• Mike Flanagan's deal with Netflix has ended, and he has been poached by Amazon Studios. He will be producing projects for Prime Video.
  • Flanagan is set to helm two movies and a TV series. All three projects fall into the horror genre, allowing him to flex his talents in the realm of the scary and surreal.
  • One of Flanagan's upcoming projects is a movie adaptation of Stephen King's "The Life of Chuck" short story. The film has already started casting, and fans are excited to see Flanagan tackle more King adaptations.

Mike Flanagan's deal with Netflix ended with the miniseries The Fall of the House of Usher, based on Edgar Allan Poe's gothic short story of the same name. Deadline reported that Flanagan was poached by Amazon Studios at the end of 2022, meaning he'll be working on producing projects for Prime Video for the foreseeable future. There's already a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding that prospect, and his work for the platform will undoubtedly prove popular after his tenure with Netflix.

At the moment, Flanagan is slated to helm two movies and a TV series in the future. The possibilities regarding all three projects are endless, and Flanagan himself has discussed them several times publicly. Although every detail about Flanagan's upcoming projects isn't known, there's enough to whet fans' appetites. Each falls into the horror genre the creator has become so associated with. As such, these movies and shows will allow him to further flex his talents in the realm of the scary and surreal.

3 The Life Of Chuck - TBD

The Life Of Chuck Banner Stephen King

While none of Flanagan's Amazon projects have official release dates, a movie based on Stephen King's short story "The Life of Chuck" is definitely happening. From King's 2020 If It Bleeds collection, it tells the story, in reverse chronological order, of a man who grew up orphaned in a haunted house and died from a brain tumor at 39. King almost denied Flanagan the rights to "The Life of Chuck" due to his work on The Dark Tower series. However, the author ultimately trusted him to adapt it. Flanagan fans would love to see him tackle more King adaptations, especially if The Life of Chuck movie goes well.

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Flanagan's upcoming Life of Chuck movie has already started casting, with Loki's Tom Hiddleston set to portray the eponymous character and Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill confirmed to play Albie. Flanagan will direct, write, and produce the film through Intrepid Pictures. It's set to take its tonal influence from other King projects, such as Stand by Me, The Shawshank Redemption, and The Green Mile. It will be a significant triumph if it can stand up to those cinematic behemoths.

2 The Dark Tower - TBD

The Dark Tower Cover

In late 2022, Flanagan announced he'd purchased the rights to develop a television series based on King's The Dark Tower books, intending to spend several seasons adapting them. King wholly supports Flanagan's efforts to make a series based on The Dark Tower, rendering its production as good as inevitable. The Dark Tower series encompasses eight books and a novella and mixes elements of the horror, sci-fi, dark fantasy, and even Western genres. It follows gunslinger Roland Deschain's quest to find the eponymous Dark Tower while mysteries about his life and motives continuously unravel.

In 2017, a movie adaptation of The Dark Tower hit theaters. It wasdirected by Nikolaj Arcel and starred Idris Elba. However, it was a huge disappointment, mainly because it was barely recognizable from the source material. That's part of why a Flanagan-helmed version of the story is so exciting. He's likely to be more faithful to King's books. In August, Flanagan told FANGORIA's The Kingcast podcast that the project was in a good place despite the writers' strikes, saying, "I feel really good about where we are," and adding, "I have every reason to believe that on the other side of the strike, it's gonna be priority #1."

1 The Season Of Passage - TBD

Featured Mike Flanagan Directing The Season Of Passage

Flanagan's third and final confirmed project is a movie based on Christopher Pike's 1992 sci-fi horror novel The Season of Passage. Deadline initially reported the project in 2021, and it remains in the pipeline. Having already written and directed the Netflix series based on Pike's horror mystery book The Midnight Club, Flanagan is an excellent choice for this. The Season of Passage centers on Dr. Lauren Wagner, a respected celebrity embarking on a manned mission to Mars with a head full of voices and understandable concerns about the group that had gone missing on a previous attempt at the journey.

Little is known about The Season of Passage, but it'll be wonderful to see more of Pike's writing adapted, as the best-selling author is woefully underrepresented on both the big and small screen. Flanagan hasn't said much about The Season of Passage, but he wrote on Twitter in 2021, "This project has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager." Needless to say, viewers can expect him to give it his all to the film adaptation. It sounds like a recipe for success, and anything Mike Flanagan puts his name on is generally brilliant, so there's good reason to eagerly anticipate this release.

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