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Who Are The Santa Fe Ring In Billy The Kid? Real Life Secret Society Explained

The Santa Fe Ring as seen in Billy the Kid was a real-life elite group of attorneys and politicians that heavily shaped the landscape of the Old West.

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Billy The Kid Season 2 True Story: Lincoln County War's Full Timeline & History Explained

Billy the Kid was a crucial figure in the historic Lincoln County War, responsible for the deaths of several notable Old West gunslingers and lawmen.

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Returning Western TV Show Rewrites 125-Year-Old Death Of Real Legendary Gunman

A prominent real-life figure in the Lincoln County War was killed in the Billy the Kid season 2 premiere, marking a stark deviation from history.

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"I've Looked In Your Soul": The Real Meaning Of Billy The Kid's Mother's Final Words

Billy the Kid's mother Kathleen McCarty shared a final message to her son on her deathbed, which informed Billy's decision in the season 2 premiere.

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Who Is Old Moss In Billy The Kid? The Gunslinger’s First Mentor Explained

Old Moss makes a brief appearance in Billy the Kid season 2 as a mystical messenger from Billy's past, highlighting his influence as a father figure.

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Billy The Kid Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: 8 Biggest Moments

The Billy the Kid season 2 premiere continues the wild legend of the notorious outlaw as he and his gunslingers prepare for the Lincoln County War.

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True Story Of Billy The Kid: Western Outlaw's Crimes, Legends & Death Explained

The MGM+ series Billy the Kid takes a fresh look at one of the most notorious outlaws of the Old West, chronicling his crimes & historical impact.

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Billy The Kid Cast & Character Guide

Billy the Kid expanded its ensemble cast in season 2 of the action-packed MGM+ Westen series that's set to chronicle the historic Lincoln County War.

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War Between Murphy & Tunstall In Billy The Kid Episode 7 [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant has an exclusive clip from episode 7 of EPIX's Billy The Kid, "At the House," which finds Billy torn between two rivals.

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Billy The Kid Show Poster Reveals Vikings Creator’s New Series

A new poster for the Epix series Billy The Kid gives a close look at the upcoming Western adventure from Vikings showrunner Michael Hirst.