Napoleon (2023)

From director Ridley Scott and writer David Scarpa comes Napoleon, a dramatic historical-epic film that follows the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte as he embarks on a lengthy French campaign of conquest. The film also focuses on his relationship with Josephine, his Empress and the love of his life, a relationship that was equal parts romantically intense and self-destructive.

Napoleon 2023 Movie Poster

Ridley Scott
Release Date
November 22, 2023
Apple , Scott Free Productions
Apple TV+ , Columbia Pictures
Joaquin Phoenix , Vanessa Kirby , Tahar Rahim , Ben Miles , Ludivine Sagnier , Matthew Needham
David Scarpa
158 Minutes


Joaquin Phoenix in Joker 1
Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Performance Was A Big Reason Why Ridley Scott Wanted Him For Napoleon

Joaquin Phoenix's performance in Joker was the biggest of many reasons that Ridley Scott wanted him to star in his upcoming movie Napoleon.

Napoleon commanding an army in Napoleon 1
How Many Of Napoleon’s 66 Career Battles Are In Ridley Scott’s Movie Revealed

Director Ridley Scott reveals how many of Napoleon Bonaparte's 66 career battles are depicted in his upcoming epic historical war drama.

Custom image of Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon juxtaposed with a wave of soldiers running into battle in a snowy landscape. 1
How Napoleon's Large-Scale French Battle Rivals Gladiator's Epicness

A new trailer for Ridley Scott’s Napoleon teases the film’s massive practical battle sequences that rival the major battle scenes from Gladiator.

Custom image of Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon juxtaposed with Phoenix as Napoleon covered in blood while climbing a ladder. 1
Napoleon Trailer Hypes Joaquin Phoenix’s Next Great Performance & Teases Full-Scale Battles

A new trailer has been released for Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, teasing Joaquin Phoenix’s next awards-worthy performance and some big battle sequences.

Joaquin Phoenix looking worried as Napoleon Bonaparte. 1
Napoleon Images Show Joaquin Phoenix’s Army Invade Russia In Ridley Scott’s New Epic

New images have been released from Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, showing Joaquin Phoenix’s emperor invading Russia and setting Moscow ablaze.

Most Anticipated Movies Fall 2023 1
Most Anticipated Movies Of Fall 2023

The year might be almost over, but there are plenty of exciting movies still releasing this fall. Here are the most anticipated movies of Fall 2023.

Russell Crowe in Gladiator against a backdrop of money 1
Ridley Scott's Epic New Movie Is Flipping What Made Gladiator A $500 Million Success

With Napoleon, director Ridley Scott attempts to create a historical drama that stands in stark opposition to his classic epic Gladiator.

Custom image of Napoleon and Josephine in the Ridley Scott movie 1
Napoleon Cast & Character Guide: Everyone Joining Joaquin Phoenix In Ridley Scott's History Epic

Ridley Scott's historical epic Napoleon will bring the story of the French emperor to life with a talented cast led by Joaquin Phoenix.

Napoleon waving his hat in the Ridley Scott biopic 1
Ridley Scott Teases "Fantastic" Four & A Half Hour Long Cut Of Napoleon Movie

Director Ridley Scott teases that he's created a four-and-a-half-hour-long cut of his upcoming Napoleon movie, which he describes as "fantastic."

Custom image of Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus in Gladiator juxtaposed with Phoenix as Napoleon. 1
Why Gladiator’s Ridley Scott & Joaquin Phoenix Finally Reunited 23 Years Later With Napoleon

After working on Gladiator with Ridley Scott more than 20 years ago, Joaquin Phoenix explains why decided to reunite with the director for Napoleon.

Custom image of Napoleon and Josephine in the Ridley Scott movie 1
Napoleon's Josephine Is A Crucial & Challenging Character In Ridley Scott Epic: "This Massive Contradiction"

The massive contradictions behind Joséphine de Beauharnais are set to be a crucial and challenging part of Ridley Scott's upcoming epic Napoleon.

Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon 1
"A Lot Of Bad Sh-t Under His Belt": How Ridley Scott's Napoleon Gets Inside The Mind of a Tyrant

Ridley Scott is opening up about how the upcoming Apple TV+ movie Napoleon will be getting inside the twisted mind of a tyrant emperor.

Joaquin Phoenix putting on a Crown in Napoleon 1
Ridley Scott's Napoleon: Release Date, Cast, Story & Everything We Know

Ridley Scott's Napoleon is another historical epic from the esteemed director, chronicling the French leader's life and volatile rise to power.

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Napoleon Movie True Story Real Life History & Wars Behind Ridley Scott's Epic 1
Napoleon Movie True Story - Real Life History & Wars Behind Ridley Scott's Epic

Ridley Scott's grand biopic Napoleon recreates the historic rise and eventual downfall of its titular French military commander and Emperor.

Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte in Napoleon 1
"THEY STOLE THE KEY ART": Ridley Scott's Napoleon Poster Looks VERY Similar To Fake Danny DeVito Movie

Online, several fans have noticed the poster for Ridley Scott's upcoming Napoleon looks oddly similar to a fake movie starring Danny DeVito.

how-tall-was-napoleon-bonaparte-joaquin-phoenix-height 1
How Tall Napoleon Was (& Joaquin Phoenix's Height In Comparison)

With the enduring idea that Napoleon Bonaparte was a powerful man with short stature, does Joaquin Phoenix’s height fit the bill for the character?

Joaquin Phoenix putting on a Crown in Napoleon 1
Napoleon Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Becomes A Tyrannical King In Ridley Scott's Historical Epic

Sony Pictures Entertainment unveils the official trailer for the upcoming Riley Scott historical epic Napoleon, starring Joaquin Phoenix.

napoleon-movie-show-ridley-scott-vs-steven-spielberg 1
Ridley Scott's New Movie Creates An Epic Clash With Spielberg & Kubrick That's 54 Years In The Making

Ridley Scott's highly-anticipated biopic starring Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte will be tested by the legendary pair of Spielberg and Kubrick.

Ridley Scott's Napoleon movie and The Last Duel poster 1
Ridley Scott's New Epic Movie Proves How Badly His $170 Million Box Office Bomb Was Overlooked

The hype surrounding Ridley Scott's upcoming historical epic Napoleon highlights how few people even saw his most recent box office bomb.

Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte in Napoleon 1
Joaquin Phoenix's Napoleon Revealed In First Footage Of Ridley Scott's Historical Epic

Apple unveils the first footage from Ridley Scott's Napoleon movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the French military leader, during WWDC 2023.

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