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Mae Abdulbaki

Movie Reviews Editor

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Mae is a writer and editor. She previously wrote about a variety of entertainment for Inverse, CinemaBlend, Pajiba, and The Young Folks. She has also been a juror for various film festivals. She enjoys discussing all things entertainment, but loves to dance, read, and paint when she's not busy watching movies and TV shows.

Industry Focus

Mae is a Movie Reviews Editor with Screen Rant. She is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic, and writes reviews and features with a focus on theatrical releases and TV series.  She's a proud voting member of the Critics Choice Association, Alliance of Women Film Journalists, and Black Reel Awards.

Favorite Media

Mae's favorite media varies, depending on the moment, but she currently adores The Green Knight, Turning Red, Polite Society, Past Lives, Tár, Shadow and Bone, and Bridgerton. Pride and Prejudice and My Big Fat Greek Wedding are always on the list of rewatchable films, and she has many opinions about The CW's Arrowverse. 

Everything we know about The batman 2 1
The Batman - Part II: News, Cast, Story, & Everything We Know

The Batman's ending teased a future film, and The Batman 2 has sure enough been confirmed. Here's everything we know about The Batman - Part II

the-burial-movie-ending-explained 1
The Burial Ending Explained

The Burial is inspired by true events. We break down the film's ending, fact from fiction and what happened to the characters after the trial.

foe movie 1
Foe Review: Ronan & Mescal Are Perfect In Compelling, Visually Moving Drama

Foe offers an intriguing take on marriage. It’s a slow burn & sometimes confusing film with an emotionally gutting twist that is worth it in the end. 

lupin-season-3-ending-explained 1
Lupin (2021)
Lupin Season 3 Ending Explained: What's Next For Assane After That Reveal

Lupin season 3 included new twists and turns to the story. We break down the ending, what's next for Assane & how the final moments set up season 4.

totally-killer-soundtrack-song-guide 1
Totally Killer Soundtrack Guide: Every Song In The Movie & When It Plays

Totally Killer has a killer soundtrack. With more than ten songs, we break down all the songs & when they play throughout the horror/time travel film.

fairplay_characterguide 1
Fair Play Cast & Character Guide

Fair Play's cast is small but incredibly talented. We break down who's who in the cast and what characters they play in Chloe Domont's Netflix drama.

pet-sematary-bloodlines-cast-characters 1
Pet Sematary: Bloodlines Cast & Character Guide

Pet Sematary: Bloodlines has new and familiar characters from the franchise. We break down who's who in the cast, what characters they play and more.

lupin omar sy 1
Lupin (2021)
Lupin Part 3 Review: Omar Sy Is Excellent In Thrilling, Character-Driven Season

With an effervescent performance from Omar Sy, Lupin Part 3 has enough twists, thrilling heists & character development to maintain excitement.

totallykiller_timetravelrules 1
Totally Killer's Time Travel Rules Explained

Totally Killers presents its own set of time travel rules, including the Mandela effect. We break down the film's time travel & how it's different.

totally killer horror 1
Totally Killer Review: Kiernan Shipka Grounds An Eccentric, Fun Horror Comedy

While it’s trying to do too much in terms of its plot, the film has a great cast & enough heartfelt moments and intrigue to keep the momentum going.

totallykiller_sweet16killer_explained 1
Totally Killer Ending & Sweet 16 Killer Identity Explained

Totally Killer's ending has a few twists, and plenty of changes to Jamie's life. We break down the film's biggest talking points & what might be next.

totallykiller_castguide 1
Totally Killer Cast & Character Guide

Totally Killer has a great cast. We break down every actor in the film, which character they play, and in what projects you've seen them in before.

Gugu Mbatha Raw Ravonna Renslayer jonathan majors Kang the conqueror Loki 1
Loki (2021)
Who Is Ravonna Renslayer? Loki's Marvel Villain & Kang Link Explained

Judge Renslayer is a primary character in Loki season 1 and 2. Here's who Ravonna Renslayer is in the comics, and what her connection is to Kang.

the boogeyman ending 1
The Boogeyman Ending Explained

The Boogeyman ties up its loose ends and sees Sadie battling the titular monster. We break down the film's ending & the changes from the short story.

jackdaw 1
Jackdaw Review: Oliver Jackson-Cohen Gives Nuanced Performance In Taut Thriller

With Oliver Jackson-Cohen delivering a nuanced, vulnerable yet tough performance, Jackdaw is a gripping tale that's well worth the price of admission.

paw patrol the mighty movie 1
PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie - A Light, Sweet Action-Packed Kids Film

The film offers some cute character interactions, a funny villain & a story that is enough to have you rooting for the heroes, and Skye in particular.

thecreator_endingexplained 1
The Creator Ending Explained

The Creator ends on a hopeful note. We break down the sci-fi film's ending, what the future holds for AI in the movie, what's next for Alphie & more.

sri asih 1
Sri Asih: The Warrior Review - Indonesian Superhero Film Wows With Slick Action

While the story is occasionally too stuffed, and drags a bit after the midway point, Sri Asih delivers clear, sharp action and an empowering story. 

there's something in the barn movie 1
There's Something In The Barn Review: Bloody Horror Comedy Is Genuinely Fun

Boasting an engaging cast, all of whom are in on the joke, There’s Something in the Barn is rarely excessive and always entertaining.

River Fantastic Fest 1
River Review: A Refreshing Time Loop Comedy With Heart & A Great Ensemble Cast

Though not everything works, River is a time loop jaunt that isn’t easy to forget, bolstered by fantastic performances and a deep sense of fun.

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