• "Jelly Roll: Save Me" is a documentary that delves into the rise of a rising star in music and explores his troubled past that shaped his current musical persona.
  • Directed by Bari Pearlman and produced in conjunction with ABC News, the documentary offers a raw and unflinching portrait of Jelly Roll, appealing to a wide audience beyond country music fans.
  • The documentary is exclusively available for streaming on Hulu, with different pricing tiers available for access, including a free trial for new users. It is unlikely to be available on other platforms in the near future.

The Jelly Roll: Save Me documentary is a revealing portrait of a rising star in music, and explores his complicated path to the heights he has reached today. Released in 2023, the film follows the newcomer superstar as he plays to sold out audiences and recounts his troubling past which helped form his current musical persona. The rapper-turned-country singer is the perfect subject of a documentary, and his rags-to-riches story really has more heart than the usual behind-the-scenes music documentaries.

Named for Jelly Roll's 2020 song of the same name, the documentary is directed by Bari Pearlman who is known for co-producing scintillating documentaries like 2017's Roll Red Roll. The doc is produced in conjunction with ABC News, and has been described as a "raw and unflinching portrait" (via USA Today), which has helped it appeal to many even outside the country music fanbase. Like many of the other great music documentaries, Jelly Roll: Save Me strikes a perfect balance between the show business excitement of the music industry, and the gripping human interest angle of Jelly Roll as a real person with a fascinating past.

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Where To Stream The Jelly Roll Documentary

Jelly Roll looks on in the Jelly Roll: Save Me Documentary

Fortunately for fans looking to get their fix of more Jelly Roll content, the documentary is available to stream on Hulu where it debuted back in May 2023. The film is available to watch as part every Hulu tier, the lowest of which starts at only $7.99 a month ($79.99 per year) which grants users access to the entire streaming catalog but is supplemented with ads. Hulu with ads is available to students for on $1.99 per month with ads, and the premium, ad-free version of the streaming service is available for $17.99 every month.

Additionally, the Jelly Roll documentary is available as part of Hulu's even more advanced packages that include live TV, though the live TV ad-on isn't necessary. Hulu's Disney+ and live TV bundles range in price, and can stretch to as much as $80 a month depending on the plan. However, if those seeking to watch the documentary are new to Hulu, the service does offer free trials of most of their plans. The free trial grants users access to the service for seven days after which the plan renews at the full price.

Where To Rent Or Buy The Jelly Roll Documentary

Jelly Roll snaps in Jelly Roll Save Me

Jelly Roll: Save Me was produced by ABC News and is hosted in conjunction with Hulu on the streaming service. Unfortunately, that means that the documentary film is not available to rent or buy on any other platform. Hulu hosts a plethora of original documentary programs, and it is highly unlikely that the film will be available elsewhere anytime soon. Considering the high competitiveness of streaming services, Hulu will likely hold on tight to the Jelly Roll documentary for as long as it continues to drive curious fans to their service in large numbers.