Gargoyles (1994)

Gargoyles is a dark fantasy/action television series created for Disney in a major departure tonally. The series follows a group of gargoyles that lived during a time of war and were cursed by the humans they protected to live in the day in stone and take form at night. After one thousand years of imprisonment, they wake to discover they now live in New York City and eventually become the defenders of the night. 


Keith David , Jonathan Frakes , Jeff Bennett
Release Date
October 24, 1994
Disney Channel
Streaming Sevice
Greg Weisman
Jonathan Frakes
Greg Weisman
Story By
Greg Weisman


Gargoyles Season 1 Screencap 1
Gargoyles Live-Action Show In The Works From Annabelle Writer & James Wan

A Disney+ live-action remake of Gargoyles is in the works, produced by The Conjuring director James Wan and written by Annabelle's Gary Dauberman.

Michelangelo and Broadway mashed up in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Gargoyles crossover art 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Gargoyles Get Mashed Up In 90s Crossover Art

Michelangelo and Broadway get mashed up in new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Gargoyles fan art crossing over the two iconic 1990s cartoons.

The main cast of Gargoyles the 1994 animated series 1
"Disney Was Afraid": Gargoyles’ Unusual Official Title Explained By Creator

The creator of Gargoyles reveals why the fan-favorite animated series wasn’t officially branded under Disney, unlike other shows at the time.

Gargoyles and Darkwing Duck homage covers by Ken Haeser alongside Captain America Annual #8. 1
Gargoyles & Darkwing Duck Homage Marvel & DC Superheroes in New Art

Ken Haeser's variant comic covers for Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles bring together Disney's best heroes with classic comic art from Marvel and DC.

gargoyles dark ages cover 1
Gargoyles: Dark Ages Uncovers Secret Origin of the Beloved 90s Cartoon

Gargoyles: Dark Ages is telling the secret origin of the iconic 90s cartoon, answering major fan questions and setting up the franchise's future.

gargoyles new gargoyle 1
Gargoyles Series Sets the Stage to Introduce a Totally NEW Gargoyle

Dynamite’s new Gargoyles series will see the Manhattan Clan welcome a new member, as they fight to protect an incredibly rare gargoyle egg.

gargoyles new series 1
Gargoyles Creator Settles Franchise's Official Canon Ahead of New Series

Gargoyles is back, and franchise creator Greg Weisman has the definitive answer as to which stories from the past are now considered canon.

Disneys-Gargoyles 1
Disney's Gargoyles Returns with New Series from Original Creator

After more than a decade, the fan-favorite Disney franchise Gargoyles is set to return this winter in a new series from Dynamite Comics.

Gargoyles Remaster Brings Back SEGA Classic (& Viking Scream) 1
Gargoyles Remaster Brings Back SEGA Classic (& Viking Scream)

During today's Disney games showcase at the D23 Expo, Gargoyles Remastered was announced, adding the title to the list of classic game remasters.

Darkwing Duck and Goliath from Gargoyles 1
Gargoyles & Darkwing Duck Are Returning as Comic Books

The return of the Disney Afternoon hits Gargoyles and Darkwing Duck is under way, with reprints and new series incoming from Dynamite Comics.

Ned and Chuck standing together in Pushing daisies and Samantha looking concerned in Bewitched 1
Quantum Leap Reboot & 9 Other Classic Shows That Deserve A Second Chance

There have been many series that have ended before their time, and some of these classic series definitely deserve the reboot treatment.

The 10 Best Nostalgic Cartoons On Disney +, According To Ranker

Disney is no stranger to nostalgia, and these are the 10 best nostalgic cartoons on Disney +, according to Ranker.

Diamond Select Toys’ Gargoyles Goliath Bust 1
First Look at Diamond Select Toys’ Gargoyles Goliath Bust [EXCLUSIVE]

Diamond Select Toys has released a bust based on Goliath from the Disney animated series Gargoyles and Screen Rant has the exclusive first look.

Gargoyles Star Trek actors 1
Star Trek
All 9 Star Trek Actors In Gargoyles The Animated Series

Nine major Star Trek actors lent their voices to the Disney animated series Gargoyles, which ran for just three seasons in the mid-'90s.

Gargoyles TV Show 1
OJ Simpson Helped Kill Gargoyles TV Show, Says Creator

Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman believes the Disney cult classic failed because it aired in competition to the OJ Simpson criminal trial.

Moon Knight Writer Interested in Gargoyles Revival 1
Gargoyles Creator Would Rather Remake Season 3 Than Reboot

If Gargoyles was to make a triumphant return to the small screen, its creator would prefer to remake season 3, rather than reboot the entire series.

Moon Knight Writer Interested in Gargoyles Revival 1
Marvel's Moon Knight Show Writer Wants To Tackle A Gargoyles Revival Next

Beau DeMayo, a writer on the upcoming Disney+ show Moon Knight, is the latest to express interest in reviving the Gargoyles animated series.

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10 Best Villains on Disney's Gargoyles

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