan

Following the end of the WGA strike, Stranger Things’ writers team has taken to Twitter to share long-awaited updates on the impending final season. The account even posted a digital visual rendering of an upcoming scene from Stranger Things season 5 that will be used as a reference for the actors, which happens to involve Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington and Charlie Heaton’s Jonathan Byers. In the teased scene, Steve and Jonathan are working together on putting wires together on top of a building, indicating the first time in Stranger Things history that the two original characters are being paired up on a mission.

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Jonathan & Steve's Team-Up Confirms Stranger Things Will Officially Put Nancy's Love Triangle To Rest

Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve from Stranger Things on a pink and blue background

Considering Stranger Things season 4 revived Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan’s love triangle for the first time since the beginning of season 2, a resolution to this lingering subplot was necessary for the show’s final season. After Steve and Nancy broke up in Stranger Things season 2, she and Jonathan quickly got together, but it was clear in season 4 that Steve wasn’t over Nancy. With Jonathan back in California, Steve and Nancy even showed signs of both parties being interested in one another during the latest Upside Down battles, but Stranger Things season 4’s ending gave no clear indication of which romantic interest Nancy would choose.

Nancy’s love triangle outcome is among the biggest burning questions remaining for Stranger Things season 5 to address, and Steve and Jonathan working together means it’ll finally be resolved. Steve and Jonathan teaming up could mean that Nancy chooses neither of them, with the two potentially putting old rivalries to rest in order to save Hawkins. Alternatively, Nancy may give a definitive answer on choosing Steve or Jonathan, with their pairing in Stranger Things season 5 still being a way to bury the hatchet after spending years in a love triangle. With Steve and Jonathan at least putting their differences and past aside to work together, Stranger Things is bringing their story full circle with a more positive spin.

Source: Twitter