Gen V (2023)

A spin-off of The Boys, Gen V is based on a story arc from the original comic series set in the TV series universe. Gen V follows a group of college students starting at a Vought International-created school for superheroes, where students compete in increasingly dangerous challenges to win a hero contract in the highest-paying and most coveted city locations. This happens as these young adults try to understand their powers as they grow up and figure out where they fit into society.

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Gen V

Lizzie Broadway , Jaz Sinclair , Chance Perdomo , Maddie Phillips , London Thor , Derek Luh , Asa Germann , Shelley Conn , Patrick Schwarzenegger
Release Date
September 29, 2023
Streaming Sevice
Prime Video
The Boys
Craig Rosenberg
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Marie Moreau and the cast of The Boys 1
Gen V Brings Back A Forgotten The Boys Season 1 Supe In The Weirdest Way

Gen V just brought back a classic character from The Boys, one that many viewers haven't thought about in years. However, the cameo is pretty sneaky.

Asa Germann as Sam in Gen V 1
1 Gen V Detail May Reveal What Happens To Sam

One specific detail in Gen V season 1's episode 3 seems to offer some shocking insights into what the future holds for Sam in the franchise's story.

Jaz Sinclair as Marie in Gen V 1
Dark Gen V Theory Reveals Marie's Sister Isn't Avoiding Her (& Godolkin Is Lying About It)

Gen V’s Marie was told that her sister wants nothing to do with her, however this dark theory suspects that the truth is a much more familiar tragedy.

Tek Knight on the left, Marie in the center, and Andre on the right 1
All 8 Hidden Clues To Gen V Episode 5's Secret Villain Twist

Gen V episode 5 revealed that there is a traitor amongst the students at Godolkin University, and they were hidden in plain sight the whole time.

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in Gen V 1
Gen V Episode 6 Soldier Boy Video Teases Jensen Ackles' Return In The Boys Spinoff

A new video teases the upcoming cameo from The Boys' Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles, on the next episode of the spinoff show Gen V.

 Erin Moriarty as Starlight in The Boys 1
Did Starlight Go To Gen V's University Before The Boys?

Gen V confirms that many prominent The Boys supes previously attended Godolkin University, making it hard not to wonder if Starlight is an alumnus.

Jordan and Marie looking at Rufus in Gen V 1
Jordan & Marie's Enemies-To-Lovers Gen V Romance Explained By Showrunner

Marie Moreau and Jordan Li have an enemies-to-lovers relationship in Gen V, with co-showrunner Michele Fazekas explaining their journey.

Jaz Sinclair as Marie in Gen V 1
The Boys: Gen V Soundtrack Guide - Every Song & When It Plays

Amazon's Gen V features several upbeat and emotionally resonant songs to enhance the impact of its slam-bang supe action and coming-of-age drama.

Gen V puppet massacre-1 1
Gen V Episode 5's Puppet Massacre Scene Broken Down By Showrunner

Gen V showrunner Michele Fazekas breaks down the outlandish puppet massacre scene featured in episode 5 and how the unusual sequence came to be.

Marie Moreau, Victoria Neuman, and A-Train 1
10 The Boys Characters That Could Be Marie's Mysterious "Benefactor" In Gen V

Marie Moreau has a mysterious "benefactor" in Gen V, and these 10 characters from The Boys franchise could be the ones behind the label.

Marie Moreau in Gen V 1
The Boys Confirms 2 Big Theories About Marie's Powers In Gen V

Marie Moreau has been at the center of a lot of fan theories in Gen V, and the show has just confirmed two of these major The Boys ideas are true.

Lizze Broadway Emma Jaz Sinclair Marie Gen V 1
"They’re All Under The Thumb Of Vought": Gen V Episode 5's Memory Wipe Twist Explained

Gen V co-showrunner Michael Fazekas breaks down the shocking mind-wiping twist in episode 5, "Welcome to the Monster Club," and what it means.

Sam and the puppet in Gen V 1
Sam's Powers In The Boys: Gen V & Why He Sees Puppets Explained

Sam Riordan is one of the most mysterious characters in Gen V, but the series has revealed a bit about his powers. So, here's what we know.

Maverick and Emma in Gen V 1
Who Plays Translucent's Son, Maverick, In Gen V

Gen V has revealed that Translucent has a son, and here's who plays the descendent of the former member of The Seven in The Boys spin-off.

Homelander, Dr. Cardosa, and The Woods in Gen V 1
The Boys Reveals What The Woods Really Is - And Homelander Wouldn't Approve

Gen V has finally revealed what the purpose of Vought's The Woods facility is, and it is definitely something Homelander won't approve of.

Emma and the cast of Gen V 1
Gen V Episode 5's Show-Changing Cate Twist Explained

Gen V episode 5 just ended with a massive Cate twist, and here's why it happened and what it means for the future of Gen V and The Boys.

Emma looking surprised in Gen V episode 6 1
Gen V Episode 6 Trailer Reveals Another The Boys Character Cameo

A new Gen V episode 6 trailer reveals another cameo for a character from The Boys as the Prime Video series closes in on dramatic confrontations.

Custom image of Homelander from the Boys and Marie from Gen V 1
Gen V's Powerful New Supe's Chances Defeating Homelander Debated By The Boys Fans

The Boys fans debate just how powerful a new Supe in Gen V really is, and if the newcomer has a chance of defeating Homelander in the future.

Derek Luh and London Thor as Jordan Li in Gen V 1
Are Gen V's Jordan Li Actors Related In Real Life?

Gen V's bi-gendered character, Jordan Li, is portrayed by two different actors, begging an intriguing question: Are the actors playing them related?

genv_specificobsession 1
Gen V Definitively Confirms The Boys Has 1 Very Specific Unhealthy Obsession

Gen V carries on many of The Boys franchise's long-held traditions, with the spin-off series doubling down on one of the show's grossest trends.

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