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Greg MacArthur

Senior Features Writer

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Greg MacArthur is a Senior Features Writer at Screen Rant in both Television and Movies. Greg majored in Film Production at Chapman University's Dodge College and has previously worked in Development at ABC Television and Lawrence Bender Productions. Greg has years of production experience at major networks including NBC, TNT, and ESPN. Greg has written several original pilots and novels.

Industry Focus

Greg covers new releases and popular streaming content across all platforms. Greg has written extensively for Screen Rant on Netflix's Black Mirror, Beef, and The Diplomat, FX's The Bear and Atlanta, Apple TV's Hijack and Ted Lasso, and HBO's Succession and Winning Time​​​​​​. Greg also covers theatrical releases such as Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One and Oppenheimer.

Favorite Media

Greg's favorite movies include Chinatown, There Will Be Blood, Call Me By Your Name, Blade Runner 2049, Before Sunrise, Her, No Country For Old Men, The Social Network, and Wings of Desire. Greg's favorite television series include Atlanta, Dexter, Nathan For You, Mad Men, Black Mirror, Succession, The Bear, and Mindhunter. Find Greg's reviews on Letterboxd and Serialized @gregmacarthur.

billy-the-kid-santa-fe-ring-secret-society-true-story 1
billy the kid
Who Are The Santa Fe Ring In Billy The Kid? Real Life Secret Society Explained

The Santa Fe Ring as seen in Billy the Kid was a real-life elite group of attorneys and politicians that heavily shaped the landscape of the Old West.

-billy-the-kid-season-2-lincoln-county-war-timeline-true-story 1
billy the kid
Billy The Kid Season 2 True Story: Lincoln County War's Full Timeline & History Explained

Billy the Kid was a crucial figure in the historic Lincoln County War, responsible for the deaths of several notable Old West gunslingers and lawmen.

billy-the-kid-season-2-james-dolan-real-death-change 1
billy the kid
Returning Western TV Show Rewrites 125-Year-Old Death Of Real Legendary Gunman

A prominent real-life figure in the Lincoln County War was killed in the Billy the Kid season 2 premiere, marking a stark deviation from history.

billy-the-kid-season-2-soul-mother-dying-words-callback-meaning 1
billy the kid
"I've Looked In Your Soul": The Real Meaning Of Billy The Kid's Mother's Final Words

Billy the Kid's mother Kathleen McCarty shared a final message to her son on her deathbed, which informed Billy's decision in the season 2 premiere.

billy-the-kid-old-moss-mentor-true-story 1
billy the kid
Who Is Old Moss In Billy The Kid? The Gunslinger’s First Mentor Explained

Old Moss makes a brief appearance in Billy the Kid season 2 as a mystical messenger from Billy's past, highlighting his influence as a father figure.

billy-the-kid-season-2-episode-1-recap 1
billy the kid
Billy The Kid Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: 8 Biggest Moments

The Billy the Kid season 2 premiere continues the wild legend of the notorious outlaw as he and his gunslingers prepare for the Lincoln County War.

alfred-hitchcock-psycho-1998-remakes-bad-future 1
This 25-Year-Old Horror Movie Proved Why Classic Movies Shouldn't Be Remade

Several of Hitchcock's famous films have been remade without much acclaim. A particularly awful one proves why his filmography shouldn't be touched.

hopesfor_thebearseason3 1
The Bear (2022)
The Bear Season 3 Wishlist: 10 Things We Want From The New Episodes

The Bear season 3 has the opportunity to combine the realistic grit of the first season with the thoughtful craftsmanship of the artistic second.

billythekid_realstory 1
billy the kid
True Story Of Billy The Kid: Western Outlaw's Crimes, Legends & Death Explained

The MGM+ series Billy the Kid takes a fresh look at one of the most notorious outlaws of the Old West, chronicling his crimes & historical impact.

billy-the-kid-show-cast-characters 1
billy the kid
Billy The Kid Cast & Character Guide

Billy the Kid expanded its ensemble cast in season 2 of the action-packed MGM+ Westen series that's set to chronicle the historic Lincoln County War.

fall-house-usher-carla-gugino-character-ghost-explained 1
The Fall of the House of Usher (2023)
Verna, Carla Gugino’s Character In The Fall Of The House Of Usher, Explained

Flanagan favorite Carla Gugino returns as a lead in the acclaimed director's new horror series but as an uncharacteristically villainous entity.

texas-chainsaw-massacre-movies-timeline-order 1
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie's Different Timelines Explained

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has one of horror's most twisting, convoluted timelines, but the movie series can still be listed in chronological order.

thirteen-ghosts-movie-all-spirits-explained 1
13 Ghosts: Every Ghost In The Black Zodiac Explained

The Black Zodiac in Dark Castle's 2001 horror movie 13 Ghosts had some of the most imaginative and terrifying spirits ever seen on the big screen.

halloween-movies-ranked 1
Every Halloween Movie, Ranked

The historic Halloween franchise has produced 13 films across four and a half decades since the original classic in 1978. Here's all of them, ranked.

movieslike_fairplay 1
10 Movies Like Fair Play To Watch After Netflix's Hit

After watching the thrilling new Netflix movie Fair Play, here are 10 similar movies that deliver similar sensual themes and heart-pounding suspense.

exorcist-believer-box-office-opening-weekend-bomb 1
Is The Exorcist: Believer A Box Office Bomb? Breaking Down Its $27M Opening

Reviews for The Exorcist: Believer claim it's a critical failure, but it may not be a commercial flop due to a number of key factors discussed here.

beckham-documentary-fisher-stevens-director-shows-movies 1
Beckham (2023)
Beckham’s Director Explained: Where You Know Fisher Stevens

Fisher Stevens is the director of the new Beckham Netflix docuseries, but he is also well-known for his prominent acting & other directorial efforts.

brielarson_excitingnewtvshow 1
Lessons in Chemistry (2023)
Brie Larson's First Major TV Show In 12 Years Is Way More Exciting Than Her MCU Return

Brie Larson's Apple TV+ series based on the best-selling novel Lessons in Chemistry marks her first big return to TV in 12 years.

house-of-wax-cast-2005-where-are-they-now 1
What The House of Wax Cast Has Done Since 2005

The cast of 2005's House of Wax remake has gone on to star in dozens of other movies and shows. Here's what they've been up to almost 2 decades later.

best-concert-movies-rival-taylor-swift-beyonce 1
10 Best Concert Movies To Rival Taylor Swift & Beyoncé's Upcoming Films

Before the 2023 release of the highly-anticipated concert movies from Taylor Swift and Beyonce, here are ten of the greatest concert movies to watch.

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